Saturday, June 3, 2017

Tesla solar roof too expensive if it ever gets here

If you are to believe the mainstream media, then Tesla’s solar roof tiles are apparently the savior to Australia’s energy crisis, as if we did not have our own solutions in place.

It seems that you can put down a deposit on Elon Musk’s solar roof tiles, but you won’t know;

  • when you will get them,
  •  when and if the product will get Australia Standards certification,
  •  if it will support Australian houses which have a totally different title structure from American homes.

Apparently the warranty is ‘infinite’ but only on the glass roof tile and not the product generating electricity.

It sounds like you may want to get a wind turbine in the meantime to generate a lot of electricity from the hot air coming from the factory of overpriced products, and the annals of the mainstream media.

You can read what the mainstream media writes about the product at:

Then compare it to someone who apparently has some technical qualifications on the matter at:

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