Friday, May 12, 2017

NBN to be compulsory for all Australians?

It's very clear to most 'netizens' of the world that Australian Government's implementation for internet called NBN across this colony is a huge joke (albeit at the good people's expense).

As of 2015 Australia was ranked 44th in the world, whereas in 2016 the rating slipped to 50th. The not so technologically advanced country of Kenya even score higher than the apparent first world country called Australia.

Although reports are not confirmed Eskimos and Gypsies are almost dying from laughter at our internet speeds, where they reckon they can pirate movies quicker than the original nation of pirates.

So we heard a rumour over the ether, the grape vine, or more specifically the ethernet cable that the NBN is going to become mandatory for the good people of Australia.

How this will happen is that once your current internet connection with whatever service provider you have gets disconnected you will have a choice to connect to the NBN or not.

In other words a 'customer' in Australia will have no choice.

The so called 'leaders' in government are responsible for the technology and laws put in place to make these things happen.

It sure does make this place more of a corporatised prison (for the general population), and a place what we call a corporate criminal's paradise, a place where (supported) people committing fraud in the hundreds of millions do not see any jail time, especially if it's against the public's purse.

Realistically the people involved in this project should be up for criminal charges.

Remember the government propaganda slogan: "Australia, the lucky country"
(They never did tell you for who..)

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