Sunday, June 25, 2017

Australians love being governed by illiterate drunk criminals

You've heard the saying that Australia is at the ar$e end of the world, geographically speaking.

It also seems that they are at the ar$e end of the political and legal world.

It seems that any drunk or illiterate from the cesspool of society can become an MP.

It's been a long established fact that the MP's do not work 'for' the people but rather for the interests of corporations or their own private agendas.

The people in 'power' in Australia have been misbehaving for quite some time, to such a degree that the U.K. authorities had enough and enacted a law called the Colonial Laws Validity Act in 1865 in order to "keep the bastards honest" in this colony of the British empire.

As just one example, in 'our' time, the U.K legal profession has (officially?)  been shaking their heads in disbelief the legal bordello the Australian lawmakers are pushing through at least since the mid eighties (Australia Act anyone???).

In any event the Australian general population is very content with illiterate idiots re-presenting them (maybe that's a true representation of the Australian people), with MP's getting pissed and making decisions while drunk in office at the expense of the Australian taxpayer, and their representatives committing criminal activities of fraud against the tax payers purse.

Why do the Australian people love it?

Because their "silence is acquiescence", they do not care that they are governed by criminals, drunks or illiterates in positions of office.

On the global stage that does not look good for the good ol' Aussie does it ??? !!! ???

It just gives the people of the world the impression that Australia is FULL of bogans and f_ckwits.

The best part about it is that the politicians are laughing at every one of their 'slaves' that are supporting their criminal lifestyle.

AS they say "Australia the LUCKY country", but they never did say for who...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Oh by the way, regarding your speed / parking / red light camera fine

So you're the proud recipient of an "Infringement Notice" or fine with regards to a law (called an Act) concerning the use of a motor vehicle on a public road, where you (allegedly) committed a criminal offence of traveling over the speed 'limit' or parked your horseless carriage for a longer period than allowed or traveled through an intersection when you were required to stop, or any other similar matter.

Belching  out some grunts which resemble some word's not in the Queen's English dictionary, you add " I'm gonna fie rrrit"

As a result of modernising techniques used in the manufacturing process, via a period of time we now call the Industrial Revolution, many items that were not available as a result of being cost prohibitive, to the plebs, slaves and dregs of society soon became accessible to them.

So with that in mind you with your "cost affordable" computer start doing some research on this thing you call the interwebs.

You join social media groups, ask others, and download templates for a 'silver bullet' you reckon you are owed by others with regards to your actions.

You are now fully versed from Internet  "Gurus" (Note: you might have more success of a sensible answer from the Hoodoo Gurus) with regards to terms like Freeman, Sovereign Citizen, Straw man, non compos mentis, etc, where youse is gonna take it too da court, as you reckon you read it all, and now know it all.

So you start your journey to the lower administrative courts, e.g. the Magistrates' Court where you may fail to realise one 'small' detail with regards to your matter, that being a 'law' which is put into action called absolute and strict liability.

  • Absolute liability is when you are guilty and a punishment is discussed,
  • Strict liability is when you are guilty and you must prove you are not guilty.

This is the law that you put in place on this land called Australia.
IF you would have done your 'research' thoroughly, then you would have comprehended your place and role in this constitutional monarchy (at least at one point in time).

You would have comprehended the law making process from an idea to a Bill then to that law (Act) and your place in the entire law making process.

It is through your inaction, silence, acquiescence, that someone's idea has become a law, as you did not disagree with it at any stage during the law making process, an opportunity the people in government give you.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

You will now be fined on a private land cark park of Woolworths Brunswick

It is amazing how corporations work with blistering speed with regards to extorting cash from the general population.

Readers of the blog 'Corporate Australia' may have noted that in early May 2017 we posted an article of how the ticket machines for parking your vehicle at Woolworths on Albert St Brunswick, Victoria have been removed.

See blog post from 5th of May 2017;

We have recently been informed that the ticket machines are back, but this time with a twist.

The claim now is that the land you park your automobile on is now "PRIVATE LAND".

Therefore if you overstay your time you will be fined... on PRIVATE LAND.

So from the 5th of May 2017 (or earlier) until about the middle of July, the land has become "PRIVATE".

We would LOVE to see the records for that transaction.

Please note that we do not condone the payment of any fine.

We do not recommend supporting Woolworths at Albert St, Brunswick for your shopping needs, where you are required to purchase a parking ticket on "PRIVATE LAND".


Please note:

No legal authority to issue fines

Only the government can issue 'fines' so if a private car park describes the ticket as a 'fine' this is arguably misleading. Payment notices that are issued that look like fines may also be misleading.
See also what Legal Aid New South Wales states on this matter at;

The above paragraph is a statement from Legal Aid NEW SOUTH WALES.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The criminal actions of lawyers? - How to test if one is really working for you

So, you received a letter in the mail from the state's honest police force, that you have been 'fined' for an offence alleged by a piece of electronic equipment commonly referred to as a speed or red light camera.

Australia's fair, impartial, and 'innocent until proven guilty' legal system does not see this matter as being a 'civil' one but rather as a criminal matter, hence it being listed under the criminal section of the daily court lists.

Since you have committed a crime, there must be a victim in the case against you.

At law, you must also have the opportunity to face your accuser.

At law, you must also have a sworn statement from your accuser against you (or rather your 'person').

Since you know these basic fundamentals of law in the democratic, fair, just and honourable legal system of Australia, and you are fully aware that you did not commit any criminal office you decide to hire a lawyer in your matter.

It's not a matter that you should 'just pay' the fine as it's only a couple of hundred dollars whereas a lawyer on the day may cost you anything between $800 - $1200, plus your valuable time away from earning cash, it is a matter of principle that you did not commit any 'criminal' actions.

So while talking to your lawyer about your fine, they are thinking which chateau their spoilt little brats will be staying at in France from the funds obtained from your matter.

One question you could ask the honest lawyer would be what 'Act' are you being charged under.

If in Victoria, you could be greeted with a response resembling the Infringements Act of 2006 or the Road Safety Act from 1986.

What you may want to do is ask the lawyer to check whether that 'Act' is in force lawfully.

IF your lawyer would be really working for you, there would be paperwork presented to you with the evidence that the (e.g.) Road Safety Act 1986 has not been enacted lawfully, therefore an invalid Act.

The above example is not your only resolution to the above related matter, as there are many other points of law not discussed in this post.

Very briefly, 

should you choose to further research other points of law consider the following;

  • The people in the 'Australian Government' will tell you that all laws (read Acts)  and actions of people in government are subject to a document called the 'Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act', where Queen Victoria approved its Bill on the 9th of July 1900, where the Act came into circulation on the 1st day of January 1901.

  • Comprehend the difference between the U.K. Act called 'Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act'' and the 'Australian Constitution'

  • Comprehend the difference between  the High Court of Australia as established in 1901 and the one today, as established by the High Court of Australia Act 1979.

  • Comprehend the law making process from the initial idea to the Bill to Royal Assent to the Act coming into 'force' and the people involved in the entire process.

  • Obtain the 'law' (read Act) that allows the various entities to ascertain power over your person; e.g. the Victorian Sheriff ( Sheriff Act 2009), the police (e.g. Victoria Police Act 2013), the court (Magistrates' Court Act 1989, for Victorians), etc.
  •  Where does your hard earned cash go, from this so called fine.

There are many other points not mentioned here which you can put before a court of competent jurisdiction.

NOTE: DO NOT rely on official 'Australian Government' documentation as your only source of information.

Do your own research and obtain inquiries pertaining to your matter.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Problem Reaction Solution; Terrorism, joblessness going according to plan

The actions of people in government have an effect on society, an effect that is planned by those people in 'power'.

Let's have a look at two burgeoning 'issues';

1). The people in government have imported scum into the country, scum that 'terrorises' the good people of Australia.

As a result the a$$holes in government then say that police need MORE powers to search 'suspects' (your frail 95 year old great grandmother can be a 'suspect' according to 'law') WITHOUT warrants making the state of Victoria even MORE of a POLICE STATE.

As if no warrants existing from Victoria's Sheriff's Office is NOT enough !!! !!!

WHATEVER the official unemployment rate is coming from the offices of criminals in power you can be assured it's BS (i.e. under inflated).

2). The people in power import cheap slave labour (as they have done since 1788), which in turn takes jobs away from 'Australians' in effect having a detrimental effect on family and society as a whole.

Corporate scum like Telstra who lay off 1400 Australian workers only to replace them with cheap overseas labour that works for a bowl of rice per week or something similar.

The actions of the people in power are NOT by accident or without thought.

DO NOT PANIC though, everything is going according to plan.

The people in 'gov' REALLY f_cking hate their slave population !!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Turnbull tackles encryption and OWNS it like a biatch

The untouchable sociopathic white collar criminals in this machine called the 'Australian Government' are at it again.

With every action regarding a new law, Australia's good people are being oppressed more and more with literally zero rights to privacy, where every man / woman / son / daughter who is in possession of a mobile phone is monitored by the 'authorities' (read corporation conglomerate) today under the pretext of 'terrorism'.

It would come as no surprise that the law makers in this penal colony would put a law trough that owning an encrypted device is an act of 'terrorism'.

Apparently 'terrorists' use encrypted methods of  communication between each other.


'Terrorists' use automobiles / highways to get to their destination.

Government solution (?):

BAN all automobiles and lock up the people under Martial Law like they did officially in the first 40 years of colonialisation of this land.

The WHOLE point of encryption is so that the a$$holes in the corporation conglomerate called the 'government' do NOT access YOUR private and confidential communication.

So let's use the "nothing to hide, nothing to fear' motto?

Give US your communications,  Turdball !!!

Why are you hiding your books,  Turdball ??? !!! ???

George Brandis another criminal in office.

Watch now, how governments will secretly work with phone manufacturers / app developers in installing 'backdoors'.

The people have already had their mobile phone's security compromised from (deliberate) security holes in the GSM communications protocols from the inception of the technology.

The 'Australian Government' REALLY hates the slave population.

read article by  from  11 Jun 2017 of the headline;

Turnbull tackles encrypted messages

The Turnbull government will look to change laws in order to help authorities decrypt messages.

The Turnbull government is reportedly looking at changing laws to force telco and tech firms to help authorities to decrypt suspect messages.
Staff writers News Corp Australia Network

THE increased use of encrypted messaging by terrorist networks has prompted the Turnbull government to reportedly look at changing laws to force telecommunications and technology firms to help authorities decrypt suspect messages.

Fairfax Media reports that Attorney-General George Brandis said the government will not pursue the controversial “backdoor” access option by forcing firms to plant flaws in their encryption software that would allow it to be cracked by police or security agencies.

The Turnbull government to reportedly look at changing laws to force telecommunications and technology firms to help authorities decrypt suspect messages. Picture: Supplied.Source:News Corp Australia

Senator Brandis also said the mechanisms for warrant exchanges between Australian agencies and counterparts in the US and other partners were “more limited than they should be”.

In mid-2013, less than 3 per cent of counter-terrorism investigations intercepted communications that were encrypted. Today that figure was more than 40 per cent, Senator Brandis said.