27 February 2019

Why you should never trust police

Attention is drawn to the recent events that have made their way into the public domain, namely from Victoria and Queensland.

'Trust us' they said to Nicola Gobbo or the now publicly famous Lawyer X or Informer 3838, with regards to her confidentiality, and see how that has turned out for her.

In Queensland, (good, great, EXEMPLARY) cop Sgt. Rick Flori reported criminal activity within the 'force' and his career and most importantly his ability to earn an income in his profession, to support his family, has been destroyed.

His higher ups went 'full bore' on him to teach not only him a lesson he'll never forget but also as an example to others what will happen to them if they squeal like pigs against the brotherhood.

Other cops have also exposed the corruption within, some using their name, while others not.

See the following document of what's happening in the Queensland Police Service:

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