Tuesday, January 10, 2017

'Australians ready to revolt' sentiment to be crushed by overwhelming police force?

(illustration: Peasants' Revolt 1381)

In a lecture headed by Noam Chomsky in 1989 of the title The Political Economy of the Mass Media - Manufacturing Consent, available for download at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6JqFtDWfxI (1hr27m, 230MB), Chomsky mentions how two events seem rather remote from one another, whereas in reality you can tie them together to get the bigger picture of an agenda at play.

Over one month ago, in early December 2016, the mainstream media reported that the Government of Victoria is going to recruit approx 3000 extra police in order to combat a rise in violence.

The 'rise in violence' was created by the corporation conglomerate called the government, as it was a result of the government importing a migrant population that has (deliberately?) turned to crime.

Meanwhile, the people in government have created laws and 'loop holes' (pity there are not loop holes for an unlawful 'speeding fine') that allow them an 'age of entitlement' literally for the rest of their lives, even if they are expelled from government positions, as a result of fraud or theft.

So while this is occurring there is a huge financial drain from criminal trash element with the politically correct label of 'refugees' the government has let into the country on the social security purse.

As a result the underprivileged, weak and vulnerable are having their payments cut by the people in government, in order to balance the books for the arrival of the criminal element to be paid welfare payments.

To add further insult to injury, the government has implemented a computer program that falsely states that Social Security recipients owe debts to an organisation called Centrelink.

There are many issues of this type of action being unlawful which are mentioned in the blog post of the headline:
Pay or face the debt collector - what Centrelink the government or the media will not tell you, at

While the above mentioned events may seem to be remote from one another, they are very closely related, as these actions and policies are carried out by a small group of people in government in order to oppress the masses.

One would not have to be an 'Einstein' or 'Rocket Scientist' to figure out that the serf / tax slave / herd population will have enough.

Warning: Conspiracy theory following;
It could be very easily perceived that the 'government' was fully aware that the people are fed up with the criminal actions of the people in the executive, and the government has prepared a police force to deal with any 'revolt' or rather insubordination of the slaves, under the 'extra police to protect you' banner.

Just another dodgy action buy criminals in power.

So how again are these actions by the people in government for 'peace, order, and good government' (Australian Constitution Act 1900) ???

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Law nerd said...

The day the militarized police turn on the people will be the day they will find out the will of the people.Police are a sitting target. It is time they started doing their job with honour within the law which is exactly what these drug dealing, peodiophile supporting,PROSTITUTE running thugs do not do.
I would disarm and remove mace and tazors from these thugs.They can not be trusted with carring lethal weaponds. Police are a COMMERCIAL ENTITY. They do not serve and protect. They just stop and collect for their corporate shareholders. They are out of control.
They totally ignore the law so they can generate money through their unlawful, unconstitutional corporate Acts. Random stops are unlawful. Breath tests are unlawful. Drug tests are unlawful. They totally ignore our lawful right to be seen as innocent until proven guilty.Being unlawfully stopped for committing no crime, then under the force of the gun to prove you are innocent is a crime against the Imperial Acts Application Act.The police in AUSTRALIA are the biggest crime family in the country. A chap I casually met recently reported an ice house run by Armidale police.The next morning his house was raided by two car loads of police. They stole his stereo, computor and other stuff because he reported police to police. An independent police watch dog with big teeth must be be set up to deal with corrupt police.They see themselves as above the law because they are protected by the fascist state. We are being ruled by corporate criminals who use police as their enforcement arm . I'm disgusted.There is no justice in fascist AUSTRALIA. Remember the Woodward Royal Commission. Half way through he ordered all drug squad police to be put back into uniform they were all rotten corrupt. Or the NSW Police Commissioner who was found to be corrupt recently. Does it ever end?????