24 February 2010

Tiger Woods vs Richard Pratt

In a recent Australian TV media circus, a televised apology was given by Tiger Woods.

It was a carefully scripted, non emotional piece of work constructed by the lawyers.

Tiger Woods was crucified by the mass media circus and everything was aired and thrown into the faces of the general populous.

These details are NOT news nor are they really essential to anything really.


We have someone here in Australia placed VERY HIGH in the SOCIAL TREE, by the name of Richard Pratt, who had a wife AND a MISTRESS, who he had an ILLEGITIMATE child with.

In this society this is unacceptable behaviour and it's called ADULTERY.


Since Pratt was part of the social ruling elite, there was a blanket ban on reporting any details of his affairs. ALL the people in the immediate social circle were /are aware of his affair.

Pratt was nabbed for a ~ $700,000,000 fraud, BUT only fined 36 million (5%) of the total amount.

Corporate Crime in Australia Pays, PROVIDED you have the correct support, from the business, law or Masonic Brotherhood

Social Welfare Rip off

The recent death of an old person (not named) resulted in the end of a era of their fraudulent claims to Australian Welfare and overseas welfare.

This person had a few identities and continued to 'milk' institutions for illegitimate welfare claims.

Certain people were aware of the fraudulent claims BUT nothing was done.

The reason why this post is 'political' as some people are 'allowed' to get away with these things and some will be charged as criminals.

This also has to do with the fact of which clique you belong to, and if you are supported enough by them.