Friday, October 20, 2017

A new government of Western Australia from the 18th of October 2017?

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what's going on within government.

You know there's these things called Bills and Acts that sneak past the plebs.

In the corporate world it's also hard yakka, as amalgamations, 'hostile' takeovers, and other business deals are a plenty.

So, what's been happening in Australia's largest state, the state of Western Australia?

What happened on their morning of the eighteenth day of October in the year of our lord two thousand and seventeen, while the rest of the country was still sleeping due to the time difference of the circular globe spinning around on its axis?

Well from what we are told, Clause 61 of an old Imperial law called the Magna Carta was used to oust the two lawful tiers of government.

That's a bit of a bugger for them !!!

Please Note:
We have a spare room for any Western Australia politician who has no where to sleep as a result of this action.

See the following post from social media;

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Coles misleading customers?

Could be it be that Coles is suffering from the 2047 bug?

Or maybe the "Millennials" (you know the ones who FAIL in simple mathematics) programed their computers.

Let's take a look at a 'case study'.

In the above illustration, Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd, trading as Coles (ASX:CGJ) states that 120 grams of a brand of pretzel sticks is worth  one Aussie dollar and twenty five cents.

Coles (ASX: CGJ) also state that this is worth half an Australian dollar per 100 grams.

Simple Hindi-Arabic mathematics will tell you that 100 grams of these pretzels are worth one Australian Dollar and four cents, which is rounded up  to five cents, because the fractions of a dollar in the penal colony are worth less now than they were before, but that's another post or seventeen.

Since we're talking about an 'error' by the corporations committed against the slaves in a penal colony, the corporations are allowed forgiveness.

If this action was to occur in the 'the land of the free' (the Ewe Ess of Aye) maybe a homo-sexually married pair (Aussie term: poofs or lezzos) could get 21.6969 million USDM (United Snakes Drug Money- from the poppy seeds of Afghanistan) for their 'feelings' being hurt...

VicRoads CEO John Merritt quits - Conspiracy 'theory'

So, the mainstream media reported that John Merritt, CEO of VicRoads has quit.

Who in their right mind would quit a 'money for mates' job, right ??? !!! ???

We have seen documentation alleging criminal actions by the CEO Mr. John Merritt, which also includes privacy breaches, and claims of a lawsuit against him and the business he works at.

VicRoads has (and still is) committed actions against motorists which carry a criminal conviction and financial penalty, but it's up to you the 'victim' to call the crime AND support it according to the given laws.

We 'invite' John Merritt to comment here with regards to his 'quitting' of such a cushy job.


Let's see how long Victoria's (alleged) sheriff Brendan Facey will be around for, as we've heard that things are heating up against him

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Australia's 'justice' system lets killers walk free again and again.

Remember the "good ol' days" on this penal colony of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland?

You know in the 1780's when the British authorities dumped criminals onto the Indigenous peoples of Australia under firearms and force?
(Such 'honourable' people in the Monarchy in doing a treaty with the Indigenous Australians)

Well it seems that the policies of the late 1700's are upon us again, where this time the so called 'justice' system lets out criminals / killers onto the general population.

(illustration: Convicted killer Philip Bracken)

Some people may erroneously state that the system is 'broken' whereas in reality
it is functioning exactly the way the people in government intend it to.

The action of letting killers out into the general community is literally a 'terrorist' action by those who let the criminals out, as the 'criminals' are then allowed to terrorise the good people of Australia.

How are those actions for "peace order and good government*"

*- whatever that really means.

Monday, October 16, 2017

What we really thing of Coca-Cola

Apparently the global junk drink giant Coca-Cola Amatil has an opinion about the herd population consumers.

Wow, who would have thought.

The best part about it is the we too have an 'opinion' about Coca-Cola.

We think;

- Coca Cola should be inducted into the 'junk food' category of consumable products,

- Coca Cola's sugar laced products are carcinogenic,

- Coca Cola's products products are detrimental to the environment and to a person's well being,

- Coca Cola would not exist in Demolition Man (1993),

- Canon fodder and people who want cancer deserve to drink Coca Cola's sugary products,

- Coca Cola destroys communities e.g Warrnambool in Victoria, Australia.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Lawmaking in Australia - false information by the Australian Government

You know how the story goes;

- Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

The people in the Australian Government state (on the internet) that there are 3 (three) levels of  lawmaking in Australia.

1). Federal - i.e. the Commonwealth, i.e. Parliament of the Commonwealth

2). State / territory,

3). Local, i.e. City Councils.

This is plain and simply false information by the people in 'government'.

According to the 'law', i.e. the 'Constitution'
(The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK),
there are only 2 (two) lawful lawmaking levels / bodies / tiers in Australia,
i.e. Federal and State / Territory.

Briefly, according to the Constitution 'local government' is referred to as the government of the state.

What we call 'local government' today or City Councils are defined within the Constitution as Departments of the State with no law making powers bestowed upon them.

Another piece of false information by our deceitful friendly people in 'government'.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Citizenship in High Court

The 'people' (i.e. the masses) have lost their High Court quite some time ago, but that's only a minor detail to be covered in a post or seventeen a bit later on.

This current High Court sits outside Australia's 'true' Constitution, the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, where this Act defines the ONLY law making authority to be "The Parliament of the Commonwealth", which this High Court does not sit under, as defined by it's empowering document the High Court of Australia Act of 1979.

Putting all this aside, the next issue is an apparent translation being needed by a business called the High Court of Australia (ABN 69 445 188 986) with regards to federal Ministers of Parliament sitting in office while being citizens of another nation or under the influence of a foreign power, i.e. Freemasons, where the latter is never discussed by the corporate media.

(Illustration: dual citizen - Barnaby Joyce)

ALL the accused or alleged foreign nationals must be expelled from office by all seven of the High Court judges.

At this point only time will tell what the verdict will be.

Watch this space for an update on the judgement.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Piracy tv commercial using fear to purchase a service

Many people do not comprehend that the television medium is a sole advertising space, where the messages outside of the 'program' are called television "commercials" for a reason, i.e. a message enticing one to commit to an action in commerce.

Any so called government 'messages' are actually enticements for you to commit to a purchase of a product or service, INCLUDING the ABS census ads of last year, and the ABS marriage SURVEY of this year.

On the topic of piracy we have seen letters that were written to the authorities where the names of (alleged) 'pirates' (whatever that means) were given and no follow up criminal charges or prosecutions have occurred.

Apparently the 'authorities' went on a rampage to stop piracy where they raided the computer swap meet stalls, but alas they are alive and well still today, i.e. government fail.

At the moment Australian television air waves are littered with a bs message about piracy.

So an actor is put in a dimly lit room, walking into a spotlight where his message starts out with the words

"I need to talk to you about illegal downloading, because the game's  changed"

So it may be "illegal" but is it really "unlawful", as there is a BIG difference.

"New laws have blocked all major pirate sites ..."

This really means nothing as you can still stream movies from whichever site you choose.

Have  those laws (in Australia) been put in force lawfully? - We say no.

Now the next part of the sentence is using FEAR in order for you to purchase from other movies streaming sites.

"as for the rest, well hell of a risk...  "

appealing to your emotion, this one being fear.

"could end up with viruses , spyware stolen credit card details, even identity theft"

Notice the word "could" which does not mean you will.

We know of people who have been downloading (illegally?) from personal computers for a very long time, who have not had any of their credit card details stolen or viruses on their personal computer.

We know that if you download / stream from specialised computer hardware dedicated to downloading sites, credit card theft cannot occur since this computer equipment does not contain any of your personal banking details.

What guarantee have you got that if you purchase (with your credit card, as you cannot with cash) a service from the advertised streaming sites e.g. Stan or Netflix, that your credit card details will not be taken or even hacked from them?


He then goes on to say "or you can spend a few bucks...." blah blah blah

Umm, yeah you have already spent a few bucks - on your internet service / streaming box.

Then he states "the choice is yours" - which it is, and there is little anyone can do about it.

He then caps it off with "good luck" - appealing to fear again ?

What an idiot,  a$$hole or hard up for work actor putting his face to this bs message.

See the enticement for you to commit to a commercial transaction:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Ray White real estate company's false advertising

Australia's real estate industry is rife with dodgy activity, where the people in 'government' are doing very little to curb this as they (e.g. also people in 'local government') too are involved.

Apparently the mass population is told that 'false advertising' is a no-no, where multi-million dollar penalties apply to companies who resort to this sort of business style.

Optus copped a $2million fine a little while ago.

The real estate company Ray White tout themselves as Australasia's largest real estate group.

People involved in the real estate 'game' are aware of the differences between a house, a flat, an apartment and a unit.

Some savvy house buyers should also be aware of the very distinct differences between the above mentioned places of residence.

So let's take a closer look at Ray White's false advertising.

They listed a property as a house as seen within the second line of the pdf below;

Upon closer inspection the "house" as stated by Ray White, is not really a house, but rather a unit as seen in a photograph of the above mentioned premises.

Could they be trying to get more cash for advertising a unit as a house ?

Whatever the real reason for their false advertising, we do not recommend Ray White, "Australasia's largest real estate group" for any real estate transactions.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Government of Victoria to kill you very safely

It's a great relief to the people in government that their tax slave population cannot comprehend the words they read when it comes to the law (you know Acts, where a proposed law is called a Bill).

The people in (the Victorian) government are literally laughing all the way to the Constitution Act 1975 or Queen of Australia, as they can make whatever laws they please, and the best part about it is all they have to do is distract the herd population with a homosexual marriage survey marketed as a 'vote', lots of footy and beer and maybe a festival for the humans to rummage around in the dirt to affirm their status as cattle.

Make no mistake about it that MP's are a corrupt bunch, with very little regard for the good people of Australia they are supposed to serve.

One law being put into 'force' in Victoria will allow people to kill people (under whatever legitimate pretext, oh pain and suffering that's right) in a scam oops, sorry "scheme" that will be the 'safest in the world', therefore the [people in] government will kill you VERY SAFELY.

Now remember, at law, the people in the Government of Victoria can make law even to kill blue eyed babies if they choose.

Maybe keep an eye out for that Bill during an event that distracts the herd population of Australia.

The people in government cannot even implement due process of law 'safely' and they're going to be killing people 'safely' ?

Now that's not very Christian like, or even Jewish like, let alone very Muslim like.

It also gives the police open slather to kill people (maybe under the pain and suffering pretext) as they are supposed to "protect life and property" as in the policy manual;

Democracy hey ??? !!! ???

Sunday, October 1, 2017

When the 'sheriff' steals your car where does he hide it?

Many people have figured out that the people running around as Victoria's 'sheriffs' are committing criminal offences.

The reason why the so called 'sheriffs' are still getting away with it in the majority of cases is through fear, intimidation, threats and extortion, where also the majority of people do not comprehend this thing called due process of law.

In order for people in 'authority' to take action against you -

there must be a document which gives that person (taking action action against you) the 'authority' to do so,

otherwise they are committing an unlawful action, subject to charges (which can only happen if you take action against that / those persons involved).

People should be aware that if you do not pay your (so called) 'fine' it eventually escalates to 'sheriff stage' where the Victorian sheriff eventually writes a letter to your person CLAIMING that there are x amounts of warrants for x amount of dollars.

NOTE: Make no mistake, the 'warrants' DO NOT EXIST.

See video in post

If you take no action with regards to the so called sheriff letter, then later on the automobile that is registered under your name may get clamped and taken away when/if you are at major shopping centre or other place where the sting is done.

So who does Victoria's unlawfully appointed 'sheriff' take to task to steal your vehicle and place it where you don't know where it is and EXTORT cash from you in order for you to obtain your automobile?

We have obtained information that the company where your automobile is stored is illustrated within the photo below.

If your car has been STOLEN by a so called 'sheriff' then you may want to give the company a call to see if they have it, and maybe take action against them if your are capable.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Why you can never trust the Australian police or the courts

City Council workers impersonating police officers to steal people's cars?

Not many people would be aware the Australians are living in a colony of the British empire, where many will argue that they live in a democracy or some may even go Magna Carta on you and recite something that resembles "no free man shall..." blah blah blah, but fail to note that there are no "free men" (at law) in Australia.


So now it seems that the people in some sort of 'authority' (no not you silly - according to the Constitution) can now impersonate police officers in order to take people's cars away.

Will they get charged by police?

Does the police condone this kind of behaviour?

See video

where it is available for download from the following link:

Source Supplied

US Social Security numbers hacked and Australia is not immune

Just recently it has been reported that approximately 143 million US citizens have had their details compromised in a hack labelled the Equifax Hack.

Some reports even suggest that the hack was state sponsored.

Whatever the real reason, one can be sure that your data which is 'online' is never safe despite what the people in government will tell you.

Now with regards to the people living in the (penal) colony called Australia, the best part about hacks or security breaches (of government departments) is that the administration (i.e. the people in government) is under no legal obligation to disclose an occurrence of a hack to the slave population.

They can even provide false information about a hack, and there is no legal / lawful punishment for this action.

Australian 'authorities' have sold the Australian people's data to many overseas companies.

See details from  27 Sep 2017 from of the headline:

Op-Ed: Equifax hack reveals how absurdly at risk Americans are with their Social Security numbers

  • Changing a Social Security number is an onerous process.
  • Hundreds of millions of Americans have had private information, including Social Security numbers, stolen.
  • The number of Americans able to change their Social Security number in recent years has been limited to a few hundred.

The Equifax hack reveals something that is absurdly obsolete: your Social Security number.
The Equifax CEO, Richard Smith, announced his sudden retirement on Tuesday following an epic data breach affecting 143 million people. The announcement comes just a week before he was to testify before the Senate Banking Committee. While his questionable retirement announcement makes for some interesting drama, the real backstory to this is that now is the time to get rid of Social Security numbers.

The amount of identity theft going on in America has been out of control for a long time already. You'd think that if we could just change everyone's Social Security numbers, like changing a password or a credit card number, all past identity threats would be eliminated. With that, we could get a fresh start with some new — and private — form of electronic or biometric tax ID. You'd think it, but that would be too easy, unfortunately.

Source: Equifax
Equifax employees at a conference in 2017.
Social Security numbers were first handed out in 1936 as a way to keep track of earnings history.

They were not meant to be a source of identification. It used to say that right on the Social Security cards. To date, more than 450,000,000 nine-digit combinations have been issued; there are about 1 billion combinations, so no need as of yet for any to be recycled. Do you know what happens to your SS number when you die? It's enough to know that it outlives you.

This pre-WWII relic, nine digits — no letters or symbols — is the primary target of hackers for obvious reason. Everything about us — credit history, tax filings, insurance applications, Medicare/Medicaid applications, credit applications, college admissions applications, hospital admissions, assisted-living facility admissions, DMV, etc. — is attached to your Social Security number. And the worst part? We're stuck with the same nine-digit number for life. It is very difficult to change your number, and only by meeting very strict, onerous guidelines put out by the Social Security Administration can it be done. According to Consumer Reports, in 2014 only 249 Americans got their Social Security number changed.

More from Securing Our Future:

Sen. Bob Corker advises his own family to avoid everything Equifax

The recent Equifax hack early this month is a case in point. 143 million people had their Social Security numbers, along with other private data, stolen. Did you visit to see if your private info was stolen? I did, and I'm on the list, which really didn't surprise me at all.

Even if you did check, thieves could save your info for years and use it down the road when you think the Equifax hack is old news. And if you were spared the Equifax hack and think your Social Security number is secret, think again.

Among reasons given why Social Security numbers can't be changed:
  • An individual's entire credit history is attached to it.
  • It won't be updated automatically at all government agencies.
  • Even if you could get a new one, the old one will still be active and used for your credit and IRS history.
Basically, we're stuck with it.

CEO of Equifax Richard Smith collects $90 million and retires following an epic data breach.

Going forward, I'd like to see the Social Security Administration start using a new electronic form of a Social Security number for new applicants, including newborns. Also, it would be great if young people, especially those under 18, could receive a new electronic version, since they are most likely to not have a credit history. For the rest of us, a permanent credit freeze linked to our Social Security numbers is an option, combined with a new and improved version of ID — using multifactor authentication — for new credit applications. The old credit report information will still be there under the Social Security number, but no one would be able to use the old number to apply for credit. And a person can change all their credit card numbers so they won't be reflected on the old credit report.

It would mean everyone would have two credit reports. But look, you should expect to be hacked — so putting a Social Security number and old credit info in cyber-cryogenic freeze may be about as much as we can ever expect to get back.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Australia The Concealed Colony the book the federal police removed from bookshelves

It seems that the people in the 'Australian Government' are in full swing to cover up the deception and fraud committed by them against the good people of Australia.

In order for the masses not to know the legal and political reality they live in, within Australia, the Australian Federal Police last year have removed a book by the title;

Australia - The Concealed Colony

We have obtained information that this book is impossible to obtain in hard copy from bookshops.

However, this book is available in pdf (464p, 40MB) format;

Victoria Police rife with sex predators?

The slave population of Australia are told that the police are there to "uphold the right" (whatever that means), that apparently there some sort of code of ethics, and that the police are keepers of the (queen's - you know the 'queen' of Australia - p.s. not a lawful entity) peace, supposed to protect life and property, but the reality is far different from the rosy picture painted in words.

Make no mistake about it that Victoria Police is corrupt to the core, where the media is told what information to release via the police media liaison officer.

Victoria Police is covering up an enormous amount of criminal activity within its organisation. 

Let's just take a look at one aspect that Herald Sun publication wrote (text only version) on the 25th of Sep 2017 under the headline;

Victoria Police officers probed over over criminal and disciplinary sex offences