31 January 2013

Mobile triple-0 callers off the map

A FAILURE by mobile phone carriers to provide instant call-location details to emergency services is causing delays in triple-0 responses, according to local authorities.

''We don't want to find ourselves in a situation where someone dies because we are not able to locate them,'' Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority general manager Andrew Wellwood said.

He said while landline calls provided an instant location to triple-0 operators, mobile phones provided only the billing address. He said ESTA now received more than a million mobile calls a year, more than 50 per cent of the total traffic.

Mr Wellwood said while some trials were likely in Australia, the phone companies appeared to be resisting change. ''The sooner this is introduced, the better off the community will be,'' he said. ''The process has been far too slow.

''We have more than 3000 calls from mobiles every day. We need this to happen.''

ESTA chief executive Ken Shymanski said US and Canadian carriers had for years been required to provide location data to emergency services.

He said Canada introduced automatic phone location software after a man died when caught in a blizzard, despite making four calls for help from his mobile.

''Without a location he couldn't be found and he froze to death. In bushfires and maritime emergencies, precision locations save lives,'' he said.

Mr Shymanski said the average call from a mobile took 20 seconds longer than from a landline because operators had to repeatedly ask location details from distressed callers.

''People become frustrated when we repeatedly ask, 'where are you', but we can't help if we don't know.
''We have calls from tourists who don't know where they are, people who can't speak English and distressed children. The technology exists and is used widely overseas.''

Late last week ESTA received several reports of grass fires from callers who could not provide exact locations as they were visitors to the areas.

''Mobile carriers are not likely to invest in the technology when they will not see a return. The regulators need to say 'I don't care, just do it','' Mr Shymanski said.

John Stanton, the chief executive of the industry representative group, Communications Alliance, said mobile carriers were committed to developing an effective system.

''We are fair dinkum about it,'' he said.

''We have to be absolutely sure that we get it right and the final solution doesn't compromise triple-0 services.''

He said an interim program being used meant emergency
services could ask for location details from providers on individual mobile calls - a method that helped find two survivors of a car accident near Broken Hill last November.

Mr Stanton said he expected a permanent automated system to be operating by the end the year.
However, ESTA officials say the proposed solution relies on a calibration from existing phone towers rather than the more accurate smartphone technology.

''It is no good to us if it gets us within a few blocks in a city. Near enough is not good enough,'' one said.

smh.com.au  28 Jan 2013

The location of a mobile phone (caller) has been available to authorities from the telcos since the inception of GSM technology, as this is an integral part of the technology.

Authorities have been silent from the beginning, and the corporate media was not to pursue this matter.

Today this fact cannot be hidden anymore.

The authorities have been using this technology not only as surveillance devices, but also tracking the users.

Government and authorities not only lie about this, but also deny that this has been (and is) happening..

Location services or tracking has only been enabled to the user, since the inception of 'smartphones'.

Hundreds of hospital deaths deemed 'preventable', national audit finds

CLINICAL management issues may have contributed to the death of 401 surgery patients according to a new national report.
A total of 10,000 deaths were referred to the Australian and New Zealand audit between January 2009 and December 2011.

Four per cent of the deaths, or 121, were considered adverse events - a 1 per cent decline from the 2010 report.

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons audit also found clinical management issues, which included delays in treatment, the decision to operate and poor choice of procedure, were detected in 2613 cases.
There was a "significant criticism" of clinical management in 1262 of cases.

More than 500 of the clinical incidents detected were definitely preventable and 1082 were probably preventable.

These issues "probably caused'' the death of 92 patients.

Overall the median age of death was 74 for elective admissions and 80 for emergency surgery.
The ages of patients ranged from two days to 105 years.

The majority - 85 per cent - had several underlying health problems, including cardiovascular, renal and respiratory diseases and were undergoing emergency surgery.

"Just because you are old and have lots of comorbidities does not mean that you should necessarily have a bad outcome it just means you are at greater risk than that," ANZASM chair Professor Guy Maddern said.
"With older and sicker patients we would still like to be convinced that they have had the optimal plan of treatment to try and avert the death, particularly if it involves an operation."

The audit is designed to improve surgical outcomes for patients.

On a positive note the number of surgeons taking part in the audit rose from 60 to 90 per cent in 2011.
Respiratory failure, heart issues, organ failure and neurological problems were the most common causes of death.

Professor Maddern said was hard to determine if a death was entirely preventable.
"What you can say is that with hindsight you may have managed it differently and that may have lead to a different outcome."

Of the 7567 patients who had surgery, almost a third had post operative complications and 15 per cent had an unplanned return to the operating theatre.

The most common complications included sepsis, bleeding, and tissue death.

Transporting patients to other hospitals was an area of concern identified with insufficient clinical documentation and delays in transfers the most common criticisms.

Auditors also found that surgeons inappropriately withheld treatments - such as stockings and medication - that could prevent potentially deadly blood clots in 60 people.

dailytelegraph.com.au  30 Jan 2013

Doctors are able to get away with 'killing' patients with no repercussions.

An indemnity form MUST be signed by a patient before a doctor will even contemplate operating.

The law in this country is deliberately set up in this manner, to cull a bit of the cannon fodder.

Once you have reached retirement age, and are no longer a working tax payer your health rights are put on the proverbial shelf.

Siblings in County Court accused of revenge bashing in Tarneit

FOUR siblings are facing court after allegedly gang-bashing two men with a baseball bat and metal bar - causing one to lose an eye - in a revenge attack in Melbourne's western suburbs.

Wade, Jerome, Allisha and Jermaine Holloway, along with five others, forced their way inside a Tarneit home, where Allisha and her husband claimed they had been bashed earlier that day, the County Court heard yesterday.

Prosecutor Diana Manova said the accused were "acting in concert'' when they agreed to assault the men as payback shortly before 11pm on January 8, 2011.

The court heard some members of the group forced their way into the front door and some through the back door of the house, where four children and two couples were present.

It was alleged Jerome was armed with a 40cm-long metal bar and Wade with a shortened baseball bat.
Ms Manova said Hayden Faulkner - the accused's cousin and step-brother, who was involved in the incident - would give evidence of Jermaine bragging about jumping on the head of one alleged victim, Lincoln Arahanga, "while he was out cold'' and how the man had lost his eye.

Mr Faulkner would also attest to Wade telling the group he jumped on Mr Arahanga's head and repeatedly punched him in the face, she said.

Mr Arahanga's right eye was ruptured by bone fragments.

He also suffered a fractured jaw, which resulted in the removal of four teeth, and multiple lacerations.
Stephen Wilson suffered cuts and bruising, facial swelling and a chipped tooth.

The attack was in retaliation to news that Allisha had been punched in the face earlier that day when she tried to break up a scuffle between the men and her husband at the home, the court heard.

The siblings were charged with aggravated burglary, intentionally or recklessly causing serious injury to Mr Arahanga and intentionally or recklessly causing injury to Mr Wilson.

Jerome - who wore silver headphones throughout the jury's empanelling and trial opening - pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and recklessly causing injury to Mr Wilson and not guilty to the remaining charges.

Defence counsel told the jury the main questions were whether Mr Faulkner, whose testimony is relied on by the Crown, was a reliable and credible witness and who was responsible for Mr Arahanga's injuries.

The joint trial before Judge John Smallwood is expected to last between three and four weeks.

heraldsun.com.au 31 Jan 2013

Another Trailer Park Trash criminal family in the spotlight.

A danger to society, but watch as the (Anglo-Masonic) legal system sets them free.

28 January 2013

Surviving on Newstart ‘impossible': Bandt

T'S the first day of Australian Greens MP Adam Bandt's plan to spend a week living on dole and he only has $42.24 left. 
Australian Greens MP Adam Bandt
Greens MP Adam Bandt is living on the dole for a week to highlight concerns about its adequacy. AAP

The federal MP is living on the equivalent of the Newstart allowance to highlight the minor party concerns about its adequacy.

It's part of a growing push to try get the Labor government to boost the unemployment benefit by at least $50 a week.

Mr Bandt had to make a few assumptions when drawing up his budget for the week - such as pretending he's renting instead of paying a mortgage - to simulate what it would really be like.

After accounting for rent on a flat in Melbourne (about $180 after $60 of rent assistance), $7 for petrol and the cost of everyday toiletries, he says he'll only have $42.24 left from the $246.30 weekly allowance.

"How do people survive on $6.79 per day for food and other expenses?" he wrote on his blog on Monday.
"This is already looking impossible."

He plans to eat the cheapest items he can find, including porridge, cheese sandwiches and pasta or rice with tuna for dinner.

"I am taking much of the advice that has been sent to me by people on Newstart," he said.

heraldsun.com.au  28 Jan 2013

It is a well known fact (and has been for many decades) within the 'industry' that one cannot survive on the 'dole'.

Authorities have set up the dole so that one cannot survive, but rather to choose employment than to live of benefits, which is impossible anyway.

This now 'official' statement that one cannot live from the 'Newstart' allowance opens up a tax or Centrelink sting on the unemployed.

People who do not have the financial ability to defend themselves, by hiring high priced lawyers, are too often targets of the authorities.

On the 2nd of January 2013, a labour politician Jenny Macklin stated that she can live on the 'dole', as per article: Macklin dole gaffe a 'mistake'.

Politicians frequently make fraudulent claims without ANY repercussions.

It is curious how the Herald Sun has not opened up comments on this topic.

See original article : http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/breaking-news/surviving-on-newstart-impossible-bandt/story-e6frf7kf-1226563461363

27 January 2013

Toll-dodging EastLink drivers get clamped

UP to 1000 fines a day are being issued to motorists who refuse to pay tolls on EastLink. The freeloading driver bill totals almost $1 million a week. 

 And the bill is even bigger for those who still refuse to pay up.

The revelations came as the Sheriff's Office used automatic numberplate recognition technology on EastLink yesterday to identify drivers who had unpaid fines and outstanding warrants.
The blitz resulted in 38 people being identified as owing almost $175,000.

EastLink owner and operator ConnectEast said up to 220,000 trips were made on the 39km road each day but a number of motorists continued to do the wrong thing.
Managing director Dennis Cliche said the road was clearly signed as a tollway and people who didn't pay should stay off it.
"Toll evasion is like shoplifting or using public transport without paying," Mr Cliche said.

Toll invoices are issued for about 9000 trips each day to motorists who don't have an active toll account or don't buy a trip pass.
Those who don't pay after receiving a reminder notice - about 1000 a day - receive a fine from Civic Compliance Victoria.
Mr Cliche said an initial toll invoice of about $15 could rise to a penalty of $141 and eventually to a warrant that cost $288.

Department of Justice regional director Gabrielle Levine said the blitz was run on EastLink because of the number of unpaid fines by motorists and the large volume of traffic.
"The reality is that the majority of outstanding fines are in fact tolls and EastLink is a major contributor of the outstanding debt," she said.

The Herald Sun revealed last April that 607,000 individuals and businesses owed at least $760 million to the State Government in unpaid fines.

heraldsun.com.au 23 Jan 2013

Toll collection by the corporation is illegal, and has no legal footing to stand on.

Corpau has been provided with information that shows that 'fines' issued by Victoria Police are illegal, therefore their collection and enforcement has no legal bounds.

The heads at VicPol are fully aware that the 'fines' issued are without any grounds, but are publicly silent on the matter.

The policy is to generate revenue for the corporations at the financial expense of the masses.

The corporate media are not in the business of exposing a fraud worth millions of dollars a week against the masses, as the media are part of the corporatocracy.

It is irrespective whether it is 'Eastlink' or 'Citilink' or any other toll in any other state, their financial collection is illegal.

Speed camera 'fines' are also collected illegally, which Corpau will be writing a brief article on in the future.

Chaouk family member in custody after alleged police chase

A MEMBER of the notorious Chaouk family is in custody following an alleged high-speed police chase in Melbourne's western suburbs.

He appeared at Melbourne Magistrates' Court twice last week, charged with 12 driving offences allegedly committed in Altona and Coburg in the past fortnight.

It is alleged the man failed to stop his vehicle in Altona when requested to do so by police, resulting in a high-speed pursuit that placed members of the public in danger.

He allegedly drove at speeds of up to 130km/h in Millers Rd, between Civic Pde and Noordeene Ave, where there is a 60km/h speed limit.

The list of charges includes conduct endangering life - which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years' imprisonment - conduct endangering persons, dangerous driving while being pursued by police and driving when directed to stop.

He also faces two counts each of dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, driving a vehicle bearing incorrect number plates and speeding.

The court heard the man's intellectual capacity, anxiety issues and possible drug addiction could be issues while he was held in custody.

He appeared for a filing hearing on Wednesday and on Friday for a bail application, which will continue tomorrow.

heraldsun.com.au 20 Jan 2013
The Chaouk family is just one of many hundreds of 'crime families' in Victoria.

The authorities are fully aware of their criminal activities, but due to corruption in the police force, legal system, and the government, e.g ATO (Australian Tax Office), these families have been able to operate for decades.

Crime families are allowed to amass real estate fortunes in the magnitude of 40 properties from the proceeds of illegal activities, such as narcotics production and distribution, luxury car thefts, to name a couple.

Authorities support a certain amount of criminal activity, as this also keep the major populous at bay.

Corrupt police, judges, and other government officials accept bribes in the form of cash (via credit cards) from the proceeds of drug distribution from 'crime families'.

Magistrate charged with sexual offences

VICTORIAN magistrate and former Crown prosecutor Simon Cooper has been charged with sexual assault offences including attempted rape, after a four-month police investigation.

The alleged assaults are said to date back almost 30 years and are believed to have involved at least two men who were in their teens at the time.

Acting Sergeant Jessica Rosewarne confirmed that a 55-year-old man from Brighton was charged on Wednesday with sex assault offences relating to a ''historical sexual assault investigation''. Cooper was bailed to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday, after police executed a search warrant at his luxury home on Monday.

Sergeant Rosewarne would not release details of the case, but Fairfax Media understands Cooper could face up to 12 charges. She said the investigation was continuing.

Cooper sought a Supreme Court injunction on Thursday night against publication of his name, which was refused by Justice Anne Ferguson.

In a statement on Thursday afternoon, Victoria's Chief Magistrate, Peter Lauritsen, said Cooper would be stood down immediately.

"All judicial and administrative duties that were previously assigned to the magistrate have been withdrawn and the magistrate will not be assigned any such duties until the charges are resolved," Mr Lauritsen said.

As a Crown prosecutor, Cooper worked on several prominent criminal cases, including several involving sexual assault.

The federal government appointed him as Crown prosecutor in the Solomon Islands in 2003 as part of the Regional Assistance Mission.

A mayor of Brighton in the 1980s, he has been a member of some of Melbourne's most exclusive clubs, including the Australian Club, Kingston Heath Golf Club and Royal Melbourne Golf Club.

The married father of several children is also believed to have coached the junior football team of an exclusive Melbourne school.

theage.com.au 17 Jan 2013

Simon Cooper (pictured) is just one of many in the legal profession that commit crimes, sexual in nature.

The judicial system has a very lax policy when it comes to sexual crimes, especially when committed by their own.

The legal system's  Masonic brotherhood, which is sworn to secrecy, has already decided on the faith of the individual concerned. What follows is a public farce, that he legal system will vindicate the victims.

One method employed by the powers that be, is that a legal 'bungle' occurs, and the matter is either dismissed or evidence is inadmissible.

Corrupt police together with their legal counterparts with the support of the Masonic brotherhood, enure there is no jail time for their brethren.

This information has been provided from a source within, in confidence.