Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Australian Government importing muslim paedophiles to rape our girls?

The Australian government is quick to act (within months of initial concept) with regards to laws enabling the erection of more speed cameras to raise revenue for the government, but if it comes to say laws that protect the "safety of its people", e.g deporting migrants who commit criminal offences like rape, there is little or no rustle of paperwork from parliament.

A huge problem in the Australian community is that of rape, sexual harassment and many other abusive and criminal actions against the women of this nation by migrant men.

While it may have been the normal modus operandi of raping and beating women in their own country of origin, it is against the law in Australia.

The government allegedly states that it's first job is to "look after the safety of its people" but it has deliberately lax immigration policies, which allow criminals to burn their documents, id's, passports, etc, and come into the country claiming refugee / persecution status.

As a result the government brings into the country a signification amount of people that do not have the intention to live a law abiding life but rather to commit criminal actions against the general populous, as they are easy targets and the law is (deliberately?) soft.

In Australia you can end up in prison for longer for not paying unlawful fines from a private (road toll) company, than if you would commit 'common law' crimes like murder, or rape.

The problem is more alarming than the 'authorities' have you believe.

You say madness???

We call it 'deliberate by design' in this penal colony.

See text only version of article from 4 Nov 2016 by of the headline:

Teenager escapes after being held captive for four weeks

A teenage girl was allegedly held captive for nearly a month in a home barely 100 metres from the busy intersection of Balmoral Street and Newton Road.

A teenage girl who had been held against her will at a home in Blacktown for close to a month was found running for her life along Balmoral Street on Thursday morning, a court heard on Friday.

In pursuit was a 29-year-old man who police said had raped the girl, 15, multiple times while he held her captive at a home in the busy residential street over a four-week period.

The man attempted to grab the teenager and drag her away from help before officers intervened about 1.30am.

Police arrested the man, and the girl was taken to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead for treatment. She has since been released.

The suspect, Rashadul Islam, was charged with aggravated sexual assault and common assault. He appeared before Blacktown Local Court on Friday.

Police alleged he had sex with the underage victim against her will between October 5 and November 3.

Mr Islam did not apply for bail and was formally refused. He is due to appear before Penrith Local Court on Tuesday, November 8, for a bail application with the aid of a Bengali translator.

Police said the Department of Immigration and Border Protection had been notified in relation to the incident.

A spokesperson for the department confirmed that Mr Islam was living in Australia on a temporary visa.

The spokesperson said that he risked deportation if found guilty of a criminal offence.

“All non-citizens living in the Australian community must meet the character requirements and if people are found to have engaged in criminal behaviour, action can be taken to cancel their visa,” the spokesperson said.

Police inquiries revealed that the girl had been reported missing from an out-of-home residential facility in early October.

State Crime Command’s Child Abuse Squad detectives launched an investigation into the incident on Thursday.

Later that day police searched the accused’s home in Balmoral Street and seized several items, which will undergo forensic examination.

Neighbours who spoke to the Sun did not report noticing anything unusual over the past month.
Investigations are ongoing.

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