Sunday, January 1, 2017

A government for the people versus one of a colony

The policy differences - a gov for the people -v- a gov of a colony(?):

On BBC World News on the ABC News 24 tv channel, the China24 news outlet stated that in 2016 the Chinese government addressed the problem of people living in poverty where (we say 'allegedly') 10 million people were lifted from poverty, according to the president's message.

The (Chinese) government said it has a long way to go, where there are still 50-60 million people that need help urgently.


The company called the 'Australian Government' states no such messages nor has any policy that actively (genuinely?) combats homelessness, unemployment, etc, instead it (e.g.) rapes the land of minerals (tax free) and further enslaves the mass population.

It has a 'slave labour' import policy under whatever banner be it 'refugees' / 'hu-man' rights / 457 or other BS visa numbers that ultimately leave the 'Aussies' out of work where further consequences arise.

A primary difference between a government for the 'people' and a government of a 'colony'.

Australia was settled as an economic project, a 'chartered corporation'.

This 'government' is NOT for the people's benefit, never was.


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