14 May 2020

Falsifying coronavirus report


We’ve obtained information from a source that would provide information to us on the strict condition of anonymity with regards to the so called (novel coronavirus) pandemic.

The Channel 9 News team from Melbourne was sent out to a premises to report on the topic of the virus.

The news team then went on to ask the people who were to be interviewed to stage the premises to follow a narrative as dictated by the news team.

The people involved were almost floored with the request.

While the above information may seem sparse, not giving away too much where many comments by people may be directed to stating a where/what/who scenario otherwise it is not true, it is purposely done so.

In many instances news corporations selectively edit or even twist the events that they cover, where there is a misrepresentation to the general population, a misrepresentation that suits an agenda that has been passed down from higher up.

Unfortunately for the people there has been a lot of false information passed down to them regarding the so called virus, and most surprisingly, it’s not from sources many think it may be.

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