Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Police to write the wrong of unlawful fines?

Victoria Police have been issuing unlawful fines on the motoring public for quite some time.

This in conjunction with unlawfully enacted legislation that applies owner onus, and the guilty until proven otherwise legal farce, under strict liability, has been causing much angst, stress and loss of livelihood to many good people of the community where this is deliberately not addressed, by the authorities.

The states budget on fines and when the funds are low the police go out on a fine shopping spree, where you could be beaten black and blue that it's for your safety that your wallet is over $400 lighter for travelling a few km/h more an allocated sign post's figures in a round circle.

There literally is no duty of care to the community's well being as a policy, but rather more stiffer penalties with  another unlawful action called double jeopardy in holiday peak periods under the promotional banner of double demerit points.

The reasons why Victoria Police is acting unlawfully is detailed in a post of the title:

Ex Victorian Police officer comments on Fines:

Let's just put aside the article that:

POLICE NEGLECTED Former Victoria Police officers with mental health problems are set to get a $500,000 donation raised through Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton and union chief Wayne Gatt's head to head walk.

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