Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lady GaGa Makes $62m Record Industry How Much

Recently in the mass media, the 'masses' have been made aware the 'their' favourite performer Lady GaGa (born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta), has taken $62,000,000 from the pockets of the cattle.

What the mass media cleverly omitted was how much the record industry made on Lady GaGa.

The figures are NEVER officially released, but industry sources confirm that the amount is roughly 10 times of what the 'artist' makes.

The mass media are NOT allowed to report on the secret financial earnings of the secret bankers of the world's banks.

For example, the financial earnings of the Rothschilds (Red shields) are not reported in the forbes listings.

Lady GaGa was a high class hooker that rose to fame, being a puppet of the music industry's moguls.

Lady GaGa's songs depict Anti - Christian slogans, blasphemy and demonic poses, that depict sacrifices.

If this was depicted at the same level at other religions, there would be a world wide out cry.

This is the beginning of the New Age of the disassembly of the Christian faith.

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