Sunday, May 21, 2017

Frankie goes to Centrelink

... because he's a just a bit more than NQR for Hollywood, and besides that's already been done ...

So what's been happening in the good land of South Australia?

Apparently  "anti vaxxer" (which is HIS choice if he wants it to be, that is NOT the issue here) Frankie waltzes (or was it foxtrots)  into a Centrelink office STATING that he has been sent by the "Commonwealth of the South Australia".

This is what he stated publicly:

"Can everyone listen up please..
I've been sent by the real government...  
of the Commonwealth of the South Australia...."

So, we tried to phone a minister from the "Commonwealth of the South Australia" 

and Telstra's search was fruitless...

Since we know how dodgy the people in government are, we checked the ABN register, as they are always up for a quick buck...

but were not very successful there either. Why?

Because the "Commonwealth of the South Australia" does NOT exist in REALITY.

This is what some viewers said in the comments section of the video:

omg this man is dangerous and a crack head too!

what has happened is he has allowed his fears from reading too much what is in print - he's allowed himself to personalise things other people say and has taken over his life to the detriment of everything else. What will happen is he'll get sick and blame the world. His children will grow up fearful and mistrusting because he is essentially saying I HAVE NO POWER.

Would you believe a man who has publicly lied to you?

See the full video for yourself:

If ANYONE has a contact name of a man/woman/person from the "Commonwealth of the South Australia" please put the details in the comments below.

Court security inadequate, really?

Australia's court system is literally littered with white collar criminals, where that does not mean the 'defendants'.

•    Judges causing harm to the good people of Tasmania for approx 30 years, where the people did not get a remedy.

•    The judiciary in the High Court of Australia, perverting the course of justice, where the criminals are still allowed to 'trade' in office, and where the people again do not get a remedy.

•    No warrants existing where the administration tell you that you must pay otherwise the sheriff will steal your possessions.

•    Every single judge / magistrate who sits in office sits outside of their grant of power,

and that's just rattling off a few obvious ones without delving too deep in 'law' or what it's worth.

So what are the white collar criminals planning?

Well, if you're a court jester, you'd know that security is pretty tight before the herd population are allowed to enter "their" own courts.

So much so that some people get stripped (in another room of course) before they are allowed to proceed to their own matter.

Since we're not into Nostradamus type predictions / visions / secretly written down plans, we'll just ask;

What event will trigger the next phase of court security on this penal colony?

We know of one action that they will be implementing very soon.

You can read their STRATEGIC ASSET PLAN (2016 - 2031) under the article title:

Attorney-General Welcomes Release of CSV Strategic Asset Plan


I congratulate the Courts Council and Court Services Victoria on the launch of this important and comprehensive Strategic Asset Plan for CSV.

The Plan provides a framework for the development of Victoria's courts and tribunals for the next 15 years, to ensure the safe, secure and sustainable delivery of court and tribunal assets, through expert asset management.

The Plan follows an extensive review of CSV's current assets and a detailed analysis of future needs, based on demand and population growth projections.

There are 75 court buildings in Victoria across 66 locations. They provide an outstanding service but improvements are needed.

That's why the Government committed $58.1 million to urgent upgrades to safety and security at courts across Victoria in the 2015-16 Budget.

For Melbourne's CBD, service demand for our courts is projected to increase by an estimated 27 per cent by 2031.

Metropolitan Melbourne currently consists of 4.5 million people and over the next 15 years is estimated to grow at a rate of 1.7 per cent per annum.

Areas such as the south-east and south-west corridors have already seen unprecedented population growth.

Metropolitan Melbourne currently accounts for approximately 42 per cent of service demand in Victoria and the increase in population will continue to drive an increase in demand.

In response, the Plan recommends the following priorities for the courts:
  • enabling specialist court infrastructure. These changes will improve access to justice for vulnerable people, including for victims of family violence;
  • ensuring safe, future-proofed, fit-for-purpose court buildings that optimise efficiency and cater to future demand;
  • delivering further developments to the Melbourne CBD Legal precinct, where the majority of jurisdictions have their State headquarter courts;
  • delivering developments in Melbourne growth corridors; and
  • implementing the Court Service Delineation model - a different way to approach public assets and court facilities.
While the Plan acknowledges the importance of the Melbourne CBD and the needs of individual court buildings, it goes beyond the CBD to focus on a State-wide strategy that is forward thinking and innovative.

It looks at the continued growth of the Melbourne metropolitan area and the challenges that face our State's regional courthouses.

The Government's Access to Justice Review, released on 4 October 2016, highlighted that access to justice goes beyond the courtroom to user-focused service provision, such as mobile and flexible services available outside of conventional business hours. This Plan is an example of the justice system adapting to meet evolving community expectations.

The Plan will help ensure courts and tribunals in Victoria will meet the changing and growing demands of our community.

The Government will give it close consideration in future decisions about investment in our justice system, and continue to work with the Courts Council, CSV and individual jurisdictions to ensure the delivery of cost-effective and high quality justice services for all Victorians. 


Australia's Constitutional Crisis by Rodney Culleton

The corruption of the people in 'government' and in the Australian courts is astounding with reference to Australia's "Constitutional Crisis".

Even though this has been a topic of great discussion and "noise" by researchers, the corporate media has managed to keep a lid on it for quite some time.

The horse has bolted once Rodney Culleton's exposing documents have hit the parliament floor, where a 'natural' reaction of the "faceless people", is an action of hostile retaliation, which no doubt Rodney Culleton has seen.

Chief Justice Sir Harry Gibbs has commented on this where this was documented in the blog post: 

The document referred to in the link, although not visible, is available for download at:

See Video on Australia's Constitutional Crisis by Rodney Culleton:

Australia, a corporate criminal's paradise.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Centrelink takes disabled people off welfare to pay for criminals rorting the system

It's official, it's "open slather" for overseas criminals to come into the country to rort social security or rather hard working Australian's tax dollars.

People should be aware that the corporation conglomerate called the 'Australian Government' allocates a certain amount of funds for the general population who are on 'benefits' or welfare, the likes of the unemployed or unemployable, pensioners and people who are unable to care for themselves.

The business called Centrelink (ABN: 29 468 422 437) has been seconded to hand out payments to welfare recipients, where there is a limited budget.

So, what the CEO of Centrelink, Grant Tidswell does is "cook the books" with false statistics of people actually "on the dole", falsely accusing people dole bludgers for 'breaching' their obligations, and kicking old / disabled people off the pension in order to make room for migrant criminals. As if Australia has not got enough home brewed ones.

Why does one say Grant Tidswell does this?

Because ultimately the CEO is responsible for the business.

Some people may call the system 'broken' where in reality what's happening is exactly what the executive has decided to happen.

Australia still a penal colony.

Catholic priests can molest children fleeing to an extradition free zone

The good Australian people were told that the police were "weighing up" whether or not to charge Cardinal George Pell over the criminal offence of sexual assault dating back to the late 1970s.

What the general population should know is that a fundamental of criminal law is that there must be something called "beyond reasonable doubt" in order for charges to proceed for that alleged criminal offence.

Let's take an example of a 'criminal' offence Australian motorists do every single day.

The 'good' law makers over the Australian people have classified an action of traveling over the speed limit or through an intersection with a red light alleged by a machine (camera) and not by any man or woman, i.e. policeman or police woman as a criminal offence.

To make matters worse for the plebs, the registered owner of that vehicle is (unlawfully) considered "guilty until proven innocent" (Roman law) where the authorities unlawfully applied "owner onus" in statute.

At law the police MUST prove who the driver was "beyond reasonable doubt" in order for ANY alleged charges  to be laid.

The police do NOT "weigh up" any actions against the registered motorist, but rather they are considered guilty where they must prove they are innocent.

It 'seems' like the police are in on it (Pell's matter) too.

Even if he does come back to Australia, it will be at face value.

In the matter of Cardinal George Pell, he (allegedly) sexually assaulted children in the 1970's and when the heat got turned up he "escaped" to a place where the Australian "Roman law" cannot touch him i.e. Vatican City, where there is NO extradition treaty.

Let's not forget THE best excuse of too ill to face ANY charges / prison time.

Apparently the commoners are told that no one is "above the law", yet a man from a part of the 'executive' can be untouched by the very same laws(?) applied to the cattle population?

It's "Roman law" for the slave population, and extradition free zones for the executive.

STILL not convinced you're a slave on this colony?