Friday, April 14, 2017

Fairfax publication covering up tax office's fraud?

A 'newspaper' is supposed to inform people what's going on right?

If there are changes in/at law, it informs the 'masses' right?

If there are significant changes that can affect the life of the plebs, then the paper informs (read Law Notices).

Well in the case of the ATO (Australian Tax Office) is seems that the Fairfax publication is inciting / deceiving people into  business/commerce/trade with a  non lawfully entity.

It seems that the publication is deceiving the herd.

The below average 'Joe' would have maybe heard of the term 'court reporters' that being people employed by newspaper publications who sit in court and report on matters (of national?) interest.

Not too long ago, a newspaper publication stated that a man in Victoria 'tried' to serve an invoice to a magistrate, where upon carrying out further independent inquiries it was found out that the person served a notice where the notice was in the hands of the magistrate.

In the commoner's comprehension of words, if someone would ask a question along the lines of:
"Did your slingshot contraption get you to the moon?", where the response is 
"I tried", 
then it is automatically comprehended that the attempt was a failure.

Therefore the newspaper publication (deliberately?) lied / provided false information about the man trying to serve an invoice.

In Australia's highest court of the land, a business (ABN: 69 445 188 986) at the top of the court ladder named funnily High Court of Australia, in the year of 'Our Lord' 2000 there was a pivotal case regarding the lawfulness of a business in charge of collecting tax office named the Australian Tax Office called Moeliker v Chapman, where the paperwork stated that the ATO is NOT a legal entity.

To make things even worse (for the plebs) the 'authorities' have removed reference to the case, where this was not reported by the mainstream media.

In recent events (from late 2016) it is of paramount importance that the Australian people be aware that Western Australia's senator Rodney Culleton has exposed the corruption of people sitting in the High Court of Australia, and also in government, specifically not in line with a law  they are supposed to follow, namely a document called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

See what 'The Age' writes about the ATO:

You can download the Moeliker v Chapman transcript contained within this link:

Would the Fairfax publication care to inform the people of the Moeliker v Chapman case about the ATO ??? !!! ???