13 October 2012

Brynne more tv trash

Another television show to grace the airwaves, classified as television trash.

Australians are about to get another does of tv trash in the form of a reality show detailing the purchased wife of the disgraced Dr. Geoffrey Edelsten, the 'socialite' Brynne, lifestyle.

The politics of the ruling elite is to dumb down the mob, keeping them in their place with mind numbing television.

The herd can keep on being entertained with shows like Snog, Marry Avoid, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Big Brother just to name a few that are designed to keep the plebs entertain with trivial alleged 'shock' news.

There is no, and there will be no stopping of more 'programming' of the masses with trailer park shows.

Another win to keep the mob 'stupified'.

Geoffrey Edelsten whilst at his practice asked how much money would be required to wed a woman he eyed out, to her parents.

The act of slavery has been abolished by law many years ago, but not according to some people.

Edelsten mentioned that he and Brynne have so much in common, when asked what by the reporters, he mentioned that she likes shopping, and he likes buying for her.

Mum's tears as teen son's killer released early despite a High Court sentence appeal

A YOUNG thug who killed a 17-year old with a single punch has been released from juvenile detention after serving just over a year inside.

Cameron Lowe crossed paths with his killer, who cannot be named because he was 17 at the time, when he and friends went to buy food in Pakenham on the night of November 6, 2010.
The killer had drunk 15 vodka energy drinks in three hours when he punched Cameron for no apparent reason, knocking him out.
Cameron fell to the road and hit his head.
He was helped home, but complained of headaches and later died in hospital.

Fatally bashed teen Cameron Lowe. Picture:

The killer was jailed in August 2011 for six years, with a non-parole term of four years, for the 2010 killing.He had pleaded guilty to manslaughter.
In March, the Court of Appeal reduced that to three years' youth detention, which would have seen him released as early as next year.
Instead he was released from juvenile detention on Monday.
Cameron Lowe
The street where 17-year-old Cameron Lowe was bashed and subsequently died. Picture: Mark Smith.
A Youth Parole Board spokesman said the killer's rehabilitation was a significant factor in his release and defended releasing him while an appeal was progressing through the High Court.
"People may think a pending appeal is important, but it would be wrong of us to impact on parole while people wait on an appeal date that is unknown,'' he said.
Today, Cameron's father called for calm amid fears of revenge attacks against the man who killed his son.
Ex-Herald Sun journalist appointed to Sentencing Advisory Council
Cameron Lowe
Cameron's father, Gavin Lowe, holds a purple balloon at his son's funeral. Picture: Darren McNamara
Gavin Lowe, who in the past has dodged the media spotlight, made an impassioned plea for Cameron’s devastated friends not to take the law into their own hands.
His plea followed the shock secret release of Cameron’s killer on Monday.
"I just hope that people leave him alone because I don’t want anything happening to this kid,’’ he said. "I know people around that area (are angry).’’
Mr Lowe said he was shattered that his son’s killer was back on the street already.
Cameron Lowe
Cameron's father (left) with other mourners. Picture: Darren Mcnamara
"It’s just wrong. I’m just devastated about it and I wasn’t even notified. He was supposed to have had a minimum of three years,’’ he said.
Mr Lowe said he heard about the killer’s release from his ex-wife.
"The Homicide squad wasn’t notified that he was going to have a parole hearing and we weren’t notified either and we’re supposed to know aren’t we?’’ he said.
"This has just gutted me. It’s just shock. Real, total shock, there is nothing else to describe it. I was shocked when his sentence got reduced, and now all of a sudden he’s out.’’
Cameron Lowe
Funeral service for teenager Cam Lowe at Pakenham. Picture: Darren Mcnamara
The release of Cameron's killer also came to a complete surprise to Cameron’s mum Rikki Arney, who heard about his release yesterday from friends in Pakenham
The killer was released despite the current appeal against his sentence.
Ms Arney described her son’s killer's release as an "absolute disgrace".
"I’ve been crying all night,’’ she said. "I can’t believe the justice system is so soft. How could they just release him? I feel like my sentence has been twice as hard as his."
It remains unclear if the boy has headed back to Pakenham where he committed the crime, but sources have suggested police have been put on high alert for possible payback attacks.
Only one of the three judge Court of Appeal panel argued against the killer’s sentence being reduced.
Under the juvenile detention system, the court can only impose a maximum prison sentence.
But the juvenile parole board has the power to release "clients" at its discretion.
Ms Arney, who moved to Queensland with her large family following the tragedy, said she was shocked at the killer’s release while an appeal was in the works at the High Court in Canberra.
"I would have thought that they’d at least have him locked up until then. So he’s going to be able to go out and do it again," she said.
"It's an absolute disgrace that he can get away with murder and be out in a year and 17 days…I can’t believe that our system is so soft. They take an innocent life and they go 'on your bike, you’ve learnt your lesson now'. This guy had a similar prior from six days before. How could they just release him?"
Ms Arney said her family had endured hell since her son’s death, which had been compounded by the sentence reduction in March.
Ms Arney said the homicide squad, Office of Public Prosecutions or herself had any idea he had been released.
"Every teenager in Pakenham knew he was out except me. I was told by a very close friend of mine who has teenage kids," she said.  "I find this all such a disgusting kick in the face."

heraldsun.com.au 11 Oct 2012

Another example how the legal system 'deliberately' fails the masses.

Victoria powerless to stop return of murderer

AN insane killer is returning to Victoria - and the State Government has admitted it is powerless to stop him. 
Claude John Gabriel
Claude Gabriel, who killed Queensland teenager Janaya Clarke in a frenzied knife attack in 1998, will be moved to Victoria after a four-year application was approved by authorities.
The State Government last night confirmed Gabriel would be moved as part of Victoria's commitment to the National Mental Health Plan to "facilitate the movement of involuntary and forensic patients between states for therapeutic purposes".
An application for Gabriel to be transferred to Victoria in 2003 was blocked by the Victorian Government.
The then Attorney-General Rob Hulls said at the time that Gabriel was unlikely to be transferred until he and his family appreciated the reasons for his continuing treatment and detention.
Gabriel, originally from Keilor, fatally stabbed 17-year-old Janaya Clarke, 13 times on November 9, 1998, on chevron Island on the Gold Coast after picking her up when she was hitchhiking.
Ms Clarke's family said Gabriel's interstate move to Victoria would not impede their promise to know "exactly what he is up to".
Ms Clarke's mother, Robyn Clarke, would not comment yesterday, but a close family friend said distance would not prevent them upholding a vow.
"(Robyn) made a promise to (Gabriel) that we will know exactly what he is up to until the day we die," the friend said.
The friend said Robyn Clarke was glad her daughter's killer relocated.
"As far as she's concerned, the farther he is away from her the better ... she tries her best not to even give him a second thought, but his ugly head always pops up."
Despite being ruled criminally insane and unfit to stand trial for murder due to drug and alcohol-induced psychosis, Gabriel's passport was not taken away and he escaped from a Brisbane mental institution in 2001 and fled to Victoria.
Gabriel's parents, John and Alessandra Gabriel, were convicted and fined $300 each for helping him leave the country.
He flew to Italy and New Zealand.
A Victorian Government spokesman last night said state laws throughout the country allowed for the transfer of forensic patients, and that forensic patients moved to Victoria would be detained in Thomas Embling Hospital.
It is believed Gabriel will be sedated and guarded as he travels to Victoria soon, but it is not known when he will leave or how he will travel.
Under Victorian legislation, he will be subjected to review by the Victorian Supreme Court every six months.


The government allegedly maintains that it is tough on crime, and employs propaganda commercials that show little tolerance, but this could not be further from the truth, as stories like this show otherwise.

The expense is too great to keep a prisoner incarcerated approx $80,000 per annum, so it is cheaper to let the criminals out into the community.

The government has done the same with mentally ill patients, where previously they were cared for in institutions, whereas now they are unsupervised amongst the community.

Naturally the excuses are that it is for the benefit of the individual with the support of government agenda backed doctors.

Ted Baillieu under fire over MP Geoff Shaw's travel rorts

THE key whistleblower who triggered the investigation into Geoff Shaw (pictured) has called for the Premier to dump the MP from the Liberal Party. 
Premier Ted Baillieu is under mounting pressure to oust the controversial Liberal after a damning Ombudsman's report found Mr Shaw had used his parliamentary car for private, commercial purposes.

The whistleblower, referred to in the report as Mr A, told the Herald Sun: "Ted Baillieu should sack Geoff Shaw because he misused funds."

"If this was a worker in any other position they would be sacked but because Parliament is on such a knife edge they will probably try to sweep it under the carpet," he said.

"Let's see what type of character Ted Baillieu has got."

heraldsun.com.au 12 Oct 2012

More fraud and corruption in the house of governance.

Quite clearly the politics now is to coverup and vindicate the guilty. 

The corrupt politicians are above the law, and do not get sentenced or incarcerated instead are still on the taxpayers payroll.

Truly above the law.

Workers' funds are not so super

  • Global financial crisis hammers superannuation
  • 51 of 83 default super options delivered negative returns
  • REST Industry Super the top performing default option 
 MORE than six million Australians would have been better off stuffing cash under a mattress than putting it in their employers' default superannuation option over the last five financial years.
Today News Limited reveals the worst and best performing super funds in Australia over the past decade and the true cost of our inaction on super.

Most Australians make no active choice when it comes to super; the majority (60 per cent) have their super paid automatically into the default investment option of their employers chosen superannuation fund.

Thanks to the battering of the global financial crisis, every dollar invested in a typical default fund went backwards, after fees and taxes, by 0.3 per cent a year on average over the past five financial years, according to data from SelectingSuper, a service of research group Rainmaker.

Of the 83 default super options available over the five years, 51 delivered negative annual returns for members (6,066,129 member accounts) and 32 delivered positive returns (10,179,634 member accounts).

''The past decade, and the time since the global financial crisis especially, has been a train wreck for super funds,'' Alex Dunnin, head of research at Rainmaker, told News Limited.

 heraldsun.com.au 8 Oct 2012

If a genuine answer was to be extracted from a financial consultant's opinion on superannuation funds, then it would be along the lines that it is one of the worst places one could put ones finances, as it is one of the worst performing financial 'investments'.

Yet the government makes it mandatory (you are being forced - naturally for your own good) for the herd to put their finances in one of the worst performing places. and falsely gives the plebs the impression that they will be able to retire on these funds when the person reaches retiring age.

Financial institutions can earn from 0.5% to 3% or more daily from trading with other people's monies.

The public see only but a small percentage of what the financial institutions actually make.

The government also make a huge profit from the monies of the workers, which is actually a closely guarded secret of how this financial fraud is carried out.

A document exists called Secret Monies, which corpau has access to, detailing how the government is making billions per year from the interest obtained from the monies of the masses. 

This is fraud at one of the highest levels of banking and governance.

These are just some of the deals the politicians and law makers do with corrupt bankers.

Naturally there will never be any class action taken on by any law firm in Australia.

10 October 2012

Legal systems joke failed intervention orders

The effects of what the masses see of Australia's legal system 'seem' like a joke, but unfortunately there is much more of a sinister agenda behind the results seen.

What the general populous many not be aware of is that when it comes to traffic offenses, you are guilty and have to prove yourself innocent.

When it comes to criminal convictions, which lawyers are aware of AND criminals are taught, is that the right of the perpetrator are taken into consideration when a sentence is handed down and NOT the rights of the victim.

Victoria's judicial system is currently under orders to not convict criminals, as there is not enough places in jails, so judges do not incarcerate criminals, under whatever pretexts (rehabilitation?) in order not to overload the jails.

The so called piece of paper with the title "Intervention Order" or "Apprehended Violence Order" is not worth the paper it is printed on, and only in emergencies could be used as toilet paper.

What the masses would not be aware of is that in court, if the order is breached (by that time it is too late), the assailant would have already assaulted the victim, sometimes resulting in death, the court gives the criminal as slap on the wrist or a measly financial penalty.

For breaching traffic offenses the fines are not only steeper, but also the failure to pay on time is more costly than serious violent crimes against individuals.

As the policy and law makers draft laws up, generally favourable to their business brethren, the community at large suffers.

Statistically not many offenses are carried out against judges, police or policy and law makers, but if they were, then the laws would be different.

The article in the Herald Sun is an example of a deliberate failure to protect the masses, in contrast to what the media, and police propaganda machine taut.

See article:

Young wife Sargun Ragi was murdered after pleading for help from the legal system 

A YOUNG wife who dreamed of a new life in Victoria has become the latest victim of a failed intervention order system after she was murdered by her jealous husband.
Sargun Ragi, 23, was stabbed to death and set on fire by her estranged husband, Avjit Singh, 31, in a murder-suicide in Kew last Thursday.



Government forces drivers to use toll roads

The lies and propaganda from the corporate media will never stop.

In an article in the Herald Sun, the claim is that a dozen or so years ago in Melbourne, the government 'reconfigured' roads to 'encourage' the use of a corporate stup that took control of a public road, and tolled it.

The act of tolling a public road is illegal, and the motorists have been fleeced approximately $4 billion dollars per year, in a government sponsored fraud.

Class action should be taken against the government and the toll operator Transurban for theft of public's monies.

Unfortunately, since this fraud is worth billions of dollars per annum, there can never be any court time devoted to this matter.

The government being a corporate entity, sets up business deals within the "Money for Mates" corporate community, where finances are extracted from the mob.

Superannuation is another government sponsored fraud against the uneducated mob.

See article from the Herald Sun:

Bid to loosen CityLink's grip on Melbourne

PUBLIC roads and bridges which were reconfigured a dozen years ago to encourage motorists on to CityLink should be reclaimed, say motoring groups.
The call follows this week's traffic jams after a system error closed the Burnley and Domain tunnels for about 12 hours on Wednesday.



08 October 2012

Jill Meagher’s murder a catalyst for more surveillance

The very much publicised murder of Jill Meagher has caught the eye of the corporate media as it was a newsworthy (profitable) story (pushing an government agenda).

In Melbourne’s northern suburb of Brunswick, there  is approximately on average one rape per week, but there is no mention of this in the corporate news.

Other crime statistics for Brunswick are the same or even higher that the state’s average.

Gillian’s rape and murder is a catalyst for the government agenda of Draconian law, and Orwellian surveillance.

Barely a day after the burial of Gillian Meagher at Fawkner Memorial Park, comes the announcement that there will be an upgrade of video surveillance to the tune of $50 million.

Liberals plan $50m CCTV camera upgrade for crime hot spots

After the 1996 Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, the government immediately imposed a ‘gun amnesty’ which resulted in all ‘good’ civilians handing in their firearms, whilst the criminal element still held on to theirs.

Brunswick and its surrounds has been a crime ‘hotspot’ for decades, and nothing has been done about that. There are also so many other crime ‘hotspots’ in Melbourne's suburbs, where again ‘nothing’ is done.

The agenda is not to eradicate crime, but rather to carry out surveillance of the entire populous using hideous crimes as the catalyst, gaining support from the mob, which no one would dare oppose.

As a result more new laws are drafted that take away the freedom of movement, and communication, under the banner of crime or ‘terrorism’, with the new slogans being a threat to ‘national security’

07 October 2012

Perhaps it's time to revisit road tolls following traffic chaos on Melbourne's roads

IN the midst of Car-mageddon yesterday it was hard to argue with Ted Baillieu's view that the chaos highlighted the need for another cross-town route. 
Unfortunately, under his current policy position it's unlikely to be built any time soon.
Indeed the Premier's words yesterday were an excellent summary of the situation - his Government is committed to the case for a second crossing.
But as long as it remains adamant there will be no tolls on existing roads, the case for the crossing is all it is committed to. Not to actually building the thing.
"I just wish we could get support from the Federal Labor Government and the State Labor Opposition," Transport Minister Terry Mulder wailed to Neil Mitchell (3AW) yesterday.
Pressed on how things were progressing, he went on: "Aah, the East West link. We're preparing the business case at the moment, we hope to have the work completed on that later this year, we've engaged with overseas contractors and financiers, we have a commitment from the Federal Opposition of $1.5 billion, to release $500 million in their first term to assist the state to get the project up and running. We've got nothing from the Gillard Government . . . and as you know Daniel Andrews . . . is opposed to it."
Honestly, who cares what Daniel Andrews thinks. He's not the premier. (Though, to be fair to him, if this lot keep going the way they are going, he will be.) And forget about Tony Abbott's promise of $1.5 billion. He's not in government, either.
The way Julia Gillard is spending money, I wouldn't be putting my political future in his hands if I were the Victorian Government. Tony no doubt has the best of intentions when it comes to coughing up for Ted and Terry's tunnel linking the Eastern Freeway to CityLink - the part of Sir Rod Eddington's road plan they want to build first - but it may just be that, well, aah, there's nothing there when in two years it comes time to write the cheque. If he wins.
The most important thing for us to know right now about the tunnel is that it "is right down the bottom of the list" of the Gillard Government's priorities, as a spokesman said in July.
The Government could pay for its tunnel - indeed it could probably pay for the full link through to Sunshine - if it were prepared to bite the bullet and introduce tolls on existing roads.
You would think that chaos such as yesterday's might have provided the Government with the cover to abandon its position.
Indeed it's hard to think - short of the tunnels or the West Gate being closed for a prolonged period for structural reasons - when people would have been more open to the idea we might have to pay tolls on existing roads in order to build new.
Yesterday Eddington acknowledged it would be "flippant in the extreme" to pretend it would be easy politically. But he drew a distinction between new tolls on existing roads and reintroducing tolls on the West Gate.
"The West Gate was once tolled, if that tolling regime had have stayed in place it would be a capital flow to reinvest into additional freeways," he said.
"How do you pay for something which provides some duplication to the West Gate? Well one of the ways . . . is to contemplate the reintroduction of tolls on the West Gate, but that's politically very sensitive."
Too sensitive for the government alas. Almost 20 years ago Jeff Kennett built CityLink by tolling the southeastern and Tullamarine freeways. He endured political heat but he got it built.
It's called leadership.

heraldsun.com.au  4 Oct 2012

The tolling of public roads is an illegal act.

Citylink ILLEGALLY tolls the 'freeway' at Moreland road on the way to Melbourne's city centre, in which the government supports this illegal act against the motoring public to the tune of billions of dollars per year.

Since this is fraud against the populous, no action will ever eventuate against the corporate giant.

The toll points and the camera network associated are monitoring points against the masses.