Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Australia's 'justice' system lets killers walk free again and again.

Remember the "good ol' days" on this penal colony of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland?

You know in the 1780's when the British authorities dumped criminals onto the Indigenous peoples of Australia under firearms and force?
(Such 'honourable' people in the Monarchy in doing a treaty with the Indigenous Australians)

Well it seems that the policies of the late 1700's are upon us again, where this time the so called 'justice' system lets out criminals / killers onto the general population.

(illustration: Convicted killer Philip Bracken)

Some people may erroneously state that the system is 'broken' whereas in reality
it is functioning exactly the way the people in government intend it to.

The action of letting killers out into the general community is literally a 'terrorist' action by those who let the criminals out, as the 'criminals' are then allowed to terrorise the good people of Australia.

How are those actions for "peace order and good government*"

*- whatever that really means.

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