Sunday, May 14, 2017

Magistrates' Court of Victoria a "People's Court" - Bulldust

When you are dealing with the 'executive' you are literally dealing with the masters of deception.

Sometimes the BS is in front of your face, other times you have to dig deep to find the truth.

In 2008 the MAGISTRATES' COURT of VICTORIA produced a beautiful brochure celebrating 170 years. 

One Hundred and Seventy years of  what they are claiming to be the 'people's court'.

This splendid illustration can be downloaded (without the yellow words on black background) from:

Australian courts are not 'people's court's'.

They never were.

They are run by the executive and today are corporatised.

You just never know what those dodgy people in the executive are up to...

Maybe just maybe the people in the executive registered the "MAGISTRATE'S COURT of VICTORIA" under the name of "THE PEOPLE'S COURT"?


During the inception of the above said court in Victoria, it was called the Police Court, and for a very good reason.

This signified the court belonged / was operated by the police and not the 'people', otherwise some bright spark would have called it the "PEOPLE'S COURT" or the "CONVICTS COURT" alluding that it was 'their' court.


mele host said...

More like the goyim court.

Theodore Katz said...

LOL "People's Court" Nothing could be further from the truth. A court for neighbourhood bullies! MAGISTRATE RICHARD PITHOUSE used documents forged by Victoria Police at the behest of GAIL PERL so she could build an illegal fence.