Thursday, May 4, 2017

Microsoft stops you from controlling your own PC

The masses keep getting told by people in government that they represent them.

We cannot recall any election or result of  any votes where the people voted to be surveilled  24/7 with regards to all their computer / telephone data being stored by the people in government.

To make matters worse it seems that the people in the global I.T. giants are conspiring with the people in government against the masses.

One thing apparently that the people are supposed to have is something called a choice.

If you do not have a choice does that make you a slave?

To make matters worse for Australians, the people in governance over the general population are committing criminal offences by being in office unlawfully, but the general population are being distracted from this fact.

The new metadata laws that have come into play in Australia from April 2017 have been enacted unlawfully, but this point and the above one are beyond the scope of this post.

Microsoft may years ago were taken to the European courts for packaging a program called Internet Explorer with the Windows operating system, where the customer did not have a choice of internet browsers.

So, with regards to their new operating system Windows 10, Microsoft are at it again where they have decided for you that you will have their internet browser called Edge set permanently as your default browser.

Microsoft have also taken away your liberty to choose a search engine and have forced you to use Bing.

Windows 10 might as well be officially called spyware, where many technical publications have exposed how Microsoft covertly spies on you and sends data back without you being able to control these actions.

  • We do not recommend the purchase of Windows 10.

  • We do not recommend the purchase of any hardware that contains the Windows 10 operating system or where you cannot have another option for an operating system.

Microsoft just another government shill?

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