Thursday, May 11, 2017

Australians are tax slaves to the banks

Without going into the big words of economics, finance and the budget, to make it easy for the commoner, the Aussie bogan, the deadbeat footy fanatic;

The banks copped a $6,200,000,000 charge and they said

"Let's f_ck our customers over and let them pay for it.... hahahha"
(or something maybe a bit more eloquently put).

But there is;
  • no need to worry, 
  • no point in taking YOUR cash out of the bank, 
  • no urgency not close your accounts, 
  • not even a glimmer of protest in sight, 

as everything will be fine.

With YOUR inaction you are telling them you enjoy being their slave (paying taxes / operational expenses / levies) for their HUGE profits, and CEO's salaries.

Therefore you'll cop it ever harder soon.

P.S. Don't forget you're a 'free man' living in a democracy.

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