19 September 2020

Police remove inciting post

Trust the police?

Um, never!

Record all of your interactions with police, hidden or in plain sight!

What the peasants get accused of, the police get away with.

More often than not the police deceive the court, falsify or tamper with evidence or act illegally with regards to the accused (i.e. a member of the serf population).

MANY people are of the ill-conceived idea that in this colony, they live in a ‘democracy’ or even have something called ‘free’ speech.

People may be aware that recently the police have been door knocking for a ‘fishing’ expedition with regards to the person (allegedly) posting on social media, their opinions, mainly with regards to gatherings or protests.

It is irrelevant what the police consider inciting or even illegal, where all they are doing is getting that person to incriminate themselves.

If the police come knocking on your door with regards to an alleged post in your name or another person’s name, on social media, you are under zero obligation at law to answer ANY of their questions, where your response should be for them to leave or answered with a ‘no comment’.

If they are hand delivering a so called alleged infringement notice, you should feel very special, where you 'deal' with it, i.e. take the matter to court.

Victoria Police posted an ‘inciting’ post on social media, where they later removed it.

See screencaptures:

Were you taught this in school?:


16 September 2020

Trust the mainstream media on a tech article?

Who you do trust when it comes to articles?

Well, according to the New South Wales police force (the first force in Australia made up entirely of criminals), the government is the one you trust, where the responses on social media suggested otherwise, but that’s another story and if you must, then:


Samsung is aggressively advertising its new flagship Note20 Ultra 5G (that you really need or want?) where its accolade is ‘all day’ battery life.

Remember phones that had all week battery life?

Okay that may not be fair, because they were feature (or dumb) phones, but how about older smart phones that had a few days battery life?

Let’s make the excuse of larger screens, quicker processors maybe even approaching ‘supercomputer’ speeds (well according to Victorian premier Daniel Michael Andrews), but battery technology and size has also progressed to compensate for the power hungry components.

So what’s really killing your battery where you cannot get more than a day out of your $2k flagship?

Two culprits that the majority of people have, that being the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer ) software, where we’ll start with first.

Most new Android phones come loaded with Google’s version of Android being at Q for 2020, which is an update from Pie or version 9, which is an update from Oreo or version 8.

Together with the OEM’s (Samsung, Motorola, Nokia  etc) software suite preloaded on the phone, this year’s version Q has an unprecedented level of spyware built into the operating system, which the ‘consumer’ cannot get rid of.

This comes in the form of Contact Tracing and Wi-Fi Scanning, where your movements are constantly being recorded and then transmitted to overseas servers.

The problem for the consumer is that the person is not in control of their data flow and there is no way of disabling this, even with the software toggles turned off.

The other battery drainer is the Facebook app.

It's literally spyware and if you MUST use face book use your smartphone's browser instead or better still use it on a personal computer.

Apple's iOS is also a data gathering 'spyware' platform which is not discussed in this post.

With regards to the Android operating system, not all is lost though.

There are about two dozen phone manufacturers including Google, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony where you can remove Google’s spyware version of Android which also includes Contract Tracing and install a bare bones Android called AOSP (Android Open Source Project) where also Wi-Fi scanning does not work.

In test results which we obtained where the smartphone was loaded with the factory operating system, compared to the AOSP version, the battery life was literally doubled, i.e. over 2 days worth of ‘normal’ use with AOSP.

Do you really need to latest self-sponsored corporate/government surveillance device?

14 September 2020

Dan the lock down man, small business hater

The policing authorities have now publicly stated that they did not know of his lock down plan.

The health authorities have now publicly stated that they did not know of his lock down plan.

Yet the Victorian premier still enacted a lock down, unlawfully:

So, what's the deal with Dan the ‘lock down’ man?

He makes out that he’s a country boy, in line with Labor party’s social demographic?

Sure it’s not rocket science to ‘Wiki’ him, just like ex-Telstra co Solomon Trujillo, but good ol’ Sol’s wiki page has changed from the original one because it exposed his criminal activities.

What the wiki will not tell those pesky protesting plebs of Melbourne is that ‘young’ Andrews is on a  small business hate bender.

Now now, let’s  not pretend that some small ‘relief’ package will help small businesses, where a ‘failure of government’ has done a lot more destruction to small businesses than it allegedly helped.

Remember when his actions caused massive job losses, where is family member was in charge of the administration support to those people? You know a ‘money for mates’ (but in this case family) deal.

Briefly, his family had a small business in Pascoe Vale Sth, and as a result of a neighbour’s business going up in flames, literally, so did his family’s business.

This is where the ‘problem’ is, where his family’s business was under insured and as a result they suffered financially.

So, as a result of their ‘bad’ business management, they suffered financially.

But, no you can’t tell that to him, where he ‘blames’ the other party as you do.

Seen him double down on everything with regards to this fiasco?

Seen him lie through his teeth in press conferences?

Seen the falsified covid numbers/deaths?

Not fit to be any sort of ‘leader’ by a long shot!

Remember, according to Dan it’s NEVER about ‘Human Rights’ (because he breached every one of them?)

Dan, a person that no longer needs to be voted out of office, but rather removed from it.