Tuesday, August 29, 2017

In Australian politics any criminal can become an MP

Australia is truly a politically unique country / continent of this inhabited planet.

A penal colony of the British Empire, where its constitution allows the slave population to have ultimate authority over the people in parliament, where the slaves have chosen not to assert this 'authority', and sit on the couch with beer in hand watching ' da fooody'.

It's also a place where there is a [deliberate by design] sad state of affairs with regards to politics, where (any?) criminal can become a Member of Parliament.

The fact that Roberta Williams (a convicted criminal) has made an announcement that she has the desire to enter politics, and the fact that they will allow her to enter, is proof that literally any criminal can run this country.

Foul mouthed gutter trash Roberta Williams lived like a pig, trashed rented properties, is now in politics.

Your best 'assumption' about Australian politicians is that they are criminals first (you know guilty until proven innocent) and work your way up from there.

Trailer park trash running the country.

Australia the 'lucky' country !!! !!! !!!

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