16 January 2009

NWO - Monetary System

Codex Alimentarius

A must see video.

Toyota’s TuRD down the gurgler

Toyota’s Japan Racing program, against Ford’s FPV, Holden’s HSV, Toyota Racing Development’s affectionately know in Australia as a TURD, with reference to excrement (but more

appropriately the extra vowel can signify Unrelated), as there is no relation to it’s Japanese arm, and this is where the trouble begins.

Toyotaoutsourced’ it engine developments to a company called Prodrive. In a cost cutting exercise, Prodrive ‘cut corners’ and produced an inferior product.

The whole point of ‘outsourcing’ is to denounce liability once things go ‘boom’, and that’s what Toyota did. BUT it was too late, since the customers bought the product from Toyota, and they BLAMED Toyota, and rightly so.

Although in this particular example this (outsourcing) pertains to the Motoring industry, the same applies to all others, especially Information Technology.

Toyota ‘outsourced’ their I.T services to IBM GSA, but as a result paid many times more for the services that if they were done in-house. BUT the politics of globalization is to ‘outsource’.

Toyota’s marketing department could have chosen an acronym with a more promising future, than a TuRD.

The ‘fish & chip*’ shop managers that were responsible for the ‘outsourcing’ of TRD should be sacked and put on the rice fields.

*- incompetent managers that could barely run a fish and chip shop.

IBM GSA has been known to employ substandard / unqualified personnel as they are cheaper that the qualified one with more experience.

Coke sued for VitaminWater fraud

The Coca-Cola Company is being sued for making "deceptive and unsubstantiated claims" about its VitaminWater line of beverages, which it touts as healthy alternatives to sodas, lawyers for the plaintiff said on Thursday.

Coca-Cola is misleading consumers by using words such as "energy" and "endurance" on VitaminWater bottles and claiming that the drinks reduce the risk of illness and boost health, said the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), which is co-counsel to the San Francisco man who filed the suit in a California court.

"In fact, according to CSPI nutritionists, the 33 grams of sugar in each bottle of VitaminWater do more to promote obesity, diabetes and other health problems than the vitamins in the drinks do to perform the advertised benefits listed on the bottles," the health advocacy group said in a statement.

"VitaminWater is Coke's attempt to dress up soda in a physician's white coat. Underneath, it's still sugar water, although sugar water that costs about 10 bucks a gallon," said CSPI litigation director Steve Gardner.

Plaintiff James Koh said he used to drink VitaminWater after a workout, thinking he was doing himself good.

"I was attracted by the prospect of getting extra vitamins, but I had no idea that I was actually getting almost a Coke's worth of sugar and calories," Koh said in a statement.

"There's no way I would have spent money on that, had I known," he said.

VitaminWater sells in the United States for about $US1.50 ($A2.27) for a 20-ounce (590ml) bottle.

Twenty-ounce bottles of Coca-Cola, which are sold in vending machines and convenience stores, cost about $US1.40 ($A2.12).

AFP 16 Jan 2009

Nothing about any drink from Coca Cola is healthy. It causes tooth decay and stomach ulcers.

In its original formula it contained cocaine. It was marketed in Australia in 2008 as a natural (healthy?) drink.

It should be taken off the market.

Cocla Cola obtains water for $1.40 per 1,000,000 litres, whilst the public pay 570 times MORE for the same water from their tap.

Bush lost money in meltdown

US President George W Bush says it's likely he lost money in the financial meltdown but he won't find out for sure until he leaves office.

(Illustration : depicts Bush with an Intelligence Quotient of a bonobo chimpanzee with Downs Syndrome)

In an interview with CNN's Larry King on Tuesday, the president said his money was in a blind trust and he last spoke with the trustees eight years ago.

Bush said he had "no earthly idea" how much he and first lady Laura Bush had lost in the market slump, but said he was confident they had lost money.

Asked what part of the responsibility for the financial meltdown rested on his shoulders, Bush defended his decisions on the financial system rescue plan and bailouts.

AP 14 Jan 2009.

Is this story for real or a joke ??

In this time where the American Recession is a manufactured event are we supposed to believe that Bush:

1). likely lost money (to make the peseants feel better?),
2). He nas no earthly idea of his financial investments (highly unlikely).

Here is a person who is supposed to be in charge of a nation, and has no charge of his own finances. The story seem more and more credible as the sentences are formed.

Bush is merely a front man (puppet) for the decision makers and policy holders, and the financiers who really govern America.

This holds true to such an extent that Obama's men behind the scenes are the same ones as Bush's.

Bush fraudulently obtained office.

15 January 2009

Speed control could be the absolute limit

Big Brother looks like becoming an even bigger threat to personal freedom on the world’s roads.

A new British program is approaching on-road tests of a system that could prevent cars from exceeding a posted speed limit at any time for any reason.

The system is called Intelligent Speed Adaption ISA. Using the same type of GPS tracking employed in satellite navigation systems, it can match a cars speed to the limit on any road.

ISA is being proposed with three levels of control:
A warning to the driver,
An optional system to limit the cars speed,
Full automatic control to prevent speeding.

Britain is a heavy user of speed cameras, despite research that shows many have no effect on the road toll in areas which they are installed.

ISA is backed by Britain’s Institute of Advanced Motorists, which says the system could (not will) reduce road toll deaths and injuries 29 per cent. But it expects resistance.

“ISA maybe able to ensure all cars observe speed limits provided critical safety conditions are met,” IAM Director of research and policy Neil Greig says “However, even with thses assurances, a deep-rooted concern about Big Brother will have to be overcome.”

He believes one ways towards ISA acceptance would be to promise no speeding fines for drivers who used them.

Herald Sun, 9 Jan 2009 carsguide.com.au section of the newspaper.

What seems as fiction only a few years ago can become a reality today.

An article posted in the UK publication of the Mobile Gazette, titled : UK Government to Shut Down GSM Networks was intended to be an April Fools joke.

It contained information that seemed like science fiction, but is becoming a reality today.

A film titled The Island (2005) : (ref: IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0399201/ ) is about human beings, been harvested for organ replacement in a 'Utopian Facility' today the real world example is
Prisoners in China, who's organs are being sold on the black market to the highest overseas bidder. A move that IS SUPPORTED by governments.

Fact: The Australian Labour Government of the 80's said that if it were up to them, they would BAN CARS, as it gives the population too much freedom.

At the end of the day, it's all about the control of population movement.

Here we have this realisation coming in by force, under the quite palatable banner,
"to save lives" or "for our own good".

13 January 2009

Online bids top $5 million for student's virginity

Online bidding in the auction of a 22-year-old student's virginity has reached $5.6 million after more than 10,000 responses, with the top offer so far coming from an Australian businessman.

The college student from San Diego in California, using the pseudonym Natalie Dylan, is selling herself through the website of the enormous Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in the US state of Nevada.
Miss Dylan told ninemsn the auction was a "business opportunity".
"A lot of media are saying I'm doing this to pay for school — school is definitely one of the things I'm going to put this money to but I see this as a really good business opportunity," Miss Dylan said.
"I wanted to get my masters degree and will put some of this money toward that but it was not the reason I decided to do it."
Her story garnered worldwide attention last September following an appearance on the notorious Howard Stern radio show.
Since then bids have rocketed from US$243,000 (A$356,000) to US$3.8 million (A$5.6 million) with an unnamed 39-year-old Australian businessman as the highest current bidder.
Miss Dylan said the response has been overwhelming and in some cases, downright bizarre.
"I get really, really off the wall stuff," she said.
"I get some really out there ones like this one guy who works at a zoo and he offered to break out a tiger — then there's this guy who offered to divulge medical secrets."
The auction has been going since July last year, but Miss Dylan said she doesn't have a set date to end it, if she does go through with it.
"I don't have a set date — each day I get about a hundred different emails — so basically I've decided to end this when it dies down," she said.
"I've been offered to write a book, a possible movie deal and there's other business opportunities coming my way from just putting this out there, so I'm not going to prematurely end something that can bring me a lot of money and success."

ninemsn 13 Jan 2009

The bottom line is that you're advertising that you are a WHORE.

Heather Mills did a lot better, i.e $52,000,000.

Good idea to look at the PROFESSIONAL WHORE$.

Darling you're an AMATEUR !!!

Public water a no no, you must go go

The much touted Victorian drought is nothing new.

It has been around in various degrees through most of the lives of its citizens. Every single decade has had some form of water restrictions.

In line with current (globalisation) guidelines set out by external forces, all public utilities (water, gas, electricity, public transport, telecoms – under the banner that it will be better for the public). MUST be in private hands, in a move which can only be described as ‘Money for Mates’.

The general excuse give is that the government is unable to run it cost effectively, therefore It must be given away to private hands.

From the smallest country to the largest economy, this must hold true. Australia is NO EXCEPTION.

One of the policies outlined by Victoria’s previous Bracks Government is the it will build extra dams, which was always done whilst in the Government’s hands, but this was contrary to the current trend of PRIVATISATION.

Bracks was then given a scenario, where his son was involved with the law, officially forcing Bracks to retire from politics. Key politicians children are targets once, the pollies become uncomfortable.

Since the privatization of Victoria’s Water, there has been an increase in population by approximately 30% with NO EXTRA services (dams or water catchments areas).

It is the deliberate inaction of every government that is responsible for the lack of water in Victoria.

Politicians are also screaming about this point for the same reasons as described, but they are quickly silenced, and not heard via the general media outlets that only a few people are in control of in Australia.

Victoria's much too late desalination plant will be in private hands, and Victorian's will pay dearly for water, as a result.

Anger as Bill Farrow clinches $3 million deal

FORMER Pyramid Building Society boss Bill Farrow is back in business with a lucrative deal that could net him up to $3.2 million.

FORMER Pyramid Building Society boss Bill Farrow is back in business with a lucrative deal that could net him up to $3.2 million.
Mr Farrow stands to earn up to $2.6 million from the sale of Geelong-based TV business World Wide Entertainment, and an additional $600,000 as a consultant.
The deal outraged Pyramid victim Dr Trevor Brown, a Geelong vet who sank $166,000 into Pyramid shares.
Pyramid collapsed in 1990 with debts of $2 billion, leaving thousands of depositors and shareholders out of pocket.
"I think it's disgraceful," Dr Brown told the Herald Sun.
Premier John Brumby said he sympathised with victims of the Pyramid Building Society collapse but could not do anything about Mr Farrow's new business dealings.
"It's not my job to defend Bill Farrow," Mr Brumby said.
Mr Brumby added that any investigations of Mr Farrow's new business dealing would be a matter for the federal government.
According to documents, Mr Farrow, former America's Cup skipper John Bertrand and their families could collect as much as $10 million after they sold World Wide Entertainment yesterday.
Members of both families will control the new company and also stand to make more money as employees and consultants.
The sale was approved yesterday at a torrid Melbourne meeting of shareholders in listed company Coneco, which is to buy World Wide Entertainment.
Company directors faced a grilling from shareholders upset at the deal, which hands control of the merged company to the Farrow and Bertrand families.
Shares in the new company are to trade on the stock exchange in two weeks.
It is believed Coneco has already raised about $600,000 by issuing new shares.
Speaking after the meeting, Mr Farrow said he was "very keen to continue as a shareholder", but declined to answer questions.
Coneco chairman Bill Conn defended Mr Farrow, saying he had "a track record of building business success".
"I've known Bill a long time," he said. "He's a very creative person and can see trends in the marketplace. Bill made mistakes, which he would readily admit. Other people made mistakes with regards to Pyramid, including the Victorian Government."
Mr Farrow set up World Wide Entertainment in 1997. The company buys library footage, which it uses to make TV shows.
Under the takeover deal approved yesterday, World Wide Entertainment's directors are to join the board of the company.
Mr Farrow is not a director of World Wide Entertainment but will continue as a business development consultant.
World Wide Entertainment's shareholders, Mr Farrow, his son-in-law Jonathan Hutchings and Mr Bertrand, are to be paid $1 million in cash and $1.75 million in debt notes that can be converted to shares in Coneco.
They also will get $4.85 million of shares in Coneco and $3.05 million in cash and shares if the company meets performance hurdles.
Mr Hutchings, who will get $1.05 million as managing director over five years, said last night: "We are growing strongly. We employ about 60 people either directly or indirectly. In an economic climate that is very grim, it is a great little company."

heraldsun 6 Jan 2009

Here we have ANOTHER TYPICAL example of how Coroprate Fraud is rewarded by the people in power.

Laws are setup in such a manner that the people at the top of the food chain are EXEMPT from prosection, and are allowed to make further business deals, that may inevitable again lead to failure (bankrupcy = success, to the fraudster). These people are in the same circles, or if not, then ultimately part the 'boys club'.

These failures are paid for dearly by the general public.

Another example of the Anglo-Masonic system failing the people.

12 January 2009

Teen sends 14,500 texts in a month

A Californian father was left speechless when he discovered his teenage daughter had sent an astonishing 14,528 text messages in one month.

Greg Hardesty thought there was a mistake with his 13-year-old daughter Reina's online phone bill when it stretched for 440 pages.
"First, I laughed: I thought, 'That's insane, that's impossible'," the New York Post reported the 45-year-old father as saying.
"And I immediately whipped out the calculator to see if it was humanly possible."
Reina's freakish month of texting equates to over 480 messages sent a day — or around one every two minutes for every waking hour.
Thankfully for Mr Hardesty's hip pocket, he had signed his daughter to an unlimited texting plan for $30 [A$42] a month — otherwise he figures AT&T would have slugged him with a $2,905.60 [A$4,113.13] bill.
"A lot of my friends have unlimited texting — I just text them pretty much all the time," Reina explained to her parents.
She said her texting had skyrocketed because she was bored on winter break and admitted to sending a bunch of messages to brag about her enormous effort.
The student has since been banned from sending SMS after dinner.

ninemsn Mon 13:00 12 Jan

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Nothing proud about this whatsoever!

Hint :

Read a book,

Ride a bike,

Go to the movies.

Australians - Longest hours worked

Australians have been given (not chosen) the conditions that have the longest working hours in the developed world.

The standard working week is 37 hours 21 minutes (or 7.35 hrs), which is commonly (erroneously) referred to as a 7.5 hr working day.

With the lightning quick paced advent (onslaught) of globalization, this has helped deteriorate working hours for normal people.
The most common misconception is that this is holds true only to blue collar workers.
Contracts within IBM and Telstra specifically mention that the worker (irrespective – blue or white collar) will not get paid from 37.5 hours to 45 hours in the week worked, the difference being 7.5 hours or ONE FULL DAY without pay, whilst the company charges for their time when outsourced to the customer. BLATANT FRAUD.

This move is supported by governments and naturally the companies, i.e. in creating SLAVE LABOUR.

The protest of workers rights in 2006, achieved nothing as the oppressive forces of the government and the multinationals is too great. Over 100,000 people protested in each capital city, to NO AVAIL.
The Eureka Stockade was a protest about workers rights, to which the government responded in by sending the 'police' to slaughter the protesters.

If they could do it again today, they would.

UK Government to Shut Down GSM Networks

Mobile Gazette has learned of a shock move by the British Government - it has decided to take back the part of the radio spectrum currently used for GSM networks in the UK, and will force mobile operators to run a 3G-only service in the future.

According to an interview in a secret location with someone claiming to be close to the heart of government (known to us only as "Barry"), the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands are to be taken away from mobile operators from 1st April 2007 and redeployed to other functions. This means that all mobile phone users in the UK will need to switch to a 3G handset before that date. Part of the transcript of our conversation follows:

    MG: So, tell us some more about these government plans.

    Barry: Well, what Whitehall wants to do is end the licence for that part of the radio spectrum early and redeploy the frequencies to something else.

    MG: Can thay do that?

    Barry: Sure, under the Anti-Terrorism and Domestic Communications Act of 2005, the government has pretty much all the power it needs. If it deems the frequencies to be important to the security of the country, then it can take back the frequencies without compensation. Anyway, these companies spent a lot.. I mean really a lot.. of money on their 3G licences. The government's going to be helping them out in the transition to 3G, isn't it?

    MG: So, it's a national security issue? What are the frequencies going to be used for.

    Barry: Well, there are two areas. The 1800 megahertz band is going to be used for a new network of gambling kiosks that will be linked to the forthcoming supercasinos planned for the UK. The government wants a gambling kiosk in every street corner and public place by the end of 2008.

    MG: Errr... that's hardly national security, is it?

    Barry: Well the money raised from gambling will go towards the other system, using the 900 megahertz band. That's going to be the State Safety and Security System. That's quite an interesting development.

    MG: In what way?

    Barry: Well, it's the next step after national ID cards. As you know, each card will have an RFID tag in it, and the new monitoring system will be able to track the movement of the RFID tags as the card holder moves around. These will be placed in public areas, pavements, roadsides, major buildings.. that kind of place. One neat feature of the system is that it can detect people who aren't carrying their ID cards and it will then distribute a photo of the offender.

    MG: That's going to cause quite a stir with civil liberties groups, isn't it?

    Barry: Well.. if you haven't done anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. I understand that the fine for a first offence is only going to be around five thousand pounds or so. Of course, once the system is complete it will be able to identify the offender from a facial recognition program, and then it will automatically convict and sentence that person without having to go through the effort of using the courts. Offenders will simply have the fines deducted from their bank accounts, or if it's a second offence then the police will be sent round to their homes to pick them up. They're hoping for about 90% accuracy in the facial recognition program.

    MG: So.. what happens if it can't pick up the RFID tag? It might be blocked by something bulky.. like a 3G phone, for example.

    Barry: It's up to every person to make sure that the RFID tag can be picked up by the scanners at all times. Again, the system is quite simple.. the fine or whatever will happen automatically. Ignorance of the law is no defence, but the government does acknowledge that a small number of people will be fined in error. We think the scanners will pick up the tag correctly in 99% of cases. In the future, we may implant the RFID tag directly into the subject to reduce the error rate.

    MG: 99% sounds great - but that means that for every thousand people who pass by the scanner, 10 will be incorrectly flagged as offenders?

    Barry: Well, that's quite a small proportion. And after they've been arrested and searched by the police and had a DNA swab taken, then they're quite welcome to lodge an appeal against the fine.

    MG: Wow.. that's going to cause a stir when it gets out. Thanks for that.. can I buy you another drink, Barry?

    Barry: Better not, I think I saw one of the black-out helicopters hovering across the street.

With that, out contact vanished into the night and we haven't heard from them since. If anyone else remembers seeing a black helicopter hovering outside the Springtime Jester pub in Shoreditch, then please let us know.

At Mobile Gazette we are extremely concerned about these forthcoming regulations. Not only will they be damaging to the mobile industry, but it's just possible that their may be privacy implications with the ID card monitoring system. We urge anyone who is concerned to write to their MP as soon as possible. For more details about this legislation, please click here.

Mobile Gazette, 1 April 2006 (April fools?)

Well, it already past the end of 2008.

Has this not been implemented because of technological limitations?

Is this plan also headed for the colonies (Australia?)

There must / will be some sort of population movement logging in the near future for ALL Australians, under the banner of social security / medicare, something EVERY citizen must have.

Legislation will be passed through all the states and the cattle loging will begin.

NSW ID card a 'gift to terrorists'

The Photo Card Bill 2004, which passed through the New South Wales Legislative Assembly today, has been described as a "gift to organised criminals, terrorists, and other people intent on doing harm" by the Australian Privacy Foundation.

"This Bill has seen almost no debate, and no public consultation -- yet it introduces the most fundamental attack on our personal freedom since the failed 'Australia Card' proposal of the 1980s," said Anna Johnston, chairperson of the APF.

Labor state MP and parliamentary secretary Tony Stewart first introduced the bill last December with the intent to authorise the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) to introduce a state photo card for those who had no driver's licence, proof of age card, or other forms of identification such as a passport or photo birth card.

"Many people often have a need to produce some form of personal identification in order to secure goods and services. Businesses and government agencies also rely on a photo identification document to provide assurance that the person that they are dealing with is who they say they are. The NSW Government has been approached by numerous community groups asking for a NSW photo card," he previously said.

On behalf of then Roads Minister Carl Scully -- who first drafted the Bill -- Stewart denied that the NSW photo card was another 'Australia Card'.

"The card will be purely voluntary and will help those in the community who have a need for a photo card but cannot have one because they do not fit the criteria for other photo identification," Stewart said during the Bill's second reading.

However, APF's Johnston said the Bill was the "worst kind of Big Brother proposal" because it "places no limits on how much information the RTA can collect about people, and few limits on who can access the data". Additionally, she believes the centralised database required to realise the proposal is likely to increase the risk of identity theft and fraud.

"They will be able to track when you book a flight, borrow a video, post a gift overseas, or go to the pub. The Commonwealth Government has recognised the risks of centralising vast amounts of personal data -- it means only one database to hack into, or one clerk at the RTA to bribe," said Johnston.

"If the Coalition, minor parties and independents don't force amendments to this Bill, we will soon be seeing an Australia Card for NSW," she added.

zdnet.com.au article here

An article from some time ago appears in different forms all over the place with the SAME MESSAGE.

Something that will inevitably happen, that we will pay for dearly

The cataloging of people is beyond our control, and circumstances have been manufactured in order to create a need for this, yet true criminal activities are suppressed from the public, and directly supported by various legal systems.

11 January 2009

Prince Harry sorry for racist language

Britain's Prince Harry has apologised for using racist language after a Sunday newspaper reported he had filmed himself calling an army colleague a "Paki" and telling another he looked like a "raghead".

The video obtained by the News of the World plunges the 24-year-old prince, the third in line to the throne, into fresh controversy four years after he sparked outcry by wearing a Nazi swastika at a fancy dress party.

The newspaper posted the video on its website and said it was made in 2006 when the prince was still an officer cadet.

It begins as he is waiting with his platoon in an airport departure lounge for a flight to a training exercise in Cyprus.

Touring the room with a video camera as his colleagues snooze, he spots an Asian cadet and says: "Anybody else around here?... Ah, our little Paki friend, Ahmed."

"Paki" is a racist term for Indians or Pakistanis.

The royal family issued an apology, but insisted the prince had used the term without malice.

"Prince Harry fully understands how offensive this term can be, and is extremely sorry for any offence his words might cause," a spokesman said.

"However, on this occasion three years ago, Prince Harry used the term without any malice and as a nickname about a highly popular member of his platoon.

"There is no question that Prince Harry was in any way seeking to insult his friend."

The report said Harry made the "raghead" remark - a racist term for Arabs - while on the exercise.

Once again he is behind the camera when he spots one of his comrades with camouflage netting over his head and as he looks up at the lens, Harry says: "It's Dan the Man ... F... me, you look like a raghead."

The royal spokesman said: "Prince Harry used the term 'raghead' to mean Taliban or Iraqi insurgent."

The prince served with the army battling the Taliban in Afghanistan last year but was forced to return home after his security was compromised when a carefully arranged media blackout on his deployment was broken.

Harry, an army lieutenant, is to begin training soon as a combat helicopter pilot.

Britain's equalities watchdog, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said the racism claims "appear to be disturbing allegations".

"We will be asking the MoD (Ministry of Defence) to see the evidence, share that evidence with us and their plans for dealing with it," a spokeswoman said.

"We will then consider what further action might be necessary."

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defence said: "Neither the Army nor the Armed Forces tolerates inappropriate behaviour in any shape or form.

"The Army takes all allegations of inappropriate behaviour very seriously and all substantive allegations are investigated.

"We are not aware of any complaint having been made by the individual," the spokeswoman said, referring to "Ahmed".

She added: "Bullying and racism are not endemic in the Armed Forces."

In another clip from the three-minute video, Harry pretends to make a mobile phone call to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

He says: "Granny, I've got to go. Send my love to the corgis. And grandpa... God Save You... yeah, that's great. See you, bye."

It is not the first time that the youngest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana has been forced to apologise for his actions.

His decision to attend a friend's fancy dress birthday party wearing a swastika armband in 2005 sparked widespread criticism. The publication of photographs of that incident was followed by a swift apology from the royals.

In the past, it emerged he had smoked cannabis as a teenager and he was once involved in a scuffle outside a nightclub with a paparazzi photographer, but in recent years Harry has sought to shake off his 'playboy prince' reputation.

He is heavily involved in a charity in Lesotho to support children orphaned by AIDS which was launched in memory of his mother, and is patron of several other children's charities.

AFP 11 Jan 2009.

The English aristocracy is RACIST, and they only breed within their restricted gene pool, hence their nickname the blue bloods.

Harry is MOST LIKELY the product of an affair.

They (the royals) are involved in these charities in order to LOOK GOOD only, as they consider the menial activities of the peasants revolting.

The term Paki is an abbreviation. If it is considered offensive, then the term Aussie should be considered offensive.

In Australia, the term WOG is aimed at Mediterranean Europeans, and is considered RACIST as it is ususally used in slander against the Europeans, BUT no one does anything about it.

If you call someone a slope, the you are branded a racist, BUT if they call you a wog, then there are NO repercussions.

The only thing Harry is sorry about, is that the matter is public.