14 May 2021

QR code mandatory? Your data can be used for criminal purposes.

As a result of the recent ‘failure of government’ with regards to an alleged ‘case’ in Victoria, the retaliation by government could be to suggest the solution that being the mandatory use of QR code scanning by consumers prior to engaging in commerce with a business.

There’s a few problems with that.

Firstly making such an action mandatory is illegal, see Section 94H of the Privacy Act 1988, even though this refers to an app, where the purpose of the QR code scan is the same as the app.

The person that allegedly tested positive was tested by an inaccurate procedure used by the government, see references below.

The action of QR code scanning had nothing to do with the failure of government in relation to the so called ‘case’.

The ASD (Australian Signals Directorate) warns that scanning QR code can lead to your data being used for criminal purposes.

Prior to scanning ANY QR code, here are just some questions that need to be answered:

- If one is required at law to perform an action, where one does not have the required equipment, will the government provide that person with the required equipment?

- Where does your data go once you’ve scanned?

- Can you obtain the ‘source code’ from the website in relation to where your data is distributed/stored?

- Did the website business obtain government protocols on how to handle the data?

- What penalties are in force if there is 'mismanagement' of data?

- Can you obtain a PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) PRIOR to scanning the code?

(as you are entering into a business transaction with an EXTERNAL entity, where you are not given the full ‘Terms & Conditions’ in relation to this new transaction i.e. scanning the QR code)

In relation to the government's claim that the person is a COVID-19 'case', what number of cycles were used in his test?

The government may say to you that an action is not 'mandatory' but if you do not comply, you will receive an exorbitant /disproportionate fine.

The people in government are human rights abusers, remembering that the Victorian premier Daniel Andrews stated that it's not about human rights (with regards to new law being put in place, where in fact the law MUST be in line with human rights, and signed off that it is).

The people in government commit many illegal and criminal actions, where it is up to you to catch them out make it public knowledge, and put the matter before the courts, in order to 'keep the bastards honest'.

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See article of the headline: COVID test useless: “Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic"


See article of the headline: Australia's COVID-19 tests a farce?


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