Friday, June 22, 2018

Paedophile spared prison to prey on victims in market stalls in Queensland.

If there's ever a failure of 'justice' to the victims of paedophiles, this is just one example.

Bundaberg judge Keith Dodds supports paedophiles like Bob Fordham (Facebook profile: ) being among the community.

If they become repeat offenders, it's more 'business' for the courts.

If you're a paedophile in Bundaberg, you'd want Keith Dodds to 'judge' you, right?

Do you really want to be 'friends' with a paedophile who will have access to your photos that you put up of your children?

See article from 27 Mar 2009 by of the headline:

Fordham gets suspended sentence

DESPITE admitting to owning a collection of child pornography that included videos of children as young as five being raped, Bob Fordham was yesterday allowed to walk free from the Bundaberg District Court.

The former AFL Bundaberg Wide Bay (AFLBWB) president received two cumulative jail sentences, one with parole and one suspended, after pleading guilty to two child porn charges.

In Fordham's sentencing yesterday morning, crown prosecutor Kylie Ward told the court that police, who were acting on information from an international child pornography operation, found a collection of 10 child pornography videos on Fordham's computer last June.

The videos, some of which were more than 25 minutes long, included children aged between five and 14 performing sexual acts on adults.

Ms Ward asked the court to send a strong message to child predators by jailing Fordham, but Judge Keith Dodds sentenced him to a 12-month suspended jail sentence for knowingly possessing child pornography and an 18-month jail sentence, with immediate parole, for using a carrier service to commit the crime.

Another man arrested in the same operation pleaded guilty to possessing more than 900 child exploitation images which included infants being sexually abused - but was released immediately on parole and probation.

Fordham 'jaded'

Former AFL Bundaberg Wide Bay (AFLBWB) president had become “jaded” with adult porn- ography before turning to child porn, Bundaberg District Court heard yesterday.

Judge Keith Dodds said a psychologist's report tendered to the court by Fordham's defence suggested he had developed an “unhealthy” interest in pornography before he was arrested as part of an international investigation last June.

“It has suggested in that report the increased interest in pornography, both adult and child, stemmed, at least in part, from (Fordham's) lack of an appropriate intimate relationship with a person of the opposite sex,” Judge Dodds said.

The report also found Fordham was not a pedophile and his primary interest was adult women.

Defence lawyer Simon Burgess said his client had been taking counselling to help address the issues that led to his arrest on June 23, last year.

Another man arrested in the same child pornography operation, which led to the arrest of 66 people around Queensland, pleaded guilty to charges of knowingly possessing child pornography and using a carrier service to commit the crime.

Craig Lovett was sentenced to probation for three years, a two-year prison sentence with immediate parole and a three-year good behaviour bond of $2000.

He was found with more than 900 images, one of which showed a man performing sexual acts on a six-month-old child and another showing a child involved in bondage.

He had about 90 images of children being raped and more than 800 images of naked children.

The court heard the man was bi-polar and had a low level of intelligence.

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