22 August 2020

ASIO on a PR propaganda campaign amidst its new draconian law

The colonial government is ramping up its thumbscrews against the very tax slaves that fund it, in a fascist, totalitarian, draconian or any other manner that others describe Australia is headed down.

ALL the ‘arms’ of government (executive, parliament, judicature) work tirelessly in eroding your perceived rights, freedoms and movement.

The Australian Government is putting forward an idea to tighten up the thumbscrews on the Aussie serfs under the label of the ASIO Amendment Bill 2020.

For the ‘benefit’ of the Australian people this idea (a Bill) must not become law (an Act).

As the Director-General of ASIO Mike Burgess stated:

"There is no such thing as a casual conversation or media opportunity,"

So, he went on a propaganda advertising campaign, for new recruits, to say look how cool we are, equating this to Q from James Bond movies.

At law, ‘Australia’ treats you like a criminal under the strict liability and absolute liability banners, where first and foremost you are guilty.

‘Security’ (for Australia’s business interests, or its people?) is important but there is a difference between unwarranted searches, non-discriminatory data collection and taking action against specific ‘threats’.

As the Attorney-General’s Department states, people are able to participate in the law-making process.

This proposed law must not be enacted, but history tells us that Australians will do no such thing to stop it coming through.

It seems that they LOVE the slavery being dished out to them.

MAYBE they won't let you out of this colony without a 'covidpass' or being vaxxed?

But then again 'Minority Report' (with Tom Cruise) is fiction, right?

So were submarines, once upon a time.

Australia, the best slavery test bed on the planet, where the people are failing spectacularly!

See link to ABC article:


20 August 2020

Class action lawsuit against the governments re:coronavirus

MANY people may have thought or said to those who obtained a Centrelink debt in the mail, 'do the crime pay the time' or something to that effect.

The government no doubt assured you that the action against those ‘persons’ was legitimate, even though documents later revealed that the action was not legitimate.

Families were destroyed and people committed suicide as a result of the claims made by the government.

Later on a class action was initiated against the false debt claims, putting aside the lack of ‘ownership’ under the 'robo-debt’ label.

As you may know the New Zealand lockdown was not lawfully enacted.

This is also true of the lockdown in Australia and its various states, where this class action originates from Victoria.

You can download the document from:


'Anti vaxxers' were right? From the Public Health Committee Public Hearing in the U.S.

People who oppose any mainstream media advertised action or government supported agenda, e.g. smart meters, surveillance capitalism or vaccinations are demonised, ostracised and their character assassinated.

At the moment ‘anti-vaxxers’ are on top of the list of being shot down.

We should know that vaccinations are not ‘free’ (for all Australians) as touted by the Rupert Murdoch spinsters, but rather a lucrative trademarked, patented cash cow.

With regards to an up and coming covid vaccine, would you inject aluminium nanoparticles into your body that cause Alzheimer's disease in your later years?

See excerpt from the Public Health Committee Public Hearing in the United States:

Where the full video can be downloaded from: 

19 August 2020

Forced or mandatory vaccination against the law in Australia?

Scott Morrison stated that [say the covid] vaccine is to be mandatory for all Australians.

He obviously got a good kickback from that business deal.

The Rupert Murdoch 'news' outlet stated that the vaccine will be for 'free'.

We know that nothing is for 'free' as any government action is payed for by tax payers.

So, how does he plan to make it 'mandatory' if at law it is not?

Well, 'they' will just change the law, or punish the plebs financially if they don't comply.

- How could one argue with regards to vaccines if the entire population's 'health' is at risk?

- How could anyone argue with regards to mass surveillance, if the entire population's 'safety' is at risk?

P.R.S. (Problem, Reaction, Solution) prepared for you by your 'friendly', transparent governments.


See excerpt on vaccination:

lodged within the 'Parliament of Australia' in the following link:



17 August 2020

Daniel Andrews CONNED Victorians with ‘4 weeks’ lockdown?

Apparently the serfs are told that there is a separation of powers within government, especially the three tiers that being the executive, parliament and judiciary, where in actual fact there is none.

The police work closely with the other tiers through interconnected 'persons' and the media in terms of information flow and what the general population is allowed to know.

Of course there are slip ups, whistle blowers but they are the exception rather than the norm.

Victorians did not obtain any ‘real’ notice of a lock down that was apparently actioned on the 2nd of August at 1:43pm by the premier Daniel Michael Andrews, which states that it was in force from the 2nd of August to the 2nd of September (or earlier) or for argument sake 4 weeks.

On the same day approximately 2 hours later the Rupert Murdoch media empire told the serfs that they are getting locked down for six weeks, despite the fact that four weeks (well, technically 4.3)  was on the paperwork.

So, what’s REALLY going on?

16 August 2020

Herald Sun caught out falsifying COVID deaths

💥Breaking Sydney💥 Fake Covid-19 Death! This is the 8th Fake Covid death I've come across.

My friend Vera Mt, whose aunt was featured in the SMH article.

The SMH FAILED TO REPORT that for the last 10 years her aunt had kidney problems & heart failure. She had a pacemaker to assist her heart. As well as that she suffered oedema in the legs & she couldn't see out of one eye. And she was on a myriad of pharmaceutical drugs.

In March, like every year, she religiously got the flu vaccine.

Her health was deteriorating so much that for the last month up till she died, she HAD NOT ATTENDED her church at the Lady of LEBANON CHURCH. She was isolating at home, as she RARELY went out because she couldn't walk.

So SMH has blatantly lied about her aunt catching Con-19 from attending church! Her sons are extremely upset with SMH for false reporting! She was self isolating for one month before being taken to hospital where she died, she could NOT have caught Con-19 from the Church!


Fake news SMH!!! Absolutely disgusting!