Monday, June 4, 2018

Scam letters - the Sheriff of Victoria

WARNING - Australia Post is being used to send out scam letters to unsuspecting victims.

This is a scam letter that is being sent out by the "Sheriff's Office Victoria" in order to extort cash from the unsuspecting victim.

To incite the unsuspecting victim, to commit to a business transaction with the Sheriff's Office of Victoria,  the classic approach is by appealing to necessity, urgency or emotions of the victim with a so called 'statistic' being in this case:

"Nine out of ten people do the right thing ..."

This letter is as a result of (alleged) fines that have not been paid as a result of being issued by an "Infringements Court" which is apparently located on the Ground Floor at 277 Williams St. Melbourne, where your person had the opportunity to present the case before a magistrate / judicial registrar, in line with a "Chapter III" court.

Since the burden of proof is on the claimant the Sheriff of Victoria, Mr. Brendan Facey claimed that there are X amount of outstanding (spectacular?) warrants, Mr. Facey MUST do the "right thing", or rather the lawful thing and produce them as mandated.

Please note: Warrants do not exist as required by law in relation to your alleged fine/s.

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