18 July 2009

The Government's Plan To Kill Independent Web Sites

"They" are scared -- scared of the seismic shift in media. The power lost by the media giants is terrifying. Well-established filters of information, painstakingly crafted over decades of manipulation and control, are being shattered by small independent web sites. "Free speech" has secretly been a right granted only to the chosen few who play the game and contribute to political campaigns.

"They" are panic-striken -- in a panic over you, the millions of people being given free reign to say what you want on web sites outside the traditional channels of control. To "them", "free speech" is an abstract concept not intended to be entrusted to anyone with a computer and a keyboard. You do not play the game, you are a disruptor, you are unwanted, you must be removed.

Who are "they" and "them"? The government, of course. But more specifically, the representatives and senators living in the back-pockets of media and telecommunications giants -- with a smattering of the stunningly small number of power-weilders fixated on rolling back to a mix of media that can be controlled and manipulated to feed you the mental pabulum that keeps you sedated.

Fortunately for us, "they" have a face, and the face of our enemy is Representative Rick Boucher (democrat from Virginia), the new chairman of the House Subcommittee tasked with telecommunications technology and the Internet. This enemy of free expression, living comfortably in the back pockets of big media and telecommunications, is planning to craft legislation designed to obliterate millions of independent voices on the Internet and shift power back into the hands of big media and big telcom.

Oh, but that's impossible, you might say, free speech on the Internet has blossomed to a proportion where thoughts of control or destruction are absurd. Well my friends, I'm here to warn you that such absurdity is very much a reality. And, worse yet, the spin doctors and manipulative conspiracy of information obfuscation may even cause many of you to be in favor of the legislation that kills accessible free speech on the Internet.

Infuriatingly disguised as "online privacy advocacy", Boucher is, in reality, a big media hatchet-man, devising the genocide of the Internet culture. Given the rampant abuse of the Government collusion with big telcom to monitor your online activity, you can be certain the Chairman of the "House Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet" has no real interest in your privacy, and every interest in keeping campaign contributions flowing, and information contained amongst his friends in big media.

On the surface, the concerns of rhetoric spewing from Boucher's efforts seem plausible, and pander to the "F.U.D." (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) that has been rampant in relation to the Internet and the tracking of we users via cookies. However, Boucher's plan is to require all web sites using "third party ad networks" to actively obtain the consent of each and every visitor, before displaying any ads form such networks. To the average person, this may seem like a drastic but reasonable action to ensure online privacy, in reality, it's a systematic plan of genocide that will destroy independent thought on the Internet.

ats 17 Jun 2009

17 July 2009

Original moon-landing footage 'taped over'

NASA says it may have taped over the only high-resolution video of the Apollo 11 mission but the moon landing has never looked better — thanks to digitally refurbished footage unveiled overnight.

Although the original live video was ghostlike and grainy, NASA and a Hollywood film restoration company took television video copies of what Apollo 11 beamed to Earth on July 20, 1969, and made the pictures look sharper.

The pictures themselves are not new, but some details are.

Originally, Armstrong's face visor was too fuzzy to be seen — the refurbished video shows his visor and a reflection in it.

The 50-second clip shows the famous moment the astronaut walks down the steps and mouths the words: "It's one small step for man … one giant leap for mankind."

But the new footage also reveals a brief earlier discussion between Armstrong and Mission Control about the distance to the moon's surface.

Armstrong says he needs to take a "little jump" but describes the drop as "adequate".

"Okay Neil, we can see you coming down the ladder now," says a voice from Mission Control.

But as NASA proudly released the new enhanced footage, it admitted it had probably erased the original high-quality version of the moon landing sometime during the 1970s and 1980s.

The original videos beamed to earth were stored on giant reels of tapes that contained 15 minutes of video along with 13 other channels of live data from the moon.

NASA later had a shortage of the tapes and erased about 200,000 of those tapes and reused them.

The space agency said it was likely the footage was taped over with electronic data from a satellite or a later moon mission.

"I don't think anyone in the NASA organisation did anything wrong," Apollo-era video engineer Dick Nafzger told The Guardian.

"It slipped through the cracks — and nobody's happy about it."

ninemsn 17 Jul 2009

Theory : So the public cannot view the original footage,

that could prove it to be a fake?

Who authorised this footage to be moved from the archive vault?

So these 'bubble headed boobies' are getting paid HOW MUCH ??? !!! ???

Masterchef Australia Poh da Ho

Not in real spirit of the corpau post, but none the less still entertaining news.

Rumors over the 'net have speculated that Poh is having a sexual relationship with someone from the Masterchef Australia set, which from a source from within the industry confirms rumors to be true.

The judges are given an earpiece and judge the contestants from prompts given by the producers, whilst they are monitoring reactions.

The judges pre-warned that they are NOT looking for presentation, KNOWING that Poh's cake IS a disaster, whilst judging other upon presentation.

Quite simply put this is a RIGGED contest, for sexual favours from one of the contestants.

13 July 2009

Australian and US troops fed unhealthy meals during war games

IF an army marches on its stomach, the 25,000 US and Australian troops taking part in war games in Queensland this weekend should be just about able to walk home, The Sunday Mail


The soldiers who are on assignment north of Rockhampton are served a diet flooded with fat, sugar, salt and carbohydrates, but ironically skinny on fruit and vegetables.

Breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, french toast, pancakes, pasta, mushrooms, tomato, cereal, porridge, Milo or hot chocolate.

Lunch is burgers, tacos, chicken parmigiana and an Asian stir fry, while dinner is beef stroganoff or chicken in black bean sauce, followed by bread and butter pudding, chocolate mousse or cake.

And that's just for designated meal times - the soldiers are also provided with treats such as cream buns to snack on.

A cream bun can be up to 500 calories, which would take 10 hours to walk off.

The Sunday Mail earlier this year exposed how one in seven Australian soldiers was classified as obese.

The Chief of the Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, has confirmed to a Senate estimates hearing he was concerned about obesity in the armed forces.

"The fitness of our people is vitally important to me and to the service chiefs," Air Chief Marshal Houston said.

US Marine Corps captain Binford Strickland said some of the bigger guys regularly lined up for seconds at breakfast.

The Catering Corps also cooked fatty dinners such as Southern fried chicken and Sloppy Joes - an American dish of ground beef, onions, sweetened tomato sauce and seasonings, served on a hamburger bun.

Some cold meats and salads were available if the troops wanted to eat something healthier.

"They get one treat a day," Catering Corps Warrant Officer Brad Coleman said.

"We do have a lot of Milo or hot chocolate. We try to maintain nutritious standards. There aren't a lot of deep fried foods."

Dietitian Julie Gilbert said the diet was no good for "anyone's long term health".

"While these guys might be getting plenty of exercise to burn it off, it is not a nutritious diet because it lacks fruit and vegetables - they are filling up on high fat, proteins and carbohydrates," she said.

Ms Gilbert said the soldiers would suffer serious sugar withdrawals on the diet.

"They might be buzzing for a while, but when the effects wear off they would suffer from headaches, lapses in concentration, feel tired and need to sleep," she said.

While the soldiers' health may be suffering, the local economy is reaping the benefits of the bi-annual Talisman Sabre operation.

news.com.au 12 Jul 2009

Who really cares anyway about those people.

OBVIOUSLY NOT the government.

Nutrition in this day and age is well known to the educated, and even the general populous.

Why should the government worry about their health and longevity if they are considered to be


they may as well be an easy target for the canons.

Smiths Crips - Do us a flavour

The current promotion from Smiths Crisps Australia is
Do us a flavour.

In the promotion, the general public is asked to think up of unique flavour, and upon it's release you will get $30,000 instantly followed by 1% on future sales.

This offer is a BLATANT rip off.

In order for you to make a $1,000,000 the company must make from 'your' product $100,000,000.

From a business perspective a 1% return is PATHETIC.

Michael Jackson, in his early days was given 2-3% of his record sales.

Then after changing record labels was close to 10%, a figure still WAY TOO LOW.

12 July 2009

Obama's Global Financial Crisis Silence

Prior to the Presidential election, Barack Obama, pledged that he will fix the current Global Financial Crisis, which stemmed from the American Credit Crisis.

At the epicentre of the matter there is a company called The Federal Reserve. The name 'implies' that it is owned by the American government. This could NOT be further from the truth.

The company is owned by a long line of 'banking families' and its dealing are kept secret and out of the public eye. These families are often referred to as 'the money exchangers' in a few documentaries.

The company prints money (without ANY backing) , and the American people must return the debt at FACE VALUE, to the banking families.

Many a president before Obama has been shot at, or killed trying to 'fix' the fraudulent dealings by the Federal Reserve.

Naturally these shootings are done by 'random' crazy individuals, as NOT to arouse suspicion.

If Obama wishes to go against the grain, he will be dealt with accordingly.

See Video:
Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve.
How the federal Reserve created the US recession.