31 August 2012

Craig Thomson report

A recent report into the criminal activities of disgraced labour MP Craig Thomson has been released.

Upon the release of the report, at a press conference, Craig Thomson claims that he has been vindicated, as he claims the report indicates that he is innocent.

The amount of lies that emanate from his mouth is beyond human comprehension.

Not only is this an insult to the general population, but a clear indication that once in politics, one can commit fraud and get away with it.

Further insult to the public’s intelligence is that Thomson claims he has been vindicated and innocent but in the report it is stated that Thomson should have been charged with more offences.

The message is very clear, that the (supported) politicians are above the law, and committing a serious offence like credit card fraud, misuse of public funds, and more offences not listed, they can not only get away with it, but also have the tax payers pay for their continued employment.
Mr Thomson, may just have set a precedence, that being government funded and now supported calls for prostitutes, whilst committing credit card fraud, can be an aspiration for other politicians.

If Labour MP Craig Thomson, get fired from his position, the Labour seat would be lost, and Australia's Labour Prime Minister Julia Gillard, would be on her way out.

Politicians, truly above the law.

Police falsify accident data

The Australian police force is involved in a government supported nationwide cover up involving accident report fraud that states that speeding is the cause of an accident as revealed by a whistleblower.

Exposing government or authority fraud can have severe consequences to the individual or family involved. Harassment, physical abuse, loss of employment, and government retribution, via whatever other pretext is, the protocol rather than the exception.

A New South Wales police officer has gone to the trouble to expose a corrupt system that supports the government’s official stance on speeding, the “SpeedKills” media campaign, despite evidence to the contrary.
He mentioned that almost 80% of accidents are due to driver error, and not speed as touted by government reports.

Police falsify the accident report sheet to blame speed as the cause. For example, it  a driver was travelling at 65km/h and had an accident, by (for example) driving into another vehicle, then the report would indicate that the cause of the accident was speed, irrespective if the accident occurred in an 80km/h zone or 60km/h zone which the results would have been the same.

The authorities are duping the public on the real accident statistics in order to push through a very easy money making exercise, that being from speeding tickets.

The government has been caught out falsifying crime statistics for Melbourne, Victoria, stating that they were lower than in reality.

The government erects speed cameras on the Western city where all the ‘workers’ live, but where the politicians, on the eastern side, reside there are no speed cameras on the freeways.

There should be a Royal Commission into the fraudulent dealings of falsifying accident reports, but then again which government would start an inquiry unto itself?

30 August 2012

Melbourne traffic jam caused by authorities

It is no surprise nor is it ‘news’ that Melbourne’s traffic congestion is regarded as Australia’s worst, which it has been for many decades, despite it being allegedly the most ‘livable’ city, amongst high unemployment, high house prices, falsified (read high) crime figures and (boat people) ethnic criminal ghetto pockets.

Governments are quick to blame (point the finger) at the population for traffic congestion, therefore putting in laws together with cutting lanes from major arterials into the city, that limit the movement by vehicular transport.

When overseas consultants (town planners) are invited from Germany, to offer solutions to the authorities about Melbourne’s worsening traffic problems, when they offer a realistic solution (one the government does not want to hear), they are quickly sent packing on the first plane back. If the same policy applied to migrant criminals, then Australia would be a much safer place to live in.

Only recently have the authorities admitted to failures in town planning, Melbourne’s Docklands, and another project that involved turning Asylums (for the insane) into learning institutions.

The town planners involved in the failed Docklands project should not only be sacked from their positions, never to work in the industry again, but be barely given the chance to clean the toilets in shopping malls with their personal toothbrush.

Corpau has been recently made aware that in Melbourne, a traffic jam on one of the city’s busiest arterial has been caused by the government in peak hour traffic.

Most freeway work is done either off peak or at night, to have the least effect on traffic flow.

A screen capture of a video shows how Melbourne’s busiest freeway, the Monash freeway, was cut back from 3 lanes down to 1, whilst workers not only worked at a deliberately slower pace than their normally slow pace, i.e. 1 worker digging, and 4 workers supervising, but they were also laughing at the traffic congestion caused, as commuters drove past.

This traffic gridlock occupied many kilometres of road, with commuters having to almost be standstill for over an hour.

This ‘news’ was curiously omitted by the government sponsored corporate media, in order not to alert the masses of this government ‘conspiracy’.

The government sets up deals that are ‘Money for Mates’ scams that involved fraudulently put forward tenders that favour the intended recipient of the works contract.

Having the traffic flowing also contributes to less carbon dioxide emissions, rather than having thousands of cars standing still idling away, also creating hotter localised temperatures, therefore contributing to Global Warming, a deed that the government allegedly is committed to reducing and not increasing.

Another pathetically executed government project.

Power companies and authorities monitor your moves at home

In an effort to monitor and control the movements of the masses, the authorities are coming up with more ingenious methods, supported by rushed laws under the ‘criminal’ or ‘terrorism’ banners, and now ‘national security’, or in the more publicly accepted format for the ‘benefit’ of the public
Devices that are currently used to track movements by governments and corporations are:

  • standard GSM phones (non smartphones),
  • smartphones, 
  • pocket wifi routers (even without a sim), 
  • Apple devices, 
  • Melbourne’s controversial myki public transport electronic card, 
  • etag (road toll) electronic transceiver, 
just to name a few.

Now power companies have the ability to know who’s home, when, and what they use, via the forcefully (by law) installed monitoring device, the smartmeter.

 This information can be also used to burgle premises when the occupants are not home.

Power companies will be able to turn off devices via the Smartmeters, once those devices hit the consumer marketplace, as being the norm.

This will naturally be packed as a ‘benefit’ to the consumer in that they will know how much their device is consuming in the ever so finely tune ‘green’ revolution hitting the world.

How can anyone oppose the going ‘green’ political catch phrase that is going to save the planet from destruction?

Home automation, or turning off individual appliances is not a new idea, and has been available to the general populous in various guises, one of which is X10 (developed in 1975 in Scotland), and is currently a favoured option for new dwellings built for those who can afford it. A typical home automation package can cost in the vicinity of $50,000.

Adelaide residents have been warned that during summer, the power companies wish to turn of the residents air conditioners, in order to ease demand from the grid. Instead of catering to an ever growing population, authorities are stifling resources to the masses.

It is not uncommon for temperatures to reach 42C+ (107F+) in Australia’s cities. The elderly, frail, or very young can experience extreme difficulty to such high temperatures, even in some cases being life threatening.
If a power company turns of a resident’s air conditioner, which results in death, will they be held accountable for murder? Probably not.

Corporations now are telling the masses that all this monitoring equipment is for their (who’s – consumers or the corporations?) benefit.

Smartmeters also emit cancer causing EM Radiation, a fact that is deliberately withheld by authorities.

Apple bullying its resellers

Information recently obtained which has not yet made it out into the corporate media, is that Apple is bullying its resellers into changing their business names.

In the corporate legal world, it is not about who is right, but rather who can better afford legal representation, pumping in millions of dollars into the crony legal system.

Global companies now can come into your backyard and 'demand' you change your lifestyle, threaten your livelihood, and you ability to earn a living.

Australian Apple resellers that have the word 'mac' in their name, have been called by Apple, and threatened that if they do no remove the word 'mac ' from their business name, they will not be supplied stocks.

Apple also dictate the pricing policy to their resellers, in an alleged attempt to promote fairness to all consumers.

A small dealership cannot compete with the larger retail giants for prices of Apple's computer systems, according to information obtained from the smaller dealerships. "They have a different pricing structure than us", a source said that wishes to remain anonymous.

There are no legal repercussions for Apple, and there is certainly no place that the Australian businesses can go to in order to challenge Apple's demands.

Another example of how corporate dictatorships rule over governments.

Apple misleading consumers

Apple 'Genius' banned from saying 'crash'

Staff at Apple's 'Genius' stores are not allowed to use words like "crash" or "hang" when talking to customers, a leaked training handbook has revealed.

The confidential 'Genius Training Student Workbook' details an intensive 14-day training period in which prospective staff are drilled in how to connect emotionally with customers and even monitor non-verbal body language, Gizmodo reports.

Apple Genii are told they are to "guide every interaction", "strive to inspire" and "enrich [customers'] lives".

Sales staff are also given a list of words banned in customer interactions including "crash", "bomb" or "hang". Instead, Apple products are said to "unexpectedly quit" or "stop responding".
The manual was acquired by tech site Gizmodo, which described it as a handbook in "psychological training".

In one section, staff are told how deal with customer objections through using what the Cupertino company calls the "three f's": feel, felt and found.

When faced with the complaint that the tech giant's premium products are too expensive, Genius staff are told exactly what to say: "I can see how you'd feel this way. I felt the price was a little high, but I found it's a real value because of all the built-in software and capabilities."

Staff are also told to be on the look out for a customer's non-verbal cues including rubbing the nose, which can indicate suspicion, and tilting the head, which can signal that a customers is in a cooperative mood.

ninemsn.com.au 29 Aug 2012

Apple are involved in a misleading and deceitful practice which under Australian consumer law is illegal.

Now that this information has been made public, there should be a class action law suite, but

since companies like Apple, are global leaders in Information Terrorism (I.T.), their actions are above the law.

Apple's consumer products are using deliberately stifled technology, the likes of no information sharing (e.g. via bluetooth), which older devices like Windows Mobile (from 2003) have had for nearly a decade.

See article from Dailytech from 18 Mar 2009

Apple Reveals It Intentionally Crippled Bluetooth in iPod touch 2G

29 August 2012

MPs challenged to try living on $35 a day

LABOR MPs have been challenged to spend a week living on just $35 a day, after ruling out an immediate increase to the Newstart Allowance. 
As a government inquiry heard overwhelming evidence that Australia's unemployment benefit was not enough to survive on, Labor held the line on its unwillingness to boost the payment.

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert who earlier this year tried living on the allowance said Labor's MPs should make an attempt to live on the meagre payment before writing off its increase.

It comes a day after Employment Minister Bill Shorten, ruling out an increase, told ABC 24 he found it hard to "make ends meet" on his current salary of about $330,000.

Mr Shorten said yesterday he was trying to make the point that it would be extremely difficult to live off $249 a week: "I think that the Newstart allowance is very low and it would be very difficult for anyone to make ends meet," he said.

When asked if he would try living on Newstart, Treasurer Wayne Swan's office pointed News Ltd to a YouTube video from 2011 where Mr Swan spent just one day day participating in the Live Below the Line campaign.

In the video, Mr Swan said poverty was "intolerable", and pointed out the fact he'd been forced to give up his morning coffee for the campaign.

In Opposition in 2005, Mr Swan wrote a book, challenging then Treasurer Peter Costello to to make a "real effort to understand the plight of the poor".
"(I) challenge the Treasurer in particular to try to live off the minimum wage and to harness that understanding for better public policies," Mr Swan wrote.
Newstart is 40 per cent below the minimum wage.

The government inquiry into the adequacy of Newstart was told Australians on the payment are spiralling into uncontrollable debt, maxing out credit cards and turning to payday lenders as they spend 122 per cent of their income each week. Deputy Australian Council of Social Services chief Tessa Boyd-Caine said Newstart hadn't been increased in real terms since 1994.
"So far only one Federal politician has experienced how tough it is to exist on the Newstart Allowance," Ms Boyd-Caine said.
"We would welcome more politicians experiencing first hand what it's like to try and live on $35 a day, how it feels to be a person on Newstart having to choose between filling a prescription and putting food on the table."
A spokesman for Mr Swan said: "The treasurer's record of protecting low income Australians speaks for itself," pointing to pension increases and creating 800,000 jobs.

news.com.au 29 Aug 2012

An assault on the general public, intelligence and an insult to the unfortunate people who have to rely on welfare payments from government, comes from the mouth of a politician Mr. Bill Shorten who apparently 'struggles to make ends meet' on a $330,000 salary.

A politician who dares to make such ludicrous claims should be sacked from his position, as being unfit to govern.

Politicians are in the "Money for Mates" scams that the general populous' taxes pay for, including $55.000 per annum salary increases.

28 August 2012

Aussie soldiers injured by charity

Australian bureaucrats are no strangers to half baked ideas or conjuring up projects that are future failures, without any repercussion, demotions or even sackings. Their crony colleagues see to it that they stay employed to commit further atrocities against the general populous.

The simple charitable gesture of sending bicycles overseas, would gain the majority of the masses support if one was to take an online poll, and how would one be against such a deed. If they were they would be labelled anti-humanitarian or something which has nothing to do with anything, a racist.

In the troubled territories of Australia’s northern neighbours, politicians have decided to send bicycles so that the people can use them to move around more freely.

Contrary to their intended use, the bicycles are being dismantled, and used as weapons against the Australian soldiers that are there to keep peace and restore order.

The soldier’s attention is drawn to a stage scuffle, where once the soldiers arrive to the predetermined destination, they are ambushed by locals, and beaten en mass.

To make matters worse the authorities are aware of this and there is yet another cover up, whilst still sending the bicycles over, for humanitarian purposes.

These so called ‘bungles’ can cost the lives of Australian soldiers, but a long as someone is making money or we are seen as being 'humane' is all that matters.