Thursday, November 2, 2017

Constitutional Crisis v2 for Australia

Its seems that the people in government have burned the 'Constitution', as they are certainly not aware of what's in it...

Hint: Apparently it's a law that's been around for 116 years that the people in government MUST obey.

The following post was taken from social media;

Ok, I will put this up for the public to consider.

I have discussed this with people close to me, so now I will tell you too.

With up to 20 sitting vermin in the parliament who should be disqualified, in my opinion, parliament is tainted.

This could mean that ALL legislation, amendments, regulations and anything else are ultra vires.

It should be back in caretaker mode, like before an election, until this is all sorted.

So that means NO legislation or wars.

And that is just the current parliament.

Remember that one of the greens senators has been sitting illegally since 2006, so this could go back a fair way.

A banana parliament for a banana nation of banana people.

NOTE: I would appreciate as many people sharing this as possible.

This might be a bigger constitutional crisis than the sacking of Whitlam...........

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