Monday, December 4, 2017

Magistrates wannabe judges more government misbehaviour

The (below) average Joe Blow or member of the serf population has very little idea of how much corruption 'misbehaviour' there is in government, as there are too many distractions to keep the simple minds busy, the likes of beer, footy reality tv and the serf population fighting among themselves on a variety of topics handed them down by the people in government.

So now the latest trick in the book spearheaded by corrupt magistrate Peter Lauriston is that he wants the herd population to call him and his magistrate buddies judges because they're;

"same in all but name",

justifying this because the lower class 'magistrates' have a ship load of work on their tables.

Let's apply the same ill conceived logic to the McDonald's 'profession', where a kitchen hand 'food' re-heater demands to be called a gourmet chef (PMSL !!! !!! !!!).

Don't worry about it, as an alleged criminal and criminal is "same in all but name".

There was a reason why mother England brought in the Colonial Laws Validity Act of 1865, that being because the people in Australia's government were 'misbehaving' a lot, a fact that the authorities would rather the serfs not be aware of.

There is no such luck today of reeling in the actions of the terrorising actions of people in government against their tax slave population by the Crown, yet you still have to answer to the Crown when you commit a criminal offence.

See article in today's Herald Sun below:

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