29 December 2017

Frankie goes to Hollywood? Nope try the back of a cop car

Some people in Australia will tell you that they are a 'freeman'.

If you don't want to pay personal tax, that's your choice.

Some will even tell you that they stopped paying rates and got away with it.

Others will say that one does not need a licence, motor vehicle registration or even corporation issued number plates.

Whatever your opinion on this matter is,

it would be highly advisable to make sure your paperwork is flawless with regards to driving / traveling, licensing,  not paying rates or whatever other laws spring into mind you wish to question,

PRIOR to commencing that action in commerce, on the roads, or elsewhere

otherwise your 'travels' may be of similar experience to this fella's;

Link: https://youtu.be/Bgex-Sei1Pw

Hint: A 'commercial lien' is NOT your remedy.

28 December 2017

Police lies on 'citizens arrest' information?

Australia's serf population should be aware that there is no law (i.e. Act) that mandates the police force to provide factual, accurate or correct information to the serfs, where in reality the opposite is the normal modus operandi, where lies, deception and false information is used to extract information from any person.

Very briefly,

recently an Adelaide man (pictured above) has come into the mainstream media spotlight for exposing (alleged?) paedophiles.

As a result Detective Superintendent Mark Wieszyk has responded quickly with a statement that (only?) police are empowered to take action against a person committing a criminal offence.

Unbeknown to most of the lay people in Australia, the above statement made by Mark Wieszyk is not entirely accurate.

Common Law or law that comes out of the courts will tell you otherwise.

From the highest court in the land, aptly named the High Court of Australia, a case called Brebner v Bruce will tell you that any person can initiate proceedings.

See the document Brebner v Bruce [1950] HCA 36 below;

Could it be that only the police want to run this monopolised racketeering (e.g. fines) all to themselves?

Australia where the cesspool of Lebanese migrants are allowed to run the place

It looks like it's back to 1788 we go where criminals were allowed to roam 'free' on this corporate prison island.

Since gutter trash, most likely will remain gutter trash, even if you make it a city council (Auburn) deputy major, it's still garbage and what is even better (for the garbage) is that the authorities allow this scum to stuff up the good people of Australia.

The authorities 'allowed' the Moran and Williams' families to flourish and now this scum
(proviso; as long as you give your cut to the local constabulary).

"Straya the lucky country" PMSL !!! !!! !!!

More like; Built by criminals for criminals.

See article from 27 Dec 2017 by the HS publication of the headline;

Weddings have brought together two of Australia’s most notorious families

THE wedding of Salim Mehajer’s sister to John Ibrahim’s cousin cements the union between two of Australia’s most notorious families.

An undated photo from Salim Mehajer’s Facebook account showing him with Tongan Sam and Fadi IbrahimSource:Supplied

THE relationship between two of Australia’s most notorious families seems to have become even stronger with a second union among the Ibrahim/Mehajer clans.

Perhaps it was just a matter of time before the glitz and glamour of the Mehajers bonded with one of Australia’s most high profile underworld families — whose antics have already been immortalised in the TV series Underbelly: The Golden Mile.

Here’s how they all fit together.


SALIM MEHAJER: Controversial businessman and former councillor

Former Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer. Picture: Ben Rushton/AAPSource:AAP

Brother to six sisters, Salim made himself a household name with his outrageous nuptials to Aysha Learmont.

But the limelight has not been flattering, with the former Auburn Deputy Mayor facing a public breakup as well as allegations of stalking and electoral fraud.

However, it seems he may start capitalising on his fame, announcing on Instagram in October he would be starting a wedding and event planning business.

FATIMA ELKHEIR: Facing prison sentence for electoral fraud

Fatima Elkheir nee Mehajer and husband leave the Downing Centre local court. Picture: John GraingerSource:News Corp Australia

Salim’s sister Fatima married Jamal Elkheir in 2013 and the couple have since been embroiled in an electoral fraud matter with her brother Salim.

Fatima stood for the 2012 Auburn Council election which saw Salim elected.

She is now facing a possible prison sentence after pleading guilty to 77 charges of providing false and misleading information on Australian Electoral Commission enrolments.

Fatima, who has a baby daughter, allegedly sent text messages to Salim about their plan to submit false enrolment forms to improve their chances of winning a seat.

Both siblings stood for election as the lead candidate of two separate groups. But some of the other candidates listed, including Fatima’s husband Jamal, were not eligible for election in the area, as they did not live in the area.

The AEC believes about 76 false enrolment applications were submitted and 51 were forged.

Salim has pleaded not guilty to more than 100 charges of forging AEC enrolments and fabricating a number of addresses.

Fatima will be back before the courts on February 22.

KAT SAKALAKI: Married to Ibraham Sakalaki

Kat Mehajer with her bridesmaidsSource:Supplied

Salim’s little sister, Khadijeh, otherwise known as Kat, has embraced a glamorous image since graduating from a bachelor of criminology.

One of the most media savvy of the Mehajer clan with more than 18,000 followers on Instagram, she gave news.com.au exclusive entry to her 2016 wedding to IT engineer Ibraham Sakalaki.

MARY MEHAJER: The beauty queen

Miss Lebanon Australia 2016 winner Mary Mehajer. Picture: Jonathan NgSource:News Corp Australia

Mariam, known as Mary, created controversy when she was crowned Miss Lebanon Australia 2016.
Another contestant complained to NSW Fair Trading, questioning how Mary could fairly enter when her brother’s business, Mehajer Bros, was a major sponsor. She was also allowed to enter just weeks before the event but no rules banning a last-minute entry could be found and she has retained her crown.

AIISHA MEHAJER: Married to John Ibrahim’s nephew

John Ibrahim’s nephew Sam Sayour and Salim Mehajer’s sister AiishaSource:Supplied

It was Aiisha’s marriage to Hassan Sam Sayour, the son of John Ibrahim’s sister Maha, that appears to have cemented the relationship between two of Australia’s most notorious families.

Taking place on November 18, 2017, it was preceded by a very Ibrahim-esque flourish — the shooting of John’s bodyguard Semi “Tongan Sam” Ngata the night before.

Despite the bloodshed, the ceremony, described as ‘low-key’ by Mehajer’s standards, went ahead as planned in the Merrylands backyard of John Ibrahim’s mother.

SANAA TAJJOUR: Married to John Ibrahim’s cousin

Sanaa Mehajer with her new husband Moudi TajjourSource:Instagram

She was considered one of the low-profile sisters, along with Zena, but Sanaa has announced her presence with a bang after a seemingly whirlwind romance with Mouhamed ‘Moudi’ Tajjour.

Salim’s sister reportedly met Tajjour, a former vice president of the Nomads who previously spent time in prison for manslaughter, at her sister Aiisha’s wedding just over a month ago.

Tajjour is the cousin of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim.

The couple announced their engagement on Christmas Eve, with a wedding taking place just two days later on Boxing Day.

However, another more extravagant celebration seems to be in the works for 2018.

Showing off her ring. Sanaa and Moudi at a wedding celebration on Boxing Day. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram


MOUDI TAJJOUR: Bikie enforcer/convicted killer/married to Saana Mehajer 

Moudi Tajjour (left) with his brother Simon Tajjou. Both spent time behind bars for manslaughter. Picture: InstagramSource:Supplied

The former vice president of Nomads motorcycle club who previously spent time in prison after being convicted of manslaughter is now married to Saana Mahajer.

Tajjour is the cousin of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim and is a life member of the Nomads, having first joined the motorcycle club in 1999.

In 2006, Tajjour, his brother Sleiman and Michael Ibrahim were convicted of the manslaughter of Robin Nassour — the brother of Fat Pizza actor George Nassour.

He spent four years in jail before being released in March 2010

HASSAN SAM SAYOUR: John Ibrahim’s nephew/married to Aiisha Mehajer

Sam Sayour in 2009Source:News Limited

The son of John Ibrahim’s sister, he is married to Salim’s sister Aiisha Mehajer.

In 2011, the then-19-year-old was shot twice in the groin while two of his associates were also wounded on a street in Old Guildford.

The shooting was believed to be the result of a dispute between two groups of young men, with suggestions it could have also been linked to a drive-by shooting in western Sydney earlier the same day.

JOHN IBRAHIM: Kings Cross nightclub owner/uncle to Hassan Sam Sayour

John Ibrahim and his son DanielSource:Instagram

Labelled by the Australian news media as “Teflon John” and “The King of the Cross”, John Ibrahim is best known for his ability to avoid being convicted of illegal activities despite widespread public suspicion.

Allegations that Ibrahim is a major organised crime figure have always been floated, although he strongly denies being involved in the drug trade and other crimes.

He is the uncle of Hassan Sam Sayour, the focus of Underbelly: The Golden Mile and recently published his memoirs The Last King Of The X.

JAZZ DIOR aka MAHA SAYOUR: Mother-in-law to Aiisha Mehajer/sister to John Ibrahim 

Jazz Dior, formally known as Maha Sayour, faced court for her involvement with an illegal gun ring. Picture: AAP Image/Brendan EspositoSource:AAP

Maha Sayour legally changed her name to Jazz Dior in 2013 and is the sister of John Ibrahim and ex-Nomads bikie gang boss Sam Ibrahim, and also the mother of Hassan Sam Sayour.

In 2009, she was charged with recklessly dealing with proceeds of crime following a police raid on her South Wentworthville home where police allegedly found shrink-wrapped packets bulging with nearly $2.86 million cash in $50 and $100 notes hidden in the roof.

Then, earlier this year she was sentenced to 18 months for conspiring to supply firearms, narrowly avoiding prison.

SLEIMAN TAJJOUR: Brother of Moudi Tajjour/cousin of John Ibrahim/former Nomads National President 

Sleiman ‘Simon’ Tajjour (left) with his brother MoudiSource:Supplied

Former Nomads national president Sleiman “Simon” Tajjour is the brother of Moudi Tajjour who served the same four-year sentence for the 2006 manslaughter of Robin Nassour.

He is also cousin of the Ibrahims and was most recently in the headlines after being charged following a high-profile trans-international drug bust involving John Ibrahim’s brothers Fadi and Michael, and model girlfriend Sarah Budge.

It is alleged Michael used Sleiman Tajjour to supply MDMA to a business partner known as MW1.

SAM IBRAHIM: John Ibrahim’s older brother/uncle to Hassan Sam Sayour/former President of Nomads

Former Nomads bikie boss Hassan ‘Sam’ Ibrahim freed from his kidnapping chargeSource:News Limited

Ibrahim was scouted by the Nomads and recruited to their Sydney West Chapter in 1998, quickly rising to the rank of president.

Over the course of two decades, he has been charged and spent time in jail for a number of offences including kneecapping, kidnapping and cocaine distribution.

He most recently pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply guns as part of the racket with his sister Jazz Dior and remains a life member of the Nomads Motorcycle Club.

FADI IBRAHIM: Brother of John Ibrahim/uncle to Hassan Sam Sayour

Fadi Ibrahim was almost killed when he was shot in 2009Source:News Corp Australia

Often described as the most reserved and private of his five high-profile siblings, Fadi was infamously shot in an attempted gangland hit at their luxury Castle Cove mansion eight years ago.

In May 2011, Fadi and his brother Michael, together with hitman Rodney Phillip “Goldy” Atkinson, were ordered to stand trial on a charge of conspiracy to murder an Ibrahim associate who was believed to be behind the near-fatal shooting.

They were acquitted of the conspiracy to murder charge in December 2012 and Michael walked free from his manslaughter sentence in August 2014.

Earlier this year he was charged following a high-profile trans-international drug bust involving his brother and Sleiman Tajjour.

MICHAEL IBRAHIM: Brother of John Ibrahim/uncle to Hassan Sam Sayour

Michael Ibrahim spent six years in jail for manslaughterSource:News Corp Australia

The brother of John Ibrahim served six years for his role in the manslaughter of George Nassour with brothers Moudi and Sleiman Tajjour.

And in May 2011, Michael stood trial on a charge of conspiracy to murder the Ibrahim associate believed to behind the near-fatal shooting of Fadi. He was acquitted in 2012.

Michael walked free from his manslaughter sentence in August 2014 and quickly became involved with Sydney’s social scene and criminal underworld upon his release.

Earlier this year he was charged following a high-profile trans-international drug bust involving his brother and Sleiman Tajjour.

SEMI “TONGAN SAM” NGATA: Bodyguard of John Ibrahim

Tongan Sam greets John Ibrahim with a hug and kissSource:News Limited

Tongan Sam is the bodyguard of notorious Sydney nightclub identity John Ibrahim and was hired by Sam Ibrahim after he was tired of seeing his younger brother continually suffering broken noses and black eyes early in his Kings Cross career.

Earlier this year Tongan Sam was hospitalised after being shot in the back just metres from where the wedding ceremony of Hassan Sam Sayour and Aiisha Mehajer took place.

The wound came after he moved into the path of the bullet to protect the bride-to-be in the backyard of Ibrahim’s mother’s home, with a source claiming it was meant to be a “warning shot”.

27 December 2017

Liberal Party committing Electoral fraud?

Unbeknown to the general population and a great industry kept secret, electoral fraud in Australia is rife.

How can one trust these people to 'govern' (i.e. hold back) the good people of Australia?

This is only one example done by the Liberal Party,

as documented on 28 Jun 2016 by abc.net.au of the headline;

Liberal Party letters change women's surnames to match their male housemate

Photo: A letter from Malcolm Turnbull's election campaign. (Supplied)

A number of women have contacted the ABC to say Liberal Party election campaign material sent to their home addresses has changed their surnames to match the man they live with.

Some of the women were married, some were not — all said they had never been registered anywhere under that name.

Kelly Tall said she was married but had never changed her surname, and said she was surprised when she got home yesterday and found a letter addressed incorrectly to her from Federal Liberal MP Nick Varvaris.

"We're married, but we got married in America, so I don't even think that Births, Deaths and Marriages knows about it — we never registered it here," she said.

Ms Tall said she was not pleased by the surname change.

"It's so 1950s that the assumption would be that a man and woman living together would share the same surname … it felt very presumptive," she said.

Melissa Ran said she was also shocked by the letter she and her husband received from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Liberal candidate Geoffrey Winters.

"I'm offended on two fronts," Ms Ran said.

"Firstly, I think it's quite antique and quite sexist, because it is really important to me as I enter marriage that I retain my own autonomy. I know that not every woman feels that way, which is fine, but for me that is a very important issue.

"And secondly, I think there is an archaicness [sic] to it that I think shows that the people in power in Australia today are not in touch with young people.

"Men and women can be housemates in this country, and a lot them are not even in relationships. So that's just why I'm confused about why that assumption would be made."

Alex Lee is not married and lives with her partner, and she too received a letter that used her first name and her partner's surname.

"First of all, I was just confused," she said. "And then I was pretty angry.

"I am the owner of my apartment, and my boyfriend is basically my tenant, so for them to assume that not only were we married, but that I would take his last name, it felt very strange."
On social media there have been numerous examples of other women being given the surname of the man in a household — some have been siblings, others housemates.

So how did this happen?

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has denied having anything to do with the gendered gaffe.

"AEC does provide electoral roll data to political parties, but does not update an individual's surname without a name change enrolment transaction having occurred," it said in a statement.

Ms Ran said she had also contacted the Liberal Party and would like some answers.

"Last night I asked what database they use and how did they arrive at that conclusion, because it's shocking," she said.

Ms Ran said she had not yet received an answer.

The World Today contacted Liberal campaign headquarters with questions about whether the party was aware of the errors in campaign material, how widespread it was, and what it was doing to rectify the problem.

A spokesperson for the Liberal Party (NSW) provided a written statement in response:
"Human error inadvertently meant some people living at the same address were grouped together.
"This was unintentional. No discourtesy was intended and we apologise."

22 December 2017

Is cell phone radiation dangerous?

Let's take a look at an Australian Government initiative where the government mandated that cigarette packaging be labelled with health warnings as illustrated below;

MANY people should be aware that it is not about the government caring about the individual's health with regards to cigarettes, but rather the litigious aspect of the matter.

The individual (or class action) would have less of a case if / when there are health warning signs stating that the product causes cancer irrespective of the scientific evidence, where the ol' "told you so" law kicks in.

According to California's Department of Public Health, a document was issued regarding the use of mobile phones.

This document arose because of a University of Berkeley professor's lawsuit.

Professor Joel Moskowitz's lawsuit (which he won in 2016) claimed that the Department of Public Health was severely underestimating the dangers regarding cell phone emissions.

See document from the link;
https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CCDPHP/DEODC/EHIB/CDPH Document Library/Cell-Phone-Guidance.pdf

in the preview below;

21 December 2017

Apple caught out in fiddling with your phone

You may have purchased a phone from Apple and had an (anti corporate / anti consuming?) agenda to use until it died, or even better until the battery wore out where you would just replace it and carry on using this phone, but Apple have installed other ideas into your phone.

By restricting the CPU's speed, Apple have decided to degrade your phone's performance, in order for you to purchase a new model.

This is not an entirely honest action by Apple, one that realistically should see a class action lawsuit against Apple.

Seriously, how can anyone trust a company with this sort of attitude towards the product that you have purchased for a premium.

NOTE: We do not recommend the purchase of any Apple products.

See article from 20 Dec 2017 by news.com.au of the headline;

Apple does slow down your iPhone as the batteries wear out, new study claims

IT TURNS out one of the most common complaints of iPhone owners could actually be the result of something orchestrated by the company, a new study has found. 

APPLE updates slow down ageing iPhones by cutting performance power to save the batteries, researchers have claimed.

Scientists at tech firm Primate Labs analysed performance data from thousands of the devices and discovered speeding up a slow iPhone could be as simple as getting a new battery — if you’re willing to give Apple $A119 for the privilege.

Primate Labs founder John Poole said deliberately slowing the processors can have the effect of hiding a dying battery, while also encouraging users to upgrade, reports The Sun.

“Users may believe that the slow down is due to CPU performance, instead of battery performance,,” he told Geekbench.

“[This will cause] users to think, ‘my phone is slow so I should replace it’ not, ‘my phone is slow so I should replace its battery’.”

People's comments:

The huge analysis revealed that iPhone 6S performance took four massive nosedives after each update that followed iOS 10.2.1.

“The distribution of iPhone 6S scores for iOS 10.2.0 appears unimodal with a peak around the average score,” he said.

“However, the distribution of iPhone 6S scores for iOS 10.2.1 appears multimodal, with one large peak around the average and several smaller peaks around lower scores. Under iOS 11.2.0 the effect is even more pronounced.”

Researchers believe the device is designed to encourage iPhone processors to slow down if they detect battery degradation, meaning customers would need to upgrade or pay Apple for a new battery to get their device back to standard.

Batteries naturally degrade over time, with the iPhone designed to last for just 500 charge cycles.
Apple is yet to release a statement on the issue.

Australia the low tech crime fighting laughing stock

The Australian policy makers sure do have their penal colony mentality firmly embedded in their DNA all the way back from 1788.

Not only is there the policy to thwart innovative and new technology from being imported into the country so that the slave population can enjoy it, even their own policy enforcers are missing out.

Apparently the general population is being told that only now (in December of 2017) GPS tracking technology is being used in new automobiles in an attempt to reduce car theft and carjacking.

An economically viable (read cheap) GPS automobile tracking solution has been available in Australia for at least a decade, and only now it's being implemented?

An absolute pathetic attempt by the authorities at (alleged) crime fighting.

20 December 2017

Leaked doc exposes police commissioner's lies on criminals in the force

The administration's normal modus operandi is to deceive the general public into believing that everything is okay and under control where the actions of the people in government are honourable, due process of law is followed, and a 'justice' system that serves remedies to victims.

One aspect that the herd population may not be aware of is that the country's police force is not accountable to the serfs, as they are there to enforce the law / policies onto the population of the colony.

New South Wales Police Commissioner, Andrew Schipione, falsely stated that police officers only have been ;

"convicted of a low range PCA (prescribed concentration of alcohol or drink driving) or similar offence".

A leaked document shows clearly this was not the case, as falsely stated by Mr. Andrew Schipione.

Documents show that more serious convictions include fraud, false pretences, dishonestly obtaining financial advantage, apprehended domestic violence, and dangerous driving causing death.

The total number of convictions recorded against 437 officers are 595, which equates to one in 40 NSW police officers having a criminal record.

The names of the convicted officers remain confidential but there are 14 inspectors, five senior sergeants, 80 sergeants, 236 senior constables, 69 constables, 20 probationary constables and 13 students.

Instead of  the "majority" recording low-range PCA convictions, as falsely stated by the police Commissioner, the documents show that 58 officers were convicted for high-range drink driving, and 144 were convicted for mid-range drink driving.

The GIPA (Government Information Public Access) document is available for download at;

See article from 28 Mar 2014 by abc.net.au of the headline;

NSW Police officers hold serious criminal convictions, GIPA documents show

Serious criminal convictions that include stealing, break and enter, fraud and assault are no impediment to a career in the New South Wales Police Force.

Documents obtained by 7.30 NSW for the first time show the range and extent of convictions recorded before and during police employment, including 39 of stealing.

While Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione acknowledged in January this year that 437 officers had "form" - a criminal conviction - he was quoted as telling the Daily Telegraph that in the majority of cases these officers have been "convicted of a low range PCA (prescribed concentration of alcohol or drink driving) or similar offence".

But documents obtained through a Government Information Public Access Act (GIPA) application show the actual convictions include much more.

The more serious convictions include fraud, false pretences, dishonestly obtaining financial advantage, apprehended domestic violence, and dangerous driving causing death.

The total number of convictions recorded against 437 officers are 595, which equates to one in 40 NSW police officers having a criminal record.

The names of the convicted officers remain confidential but there are 14 inspectors, five senior sergeants, 80 sergeants, 236 senior constables, 69 constables, 20 probationary constables and 13 students.

Rather than the "majority" recording low-range PCA convictions, the documents show that 58 officers were convicted for high-range drink driving, while 144 were convicted for mid-range drink driving.

The documents show that 58 had been convicted for low-range PCA.

The police department has rejected a complaint that Commissioner Scipione has misled the public in his January statement.

NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge, who has also received the figures, says the convictions paint an "extraordinary picture".

"My initial reaction was one of quite genuine shock," he said.

"When I saw case after case of high-range PCA, of stealing, of dishonesty offences and realised it totalled the sum of 600 individual convictions - it was quite an extraordinary picture, and one that demands a proper, and I think honest, explanation from the police."

7.30 NSW is awaiting a response from the Commissioner of Police to the latest GIPA revelations.

The GIPA documents were provided to 7.30 NSW by former police officer and whistleblower Richard McDonald.

17 December 2017

Vaccination Exemption Form

Physician's Warranty of Vaccine Safety

Source Supplied.

Judge Elizabeth Gaynor supports refugees committing crimes against Australians?

Victorian County Court judge Elizabeth Gaynor (pictured above) 'supported' the actions of a criminal involved in Melbourne's notorious Apex gang, where he was spared a gaol sentence and allowed a ticket out of this country.

Judges are fully aware of community standards / expectations, where their sentences reflect what the community expect from this beast called 'Common Law'.

Akon Mawien, a vile piece of human excrement imported by the Australian Government from Sudan decided to commit criminal activities against the good people of Australia, where he was linked to jewellery store heists worth approx. $200,000 while on the drug ice.

How can a judge be called your 'honour' if the judge deliberately erodes or goes against the community standards?

In Australia, if you do not pay a fine, which has hurt no 'man', you can end up in gaol for longer than someone who has committed murder / manslaughter.

Will you call her "your honour' in your matter??? !!! ???

See article from 14 Dec 2017 by dailymanil.co.uk of the headline:

Melbourne Apex gang linked man allowed travel overseas

Apex gang-linked thug, 20, spared jail despite terrifying series of ice-fuelled jewellery heists told he can go on HOLIDAY to Sudan while on bail

  • Akon Mawien was high on ice when he robbed a number of jewellery stores 
  • But the 20-year-old has won the freedom to travel to Sudan while on bail 
  • His victims are furious they will be repairing businesses while he is overseas

A young man linked to the notorious Melbourne Apex gang has been spared jail and allowed to travel overseas on a lavish holiday.

Akon Mawien was high on ice and armed with a hammer when he helped steal about $200,000 worth of goods from multiple jewellery stores. 

But the 20-year-old has won the freedom to travel to Sudan while on bail, the Herald Sun reported.

Akon Mawien was high on ice and armed with a hammer when he helped steal about $200,000 worth of goods from multiple jewellery stores

Police said his victims are furious they are repairing their businesses while he will be living it up overseas.
County Court Judge Elizabeth Gaynor said Mr Mawien's recent behaviour had been 'impeccable'. 

Before the jewellery heist Mr Mawien has been an upcoming cricketer for Sunshine Heights.
He smoked ice for the second time in July 2016 before he and two other teenagers robbed a number of jewellery stores armed with hammers.

The heist was allegedly organised by long-time Apex gang member Mahmoud Taha, who promised them women and a hotel room.

Judge Gaynor said she was worried the victims would think the court was allowing the offender to go an 'exotic holiday'.

But she said his recent good behaviour needed to be considered.

'This is a matter of honour… people are putting a lot of trust in you,' Judge Gaynor said. 

14 December 2017

Australia became a British 'possession' on 28 April 1770

From the book of the title:

NEW SOUTH WALES - The Mother State, issued by the Intelligence Department, 1906.

Captain Cook, accompanied by Joseph Banks and Dr. Solander landed at Kurnell ... and took possession (i.e. no treaty or barter, therefore 'stolen' or under occupation) of the country in the name of King George III.

The book is available for download (478p, 59MB) at: