19 June 2009

Cover-up claims over Taser death

Queensland's police minister has admitted he knew false information had been released about the death of a mentally ill man who was Tasered by police before he died, according to an ABC report.

Police initially said Antonio Galeano was electrocuted three times with a stun gun as officers tried to arrest him in Brandon, south of Townsville last Friday.

But the state's police minister, Neil Roberts, yesterday admitted officials had known since Monday that the 39-year-old could have been Tasered up to 28 times. (Watch more: Criminologist calls for review)

"That information was what prompted both the commissioner and I on Monday to announce a full review of both policy and training related to Tasers in Queensland," the ABC's PM program reported Mr Roberts as saying.

The admission has led to suggestions there has been an attempt to cover up the fatal incident.

"The advice that was given to the community at large — that the Taser had only been fired three times — does appear to me to smack of a cover-up," former Queensland police sergeant and ex-politician Peter Pyke told the ABC.

Mr Galeano's partner said she begged police to stop repeatedly using the stun gun.

"He went to the bathroom to say peek-a-boo and they hit him with a Taser gun," Sandra Winn told Network Ten.

"I asked the police officer to stop.

"They were electrocuting him, he was screaming in pain. It looked like someone had a bolt of lightning and (it was) hitting him and taking every last bit of life out of him."

It was not until media reports yesterday revealed the stun gun's internal computer had recorded the trigger had been pulled 28 times that police changed their version of events.

Ian Leavers, the Police Union's acting president, last week said the Taser was used two to three times on Mr Galeano.

He also said the victim was a mentally-ill drug user who was violent, naked and harming himself before his arrest.

Mr Galeano had been released from a psychiatric hospital just days before he died.

Tasers are capable of temporarily paralysing muscles though a 50,000-volt electric shock.

Twelve-thousand Tasers are currently on the streets of Queensland but a further rollout has now been suspended pending a review.

The incident is being investigated by the coroner and the police service's ethical standards command, overseen by the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

But Australian Council for Civil Liberties president, and lawyer, Terry O'Gorman said an independent investigation was needed, looking at police use of Tasers across all jurisdictions in Australia.

"We are calling for an independent group of experts to review the use of Tasers Australia-wide," Mr O'Gorman said.

"There has already been two deaths from Tasers in the past two months — Queensland last week and one in the Northern Territory last month — and the problems of Tasers being over used in everyday policing situations need to be addressed nationally."

Amnesty International said US authorities stated that one standard cycle of five seconds was more than enough to subdue someone.

"These devices are open to abuse as they are easy to carry, easy to use and can inflict severe pain at the push of a button without leaving substantial marks," Amnesty International spokeswoman Katie Wood said.

The call for a national review came as one of Queensland's most senior officers admitted the state's police had no guidelines on how many times a Taser could be fired in the one incident.

Deputy Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said the police service would look at whether there needed to be a cap on how many times a Taser should be fired.

"The review has three main elements. We are going to look at our policies in the use of the Tasers, we are going to look at the training we provide our officers, and we are looking at the monitoring of the use of Tasers by the police service," Mr Stewart said.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Martin, from the ethical standards command, said police were talking to the US-based manufacturers Taser International.

Criminologist Julian Bondy said the incident raised questions about why Tasers were so powerful.

"What are we unleashing on the community?" said Prof Bondy, a professor at Melbourne's RMIT university.

"We don't issue frontline police with firearms with a thousand bullets, we don't issue them with capsicum spray the size of fire extinguishers.

"Every other weapon they have is limited in its capacity, but this one is out of proportion."

The police review will be completed in four weeks but the release of the findings will depend on the timing of the coroner's findings.

Results of the autopsy have not yet been released.

Mr Galeano's death is the third in Australia linked to police use of Taser guns.

A man died in Alice Springs last month after police stunned him with a Taser and in May 2002, NSW man Gary Pearce died of a heart attack about two weeks after being shot with a stun gun when he threatened police with a frying pan.

ninemsn 19 Jun 2009

Hey PETA, I cooked my goldfish

When you gotta eat... You gotta eat.

18 June 2009

PETA wishes Obama hadn't swatted fly

The group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants the flyswatter in chief to try taking a more humane

attitude the next time he's bedevilled by a fly in the White House.

PETA is sending President Barack Obama a Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher, a device that allows users to trap a house fly and then release it outside.

"We support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals," PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich said Wednesday. "We believe that people, where they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals."

During an interview for CNBC at the White House on Tuesday, a fly intruded on Obama's conversation with correspondent John Harwood.

"Get out of here," the president told the pesky insect. When it didn't, he waited for the fly to settle, put his hand up and then smacked it dead.

"Now, where were we?" Obama asked Harwood. Then he added: "That was pretty impressive, wasn't it? I got the sucker."

Friedrich said that PETA was pleased with Obama's voting record in the Senate on behalf of animal rights and noted that he has been outspoken against animal abuses.

Still, "swatting a fly on TV indicates he's not perfect," Friedrich said, "and we're happy to say that we wish he hadn't."

Deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said the White House has no comment on the matter.

18 Jun 2009


That was a terrorist fly, or would PETA prefer it to be tried by a jury and put down by a more humane way e.g lethal injection in Texas.
Lets not make world headlines with the

Global Financial Crisis origination from the
American Credit Crunch, from fraudulent bankers...

Let NOT talk about the Rothschilds, Bilderbergs, Rockefellers, but rather

Lets inject $13,500,000 into PETA to do a study if when Obama steps out from a helicopter, he kills how many ants ???

Pathetic focus on news

'Sleeping teen tattooist' backs down

The tattooist who inked 56 stars on the face of a Belgian teenager who claimed to be sleeping at the time has offered to pay half of the cost to have them removed.

Although Rouslan Toumaniantz refuses to accept blame for the extreme artwork that Kimberley Vlaminck claims has turned her into a "freak", he has accepted that 18-year-old is unhappy with the final result and wants to make amends.

PHOTOS: Woman's tattoo 'nightmare'

"I maintain that she absolutely agreed that I tattoo those 56 stars on the left side of her face," Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure reported Mr Toumaniantz as saying.

"A witness, a woman who was present, has already been questioned by police, and she confirms it.

"But be that as it may, Kimberley is unhappy and it is not my wish to have an unsatisfied client."

Ms Vlaminck's family launched legal action against the operator The Tattoo Box in the southeast Belgian city of Courtrai, claiming damages as well as $18,400 for laser removal.

Mr Toumaniantz, who himself is almost entirely covered in tattoos and piercings, says that the bizarre incident may even be good for business.

"I don't regret it," he said.

"To tell you the truth, this has given me some publicity."(yeah, I did not know you were a f--kwit before , now I do !!!)

The teenager claims she fell asleep in the artist's chair after requesting three stars around her left eye.

With her approving father outside eating ice cream, she allegedly drifted off to sleep while 56 black stars were needled into her face and nose.

"I cannot go out on to the street, I am so embarrassed," Ms Vlaminck said.

"I think he didn’t understand what I wanted. He spoke only fractured English and French.

"But I explicitly said in my native tongue, French, and also in a little bit of English when he looked confused, that I wanted three little stars only near my left eye."

The tattooist maintains his teenage client was happy with the work and the transaction only soured when her father and boyfriend saw the design.

"She asked for 56 stars and that’s what she got," he said.

ninemsn 18 Jun 2009

Story chosen purely for its COMIC relief.

What else did she expect from that tattooist,

nothing else but face disfiguring tattoos, but of course!!!

Pure and utter human cesspool of society. Again front page newsworthy items for ninemsn.

Both should be put down for causing misery to the planet.

17 June 2009

Elle Macpherson 'controlling': BRW

The Body has rubbed an Australian business magazine the wrong way.

Supermodel Elle Macpherson is on the cover of this week's issue of BRW, which contains a story about how she created her $120 million business empire.

But it seems the 45-year-old's behaviour was less than model-like at times during her BRW interview.

The magazine said Macpherson could be beautifully charming but also "controlling and prickly", yelling at her staff and only approving certain photos for use.

"During her sit down with BRW, Macpherson insisted on scrolling through the images captured by BRW's photographer saying `yes, no, no, yes' as she checked the screen on the camera," BRW said in a media release.

"When a question made her uncomfortable, she had no qualms about shouting at her minders to keep quiet so she could concentrate."

Macpherson refused to disclose how much she was worth, and told the magazine she credits her "vision and balls" for her success.

news.ninemsn.com.au 17 Jun 2009

A story of another spoiled little Entertainment Industry 'model'.

Sounds like she's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Anyone surprised?

Minutes spent on one second debate

The Senate is facing a huge workload ahead of the winter break, but senators have found the time for a passionate debate about one second.

There's a long list of bills to deal with before parliament breaks at the end of next week and the government wants the Senate to get cracking.

But senators spent valuable time arguing about what should happen in the one second remaining on the clock during a minister's answer in question time on Wednesday.

The clock was stopped because a point of order was called by Liberal senator Mitch Fifield.

Five senators spoke on the topic of the final second, taking up more than two minutes of the Senate's time.

"To call a point of order with one second to go ... actually indicates that (Senator Fifield) has lost the plot," said Chris Evans, the government's leader in the Senate.

Eventually the speaker was given the final second back, in which he managed to cram three words.

17 Jun 2009

VERY disturbing that these 'minds' are in charge of our destiny.

KFC sucks harder than Mc Donald's

In a never ending relentless quest to expose Corporate Fraud, under handed dealings, and consumer ripoffs in this world, corpau.blogspot.com has uncovered the great straw fiasco.

Fast food chains are using all possible means to cut costs.

  • Burgers are getting smaller (McD & KFC),
  • sugar satchels have less than 1 teaspoon of sugar (Donut King)

and now the consumer has to put up with smaller straws from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

An in depth analysis shows, weight and outside diameter of straws from:

Mc Donald's: 0.8g / 7.5mm
Kentucky Fried Chicken: 0.4g / 4.2mm

If the accountants went to such measures as to save on cutting costs, imagine the cost cutting procedures applied to the quality of food.

Cash to become extinct as chips take off

  • Bank bosses foresee death of cash
  • 'Cash to be replaced by microchips'
CASH is accelerating down the path to extinction as new technologies threaten to mark the end of loose change within a decade.

Bank and credit union bosses say cash won't be alone, with wallets and credit cards also likely to disappear too.

They told The Advertiser's round table forum that cash and cards will be replaced by computer chips embedded in mobile phones, watches or other portable devices.

Related story The Advertiser: Future of cash round table »

Australian Central chief executive Peter Evers believes cash will be replaced for most transactions in five-to-seven years.

"Cash will disappear as there will be other forms of carrying cash, stored value in your phone or whatever it might be. It will transfer automatically," he said.

"We're very close in countries around the world. If you go in to Hong Kong or Singapore, the low-value transactions have already disappeared. You can't go anywhere, like on public transport, without pre-purchasing a card.

"I think the Australian Payment Systems Board is very much on top of it and is trying to move down a path, but hasn't publicly put things into place yet."

BankSA general manager strategy and operations Chris Ward expects Australia to follow the offshore lead, with small cash transactions disappearing first.

"So you can't go and buy a bottle of water from the deli with cash; you've got to go and buy it with your chip," he said.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank state manager SA/NT John Oliver said it was easier for retailers to use electronic transactions than manual cash transactions.

Savings & Loans chief executive Greg Connor said the concept of the wallet would go.

"Whereas now we have a wallet and purse, it will be a chip in your phone or your watch or something like that as your access," he said.

Mr Evers said credit cards were on the way out as well.

"The access to credit is still going to be there through the mobile phone, but you don't need the card because that's really only a means of identification," he said.

"There could be another way of identifying, but the product, revolving credit, will still sit there."

news.com.au 15 Jun 2009

Clinic gives (12 year old) girl condom 'party pack'

A 12-year-old girl with an intellectual disability was given a "party pack" of 20 condoms after being diagnosed with chlamydia at a DoCS medical appointment.

The girl was also prescribed the contraceptive pill at the state-funded Warehouse Youth Health Centre at Penrith despite being under the age of consent, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Her father was said he was concerned about the clinic's actions.

"She doesn't understand ... even if she did consent, she is too young to know what consent is," her father was quoted as saying.

A spokeswoman from the Western Sydney Joint Investigative Response Team — a joint initiative of DOCS, police and NSW Health — defended the advice given at the clinic.

"DoCS must be guided by experts and the long-term health needs of the girl," she was quoted as saying.

DoCS was criticised yesterday for not taking more action to prevent another 12-year-old getting pregnant after her mother let her live with her 15-year-old boyfriend.

The Department of Child Services is NEGLIGENT, and has under MANY circumstances left children in dangerous environments.

Contrary to popular belief, the government does NOT care for these abused children, as they are merely children of the masses, (canon fodder).

This is the general politics of the situation. Now there has to be a paper trail covering up, the neglect.

Paris denies soccer love

Poor Paris - she just can't escape a headline, can she?

Just hours after splitting from The Hills star Doug Reinhardt, the hotel heiress is making headlines as soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo's new squeeze. Apparently, the world's highest-paid soccer star tried to persuade the world's most overpaid, unnecessary star to join him in Las Vegas - an offer she reportedly refused.

Despite the rumours, P. Hil says the two are "just friends." Right.


But you put this sordid excuse of a person on the pedestal.

Hope she does NOT breed, for all humanity will be doomed!

What an accolade to fame. A sex video and a terrible one at that.

If she was a paid for ho, a FULL refund would be required FOLLOWED by a law suit.

Sex-murder trial hears voice from the grave

The voice of a French banker shot dead by his lover during a sado-masochistic sex session rung out from beyond the grave across a Geneva courtroom, reducing his killer to tears.

The lurid circumstances of the death of Edouard Stern, one of France's wealthiest men whose influential circle of friends included President Nicolas Sarkozy, has rocked Geneva's discreet and tight-knit banking world.

Stern, 50, was found dead at his Geneva penthouse in March 2005 wearing a latex suit, with two bullet holes in his head and another two in his torso.

His 40-year-old lover, Cecile Brossard, eventually confessed to the killing, but her defence maintains it was a crime of passion, and not murder as alleged by prosecutors.

Brossard cried as the jury heard telephone messages left by Stern on her answer phone. "I will always be there for you, and I ask you always to be there for me," the banker said in a message recorded two days before she killed him.

Stern's lawyers allege the heart of the case is $1.2 million transferred by the banker to his lover's account, but which he later blocked after changing his mind.

read full story here

This story is NOT chosen for its headline grabbing news, but rather a few strategically placed words.

The press in general are not permitted to print the secret dealing of the financial world.

Even if the reporters obtain information, it is usually blocked by the editors.

16 June 2009

Pregnant 12-year-old back with mum again

The father of a pregnant 12-year-old is frustrated the youngster is again living with her mentally ill mother and may not be receiving adequate care, his local MP says.

The Department of Community Services (DoCS) on Tuesday admitted it failed to act in the case where the girl, then aged 11, fell pregnant to her 15-year-old live-in boyfriend.

DoCS deputy director-general Annette Gallard said her department could not make direct contact with the family, despite serious concerns being raised by the girl's father prior to the pregnancy.

"We did receive some reports from the father and we obviously should have investigated those reports more fully. But the allegations could not be confirmed," Ms Gallard told reporters in Sydney on Tuesday.

Member for Dubbo, Dawn Fardell said the girl's father spoke to her in March this year after his daughter began living with him because her mother was admitted to a mental health unit.

It was then that he discovered the girl was pregnant, and unsatisfied with DoCS response to his concerns in the past, Ms Fardell said he took the matter to her.

She raised the issue with police and also in parliament on June 3.

"The girl was interviewed by police in the company of her father. However, she declined to cooperate with the investigation," police said.

Following that interview in early April, police determined no charges would be laid as both the girl and her boyfriend were "underage".

Minister for Community Services Linda Burney on Tuesday admitted the girl's case had been overlooked by a "stretched" department.

"It is true, in my view, that DoCS should have intervened more strenuously than what they did," Ms Burney said.

The case drew criticism from the state opposition which said DoCS should not take such an arm's length approach to cases, and needed to engage community organisations.

"If you are a local community group you know your local organisations that can help, you can ring the local school, you can ring the local doctor, you know who will be able to assist and reach that girl," opposition community services spokeswoman Pru Goward said.

The government says the $750 million investment announced in Tuesday's state budget should ease pressure on DoCS operations.

"The important thing now is that we care properly for this young girl who is going through a major event in her life at an especially young age," Ms Fardell told AAP.

"I found out today she has actually moved back in with her mother. She wants to be with her mother.

"That's frustrated her father because he still questions what care she is getting, but children still love their parents no matter what."

The girl, who is believed to be attending school, is understood to be living with older siblings, her mother and the mother's partner.

aap 16 Jun 2009

Another EPIC FAILURE on behalf of the legal system.

If the same were to happen under HIS care then there would be all sorts of accusations, maybe even rape on his behalf...

Irrespectively, it would be the last time he would see his child again.

These laws are discriminatory AGAINST the male.

CBA parties on after slugging homeowners with rate rise

Commonwealth Bank of Australia will throw a party for 800 staff at a cost of nearly $100,000 just days after slugging homeowners with rise in variable interest rates.

A spokesperson for the bank confirmed that the party, which will have a 1920s gangster theme, will take place this week in Sydney. A report in the Herald Sun newspaper said the bank would spend $500,000 on the party, a claim that CBA spokesperson Bryan Fitzgerald denied.

"The cost of the event is around $100 per head," Mr Fitzgerald said. "This is the same as last year. Many of these staff will not receive any salary increase in the coming year as has already been announced by the bank."

He added that the division for whom the party is being held – the financial services division – does not have a Christmas party.

"This division has a once a year function to recognise the end of the financial year. It does not have a christmas party," Mr Fitzgerald said. "The event is a staff rewards and recognition event that reflects the hard work and long hours undertaken by the financial services team over the end of the financial year period."

The bank angered homeowners and politicians late last week by announcing a 10 basis point rise in its variable mortgage interest rate, a move set to add nearly $220 a year to payments on a $300,000 mortgage.

The bank blamed higher funding costs on the move, but Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the bank’s action threatened Australia's fragile economic recovery, while Treasurer Wayne Swan called the bank “selfish”.

Mr Swan warned yesterday of community outrage if another retail bank lifts its lending rates, adding that he did not believe the decision was justified.

"I believe that if any other bank were to take a similar decision, there would be understandable community outrage," he told reporters.

Reports this morning suggested that National Australia Bank and Westpac had raised rates on their fixed mortgage interest rates while ANZ bank raised rates on its fixed rate mortgages for 10 year loans two weeks ago.

aap 16 Jun 2009

Flaunting their power in the face of human financial suffering.

A world beyond laws of the common folk.

Jodi Gordon: My life is in ruins

The Home And Away star is left reeling as scandal tears her world apart, Sarah Blake reports.

The party is over for Jodi Gordon, with her boyfriend Ryan Stokes ending their relationship and negotiating the settlement of their multi-million dollar home.

In a moment of madness – when police reportedly found her cowering in Sydney gangster Mark Judge’s home after making a triple-0 call under the delusion that armed intruders were threatening her life – Jodi set off a disastrous series of events.

Now, after reportedly confessing to police that drugs had been used in the hours before the bizarre scene, the Logie-winning Home And Away star’s reputation is set to be further rocked by new revelations about her hard-partying lifestyle.

Signs of Jodi’s sad decline were evident to one Sydney businessman in September last year. Jodi, 24, was on a night out at the Piano Room in Kings Cross – the club owned by John Ibrahim, whose brother Fadi is currently fighting for his life after being shot just over a week ago.

“I wouldn’t call her badly behaved,” the businessman says. “She was charming if a little flirtatious, which is why I was quite shocked when she offered one of my clients a line of cocaine.

While her image has taken a beating, Jodi’s relationship with Ryan is the most painful casualty.

Removalist vans were last week seen at both the luxury home she has shared for the past two years with Ryan, and at an Elizabeth Bay apartment Jodi bought in January…

womans day

Posted not so much for the content, but rather as an example of the Entertainment Industry.

Life sure is a party seasoned with drugs, but when you fall, you CRASH.

The mass media pushes this thing called 'fame' as an aspiration to all impressionable teens alluring / creating an image that life is one big party, but deliberately NOT mentioning that you are then their property, dependent on the producers, to give you work, for you are really NOTHING.

It's NOT what you want to do, it's what they want YOU to do.

Partying then drugs and family lives are ruined. That's the name of the game.

Dad gives up Madonna's adoption fight

A Malawian man who claims to be the father of pop star Madonna's newly adopted daughter told AFP on Sunday that he has given up his fight to block the adoption, and said he wished the singer well.

Malawi's Supreme Court on Friday granted Madonna's adoption of Chifundo James, whose name means "Mercy". Lawyers are now preparing travel documents so the three-year-old girl can join her new family.

"Truly, I wish her well, but I only ask Madonna to look after my daughter Chifundo properly. She must grow knowing that her father still lives in Malawi," James Kambewa told AFP in an interview.

He said he was "definitely disappointed" with the court ruling.

The court in Malawi listed Mercy's father as "unknown" and said that she was born to a 14-year-old mother who died three days after giving birth.

Kambwea, 24, said that he believed the infant had died with the mother in 2006, until he saw newspaper reports that Madonna was seeking to adopt her.

"I was misinformed that my girlfriend Mwandida and her daughter died in 2006," Kambewa said.

Kambewa said he has never seen the child, except in newspaper photos.

Madonna first met Mercy at Kondanani orphanage in the southern Malawi district of Thyolo, 30km from the commercial capital Blantyre, during her first visit to the poor southern African nation in 2006.

She has already adopted another Malawian child, David Banda, and has said that she wanted him to have a sibling from his home country.

Yohane Banda, David's father, said he was "happy my son will have a Malawian sister".

"The court has been kind to Madonna... she deserves Mercy and the girl needs a better life than that offered at an orphanage," Banda, told AFP by mobile phone from his rural village in Mchinji, in central Malawi.

"We need more kind-hearted people like her to help the plight of orphans in this country," he said.

Malawian officials said the country of 12 million people had two million vulnerable children, with 1.5 million of them orphaned after both parents died of AIDS.

afp 15 Jun 2009

It's about a spoiled bitch who wants a new 'fashion' accessory.

Dogs in handbags is so 'yesterday', black babies are so much cuter.

Definitely newsorthy Bored Hollywood Trash.

15 June 2009

Melbournes drinking water used for swimming pools

The government has introduced a guideline for the general public to follow, under the slogan "Our water our future" - Target 155 (litres of water to be used per day), whilst at the same time using drinking water for lawns etc.

The government has also intruduced legislation that if the general public care 'caught' 'wasting' water they are branded 'water cheats' by the mass media, and fined.

What the mass media DO NOT report, is that Melbourne's drinking water is used to fill swimming pools, which are approved by the city coucils, in oder to obtain higher rates.

The water (which is essentially from the SAME source as the customer's ) is paid for by the customer at a premium, and NOT the $.90 per 1000 litres from ones tap.

In a recent approval by a City Council, a 50,000 litre swimming pool was approved.

This is enough drinking water for approx. 1 year, but some one has made LOTS of MONEY from the supply and delivery of it.

Since the privatisation of Melbournes water supply, in the last 25 years there has been an increase of approx 30% in population, BUT with NO increase in water storage infrustructure.

Every decade has had some sort of drought, and the politics of today is to use water tanks (for households) which should have been implemented in the 40's-60's, BUT since the Water was in government hands that would mean that the profits would be detracted from the government.

It is the fault of every political party of the day for not providing enough resources to cater for the growing population.

As a result the general populous has to pay much overinflated prices for water to the great profit of the companies involved.

Target 155 is a farce, as some air conitioners use 20-70 litres PER HOUR, to which the government is fully aware. It is that the government has to be SEEN to be doing something.
In the states budget there is NO mention of a DE-SALINATION PLANT, but rather menial projects.

The government has still failed to launch a de sal plant well into the 'drought'

At the end of the day, it is NOT about water saving BUT about the HIGH price of water

James Bond Hollywood Money Making Machine

A case study of profits made from the James Bond Empire

From figures quotes in wikipedia:

(Million)Total Budget % Profit

1. Dr No - 59.6 1.2 4967
2. Fom Russia - 78.9 2.5 3156
3. Goldfinger - 124.9 3.5 3569
4. Thunderball - 141.2 11.0 1284
5. You only live twice -111.6 9.5 1175
6. OHMSS - 87.4 7.0 1249
7. Diamonds are forever - 116 7.2 1611
8. Live & Let die- 161.8 12.0 1348
9. The man with the golden gun - 97.6 13.0 751
10. The spy who loved me - 187.3 28.0 669
11. Moonraker - 210.3 34.0 619
12. For your eyes only - 202.8 28.0 724
13. Octopussy- 187.5 27.5 682
14. A view to a kill - 157.8 30.0 526
15. The living daylights - 191.2 40.0 478
16. Licence to kill - 156.2 42.0 372
17. Golden eye - 353.4 60.0 589
18. Tomorrow never dies - 346.6 110.0 315
19. The world is not enough - 390 135.0 289
20. Die another day - 456 142.0 321
21. Casino Royale - 599.2 150.0 399
22. Quantum of Solace - 515.6 230.0 224

The general public recives approx 4-9% return on their investments per annum, whilst corporations recieve much higher profits.

Hollywood, better than banking.

Hollywoods finances are strictly controlled by a few families.

The corporation that make similar profits poted to Dr. No is Coca Cola.

Desmond Moran gunned down in Melbourne

Des "Tuppence" Moran, the brother of slain gangland figure Lewis Moran, was shot dead by masked gunmen outside a delicatessen in suburban Melbourne.

PHOTOS: Gangland shooting

Paramedics were called to Union Road in Ascot Vale shortly after midday on Monday but Mr Moran was dead when they arrived.

Two men wearing dark clothing and balaclavas confronted Mr Moran inside the Ascot Pasta & Deli Cafe before both men opened fire on the 60-year-old, Homicide Detective Inspector Steve Clark said.

He suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the head, an ambulance spokesman said.

"Two men fled the scene on foot, they were seen getting in a dark blue or green vehicle,'' Detective Inspector Clark said.

Police confirmed a man in his 60s had been killed, while gangland identity Mick Gatto and several locals said it was Mr Moran.

"Someone called me this morning and told me he had been shot a number of times and was dead," Mr Gatto said.

Police are on the scene and have cordoned off a section of Union Road. The gunmen drove north down Union Road and are still at large, police said.

Mr Moran is the fourth member of the clan to suffer a violent death. His brother Lewis and his nephews Jason and Mark Moran were also killed in the Melbourne's underworld war.

Judy Moran, the widow of Lewis and mother of Jason and Mark, reportedly raced, screaming, to the scene of the shooting in Ascot Vale this afternoon.

Workers on Union Road described hearing up to six gun shots.

"I heard what sounded like crackers," Susan from Baker's Delight told ninemsn.

"We had a lot of people in the shop with children, we were quite busy. When we heard the shots they all ran and jumped behind the counter and we locked the shop straight up."

An employee from the Foodworks convenience store said they shut the store as soon as the shots rang out.

"We heard the shots and as soon as they were fired everything seemed to happen in a hurry … police were here in a flash," she said.

Another worker from the NewsXpress newsagency said the gunfire made a popping sound.

"It made me turn to another worker on the counter and ask, 'was that a gun?'

"He went outside and walked up the street a couple of feet and saw the body lying in the doorway."

The newsagency worker said she saw people running outside after the shooting. "Lots of people amazed, confused and shocked that this could happen," she said.

Many stores along the shopping strip have closed for the day.

In March, Mr Moran narrowly escaped with his life after a balaclava-clad man fired a bullet through the windscreen of his car. (Watch video: 'I'm not worried one bit')

Police had a suspect at the time but no charges were laid.

A coroner's van is still at the scene with around six police cars at the busy shopping strip.

Mr Moran was known to be a regular at the Ascot Pasta and Deli Cafe where he would sit outside with friends drinking coffee.

Telstra blacklists worker

In this tough economic climate it is difficult to obtain a job in the IT industry due to outsourcing (cheap Indian labour), without any additional handicaps.

In an application to Telstra, the job seeker's resume held the required skills to obtain the position, to which an informal acceptance of the position was given.

Since Telstra has their 'employment agencies' (a money for mates deal), the applicant had to apply through an agency (as a mere formality) to gain employment at Telstra.

Telstra then blocked any opportunity the worker had of gainig employment.

Telstra therefore has discriminated against the job seeker, thus opening a door for litigation.

The agencies that are called preferred suppliers that work for Telstra (an not the job seeker) are Paxus, Candle, Amit, to name but a few.

RailCorp manager accused of bribe taking

A senior RailCorp employee who masterminded a scheme to solicit bribes from dozens of major companies says he was easily able to bypass corruption safeguards.

Procurement manager Wasim Khan said numerous loopholes within RailCorp's tender system would have allowed him to obtain a fortune in bribes and backhanders.

Khan, who joined the organisation in September 2008, was caught on May 22 after accepting a $15,000 kickback from security firm Unisec.

Its boss Asen Harambasic alerted the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) prior to paying the bribe.

"The task RailCorp has is to work out how this happened and ensure it doesn't happen in the future," ICAC Commissioner Jerrold Cripps QC told the first day of the latest ICAC hearing of allegations of corruption at the state government corporation.

Khan, who could now face criminal proceedings, said he planned to pocket at least $200,000 over the course of four years from Unisec and similar amounts from other firms.

"If this worked, there would have been other opportunities down the line that I would have thought 'Oh, I will do that contract too'. There were lots of holes in the net," he told the inquiry.

Khan said he used his uncle, Mohammed Ali, as a go-between to negotiate the bribe from Unisec following a brief tendering process for security guard auditing services.

"I always knew I wanted to try something. I knew in my head I could get a third party to talk to a company to gain a bribe," he said.

"It really kicked in. I really saw an opportunity when the prices came in. I know I've done wrong. I know I'm guilty and I'm sorry."

ICAC used phone taps to help catch Khan and the money paid by Unisec was discovered at his home.

Counsel assisting the commission Carolyn Davenport said it was the seventh ICAC public inquiry involving corruption at Railcorp since 1992.

"This investigation and hearing will show that the system is unable to prevent RailCorp employees from soliciting bribes from companies seeking to do business with the corporation," she said.

A RailCorp spokeswoman told AAP the agency would not be commenting on the allegations until the inquiry concludes.

aap 15 Jun 2009