Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Microsoft extortion on the wave of the WannaCry ransom

So many people by now should have been aware that this global (computer) 'virus' called WannaCry or other variations of it, has effected many people allegedly across 150 countries.

For those who missed it, to be as concise as possible 'hackers' got access to your PC via a vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows operating system, which in turn, the hackers encrypted (locked up) the files on the PC, demanding $300 for the 'key'.

THAT information was fairly consistently reported by the mainstream media.

What was (deliberately?) not reported by the mainstream media is the Bill Gates' technology company Microsoft deliberately held back the fix UNTIL the virus started to spread to extort huge sums of cash from businesses.

You know you cannot trust Apple, Google or Microsoft with your private/personal information, but now Microsoft being involved in Electronic Espionage is literally a criminal action.

Zero action in the courts? Above the law?

Still trust the forced update to Windows 10, where you have little control over your computer?

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