Sunday, July 16, 2017

Optus now sells your data to 'trusted' 3rd parties.

Which ever way you look at it, the herd population are little more than consumers, useless eaters, corporate slaves or just plain resources to be made profits from.

Last year the inhabitants of this colony have been conned by a company called the Australian Electoral Commission  (AEC) to complete a transaction for business, trade or commercial purposes call a 'census'.

This commercial action was vigorously promoted in television advertisements.

How do we know this was a 'commercial' transaction?

By the fact that the AEC sold YOUR data for $41,000,000.

So now we have another company, Optus, informing you that they are passing on your information to apparently 'trusted' 3rd parties.

Who are those 'trusted' parties with YOUR information.

What guarantees does the slave have?

What punishment is executed on the perpetrator or rather what remedy does that salve have if there is a privacy breach?

Apparently you are told that you can 'opt out'.

Uuummm we did not 'opt in'.

Can you really 'opt out' after others have already obtained your data / information?

Just another action showing the slaves that are nothing more than a resource for making profits from, with the illusion that they have a say in it.

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