18 August 2012

Earthquake near a major city

IT'S only a matter of time before a huge earthquake strikes a major city and results in a death toll "unprecedented in human history".

Well-known Scottish scientist Iain Stewart delivered that grim prediction yesterday in Brisbane during an address to a global geology conference.Professor Stewart, a geologist and academic who has gained fame for multiple BBC television series on the planet, said the risk of disaster has grown because a growing number of mega-cities are built on or near major earthquake faults.
Large settlements since antiquity have been based on these fault lines because they also help provide water and are usually located near flat plains ideally suited for growing crops.
This "fatal attraction" to dangerous areas was "actually a good thing", because historically the trade-off was worth it since earthquakes were rare and most cities were not that large, he said.

While earthquakes today were often less destructive because of improved building codes, more people were affected because cities were larger, Prof Stewart told delegates at the 34th International Geological Congress.
Despite the danger of such hazards, people were still drawn to earthquake-prone California and the US gulf states, which were routinely hit by hurricanes.
Although it might seem that the number of natural disasters around the world is increasing, there are simply more people living in harm's way, and that fact creates the illusion. "We create the template that brings these disasters," Prof Stewart said.
Similarly, people want to live only 20m from the beach, even in regions liable to be struck by tsunamis. Even after properties have been destroyed, many owners vow to rebuild.
Further research was needed to understand why people continued to have such a high threshold for living in danger zones and why they often chose to ignore the science that could save their lives, he said.

 heraldsun.com.au 9 Aug 2012

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RICHARD of MELBOURNE. Posted at 9:40 AM August 09, 2012
A similar message was given back in 1993 to a Gold Coast conference and how there was no DISPLAN for the dormant shield volcano Mount Warning. This could mean that seismic activity could take out the entire SE region of Queensland and kill a million people at any one time. One of the tourism associations did not like this at all and banned such conferences in their area. Now they hold such things elsewhere like up in Brisbane. Ironic that there are several touchy subjects that bring out the conflicts but sadly this gives out a false sense of security and duty of care breached. Covering up the harsh reality of shark attacks, missing people and body parts brought up in trawlers and found washed ashore is also a threat to their precious tourism. Safety campaigns and even new DISPLAN measures are attacked and the ring leaders persecuted. Little wonder that many of us researchers end up moving overseas to where we are wanted. When the big events happen there will be little warning and no major plans to address such things. This is what the Bilderberg Group or Club wants for global population reduction. Wake up people and stop them controlling your destiny. Vote Julia and co out NOW.
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Small Monash Freeway crash highlights Melbourne's escalating road congestion

UPDATE: A TRUCK crash close to the city has caused nightmare traffic and highlighted the worsening congestion crisis. 
The minor collision occurred between a car and a truck on the Monash Freeway right before the Domain Tunnel in Cremorne, 2km southeast of Melbourne's CBD, at 11.43am.
Traffic was diverted to Punt Rd causing gridlock while emergency crews worked quickly to remove the traffic hazard.

Victoria Police confirmed the small crash had brought traffic in the area to a complete standstill.
A police spokeswoman said it wasn’t surprising considering the congestion in the area.
``It is always congested around there,’’ she said.
``It’s really a minor accident but it is having an affect on the traffic.’’
The scene was cleared and roads were reopened by 1pm but traffic delays were expected to continue on Punt Rd and Toorak Rd during the afternoon.
A tweet from radio station 3AW said: "Citylink say all lanes are reopen on Monash inbound following earlier incident near Punt Rd. Traffic still back to Toorak Rd."

heraldsun.com.au 14 Aug 2012

Melbourne's traffic jams are a result of a deliberate government policy not to expand the infrastructure of the growing city, but rather to slow its vehicular progress down.

This can be seen in governmental actions by slowing traffic down, and congesting roads with permanent lane closures on the major (as well as minor) roads that feed traffic to and from the city of Melbourne.

Official wants Madonna prosecuted

MADONNA should be prosecuted for violating a Russian ban on public statements supporting homosexuality, an official in the city of St Petersburg says. 

The US pop star wilfully violated city codes on "gay propaganda" when she took to the stage in the Baltic Sea port late Thursday, city council official Vitaly Milonov was quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency as saying.
Madonna and the concert organisers should be fined for her "illegal" statements at an event attended by people as young as 12, he said on Friday.
Witnesses were available to testify against the singer, Milonov added.
The St Petersburg city government would not permit "our society to be fed sewer water from the hellish kitchen of the evil empire," he said.
Madonna stripped down to her bra during the performance to reveal the words "No Fear" painted on her back.
She told her 25,000-strong audience she would speak out in support of homosexuality and other alternative lifestyles, even if laws banned such statements.
"Show your love and appreciation for the gay community! Are you with me?" Madonna said.
"All people should be treated with dignity, respect and love."
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who has frequently criticised Western social influences on Russian society, commenting on Twitter said: "What a has-been... in her old age she tries to lecture every one about morals. Especially when she is touring abroad."
In a performance in Moscow on Tuesday, Madonna called on authorities to release the three members of local punk band Pussy Riot who were put on trial after performing songs in a cathedral that were deemed to have been insulting to President Vladimir Putin.

 aap 10 Aug 2012

Madonna's meteoric rise to fame / fortune, stemmed from her prostituting herself to DJ's in order for them to play her material.

Hollywood's foundation of starlet fame is based on the ability of one to prostitute oneself, together with the ability for one to make millions for the establishment.

There is no publicly available information how much the music moguls made from Madonna.

Just another Trailer Park Trash performer for the establishment, that is idolised by the herd.

Retirees need $55,000 for comfort

RISING health and electricity costs have seen the annual income needed by a retired couple for a comfortable lifestyle exceed $55,000 a year for the first time.

The latest Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia research shows annual electricity costs for retirees rocketed 10.6 per cent to more than $2500 in the past 12 months.

This is outstripped by health costs with the recent surge in insurance premiums pushing the annual cost to $6624 per couple.
Overall costs are up only 1.1 per cent with the big falls in food costs and recreation offsetting some of the rise in utility costs.
We get loads of complaints from our members about how they are struggling to make ends meet due to the rising cost of living pressures such as electricity and gas bills
Research shows the average couple need a lump sum of about $500,000 - split 50:50 between superannuation savings and the pension - to survive for about 20 years in retirement.
"The quality of retirement directly depends on how much money people have," ASFA chief executive Pauline Vamos said.
"People need to look at all their assets ranging from investment properties to the pension."
The report shows couples willing to adopt a "modest" lifestyle can survive on $31,700 a year, while singles get by on $22,000.
National Seniors, a lobby group for over-50s, warned that cost-of-living pressures were a major challenge.
"Retired people are at home more and often have higher heating and electricity costs, and with those prices rising they are having a disproportionate impact on seniors," chief executive Michael O'Neill said.
"We get loads of complaints from our members about how they are struggling to make ends meet due to the rising cost of living pressures such as electricity and gas bills."
The biggest difference between a modest and a comfortable lifestyle is spending on leisure, with retirees that have accumulated a good-sized nest egg able to allocate around $15,000 a year for travel and recreation.
Retirees struggling to make ends meet have only $3700, or $70 a week, for leisure pursuits.
ASFA rates a "modest" lifestyle as better than the age pension, but they can afford only basic activities.
Retirees branded as "comfortable" can afford a broad range of hobbies, international holidays, private health insurance and a reasonable car.

heraldsun.com.au 9 Aug 2012

Politicians, law makers and financiers set up laws that make it difficult for pensioners (of the masses) to survive on measly savings or whilst on welfare payments they are penalised for any savings.

At the same time, the 'rulers' are able to be tax dodgers, with their brethren peers (from the ATO, Australian Tax Office) turning a blind eye, to their activities, e.g. offshore bank accounts specifically designed for the illegal activity of tax evasion, furthermore supporting their fraud.

The plebs have their monies in jar, whilst the establishment has theirs in offshore vaults.

People smuggling charges dropped

COMMONWEALTH prosecutors have dropped charges against four Indonesian boat crew, including two teenagers, accused of smuggling asylum seekers into Australia.

Four discontinuances were filed in the Victorian County Court today for charges of aggravated people smuggling against Teos Adu, 38, Rajiun Chayudin, and Udin and Arifin, both 20.
That brings to eight the number of Indonesian crew to have people smuggling charges against them dropped in Victoria, while another two men were acquitted of the charges by a jury earlier this month.
The acquittals came after "defence lawyers successfully argued that crew cannot be convicted where there is no evidence that they knew their destination was Australia", Victoria Legal Aid said in a statement.
Mr Udin and Mr Arifin were 18-year-old fisherman when they were intercepted near Ashmore Island aboard the SIEV 222 in December 2010 with 53 passengers on board.
They were to stand trial next year.
Mr Adu and Mr Chayudin had been charged along with another two crew after being intercepted aboard the SIEV 173 in July 2010.
Mr Chayudin, the captain, and Mr Adu, who believed he was recruited to unload cargo in Java, were held in detention for nine months without charge after the sinking boat was rescued by the Royal Australian Navy in international waters with 82 Afghani passengers on board, VLA said.
There were still 46 Indonesian boat crew facing prosecution in Melbourne, the VLA said.
Last week another captain, Jefri Siregar, pleaded guilty to aggravated people smuggling after charges against his two co-accused were dropped.
VLA said the 10 men who were either acquitted or had charges dropped were impoverished fisherman and farmers recruited as boat crew by people smuggling organisers.
They said the men were detained without charge for between six and 10 months and had spent more than two years in custody.

heraldsun.com.au 13 Aug 2012

It is not the successful arguing of a lawyer, but rather the strict adherence to government policy to keep bringing in the (cheap labour offered by) boat people, that judgement is made.

The benefits are significant to both government and businesses to bring in the slave labour the boat people have to offer.

This also sends out the message that one will not get prosecuted if caught by the Australian authorities.

All of these 'results' are part of the globalisation agenda, that is touted by authorities as beneficial to the community, which it is not, but rather of pure financial gain to the corporatocracy.

Australians are leaking cash

AUSTRALIAN households are set to spend almost $70,000 each this year on everyday expenses - a whopping $642 billion across the country.

New research from personal finance watchdog MoneySmart has found the average Victorian household spends $1225 a week.

Victoria is in line with the national average of $1236 and compares with $1536 in the ACT and just $1044 in South Australia.

MoneySmart says "spending leakage" could be costing millions of dollars.

However, cutting back on chocolates, bought lunches and the odd glass of alcohol can save about $3000 a year, according to a new free mobile phone application, to be launched today.
"Cups of coffee are also examples of spending leaks. They are the little things you regularly spend money on that add up over a long period," MoneySmart and Australian Securities and Investments Commission senior executive Robert Drake said.
The app is an extension of the watchdog's online budget planner, used by 20,000 people a month.
"The individual feedback has been really heartening. People have told us they had been struggling from pay day to pay day and constantly worrying if they had enough money. Now they know where they stand," Mr Drake said.
"Just that reduction in stress is really important."
Financial Counselling Australia chair Carmel Franklin said it was often the spur-of-the-moment spending, not the big-ticket items, that could add up to hundreds each month.
"There are always more opportunities to spend money then we have income coming in," she said.
"Tracking your spending makes us realise just how much we spend on those coffees, bits and pieces."
Small changes can mean big rewards, according to MoneySmart.
The average Australian household spends $44 weeks on clothing, $32 on lunches, $32 on alcohol, $31 on takeaway food, $13 on cigarettes, $12 on lollies and chocolates and $11 on haircuts. Download the app free at iTunes or www.moneysmart. gov.au.

heraldsun.com.au 13 Aug 2012

The new approach to enslaving the masses, is to give them freedom, then they will (financially) enslave themselves.

Blackouts costing Australia $11b

THE political power play over rising energy expenses is costing households billions of dollars in potential savings, energy experts said yesterday.

While Prime Minister Julia Gillard blames state governments for soaring electricity prices, top-level regulatory reform is needed.
About $2.5 billion over 15 years could be saved if electricity distribution reliability was slightly reduced, according to the Australian Energy Market Commission's (AEMC) review of rule changes for the state government.
People Power: Blog with the PM today
More than $11 billion is poured into power infrastructure to stop "blackouts" occurring in peak periods, totalling about four days every year.
Reducing reliability means just two minutes of extra blackouts which would cut $231 million from investment costs.
If the AEMC doesn't agree to these National Electricity Rule changes, federal and state governments will have to agree to it.
In Queensland, a review of the electricity network found that $1.5 billion in savings could be achieved without threatening the network's reliability. Darryl Somerville who led the review said power prices could ease if companies spent less on capital.
UTS's Institute for Sustainable Futures research director Chris Dunstan said savings would flow from regulatory changes.
"There needs to be some network infrastructure investment. The problem is we got the balance wrong and we can't blame networks because they're just responding to regulations they're given," he said.
"It's fair to say that there needs to be change at all levels of government. But part of the problem is they've made the system so complicated to govern, it seems no one feels responsible or actually able to make the changes we need. It might be complicated, but there's no excuse for fixing it."
Mr Dunstan said more than $45 billion is being spent on network infrastructure in the five years to 2015, but estimates that more than $2.9 billion can be saved annually if businesses use energy-efficient technologies.
"We're currently investing more than is cost effective in network infrastructure and generation infrastructure," he said. "Unless you're removing the cause of overinvestment and what's driving it, there'll only be marginal improvements."
Energy Efficiency Council CEO Rob Murray-Leach said the electricity network monopoly, like "Telstra in the bad old days", needs review.
"There are solutions to big problems and they're all cheaper options. We could pay energy-intense companies or third parties to reduce energy demand during peak periods. It'll cost them less to reduce their demand than to build more infrastructure," he said.

heraldsun.com.au  9 Aug 2012

So now we have government/ authorities /  power companies, on a media campaign telling the masses that it is for their benefit to have power outages, where the truth lies in the millions to be made while the power is down.

Instead of expanding the infrastructure to cater for the population increase (for example 30% over  the last 25 years), the 'authorities' are stifling, growth and oppressing the population.

People who may be on life support systems that rely on the constant delivery of electricity most certainly be put at risk of being 'killed'.

A oppressive communistic government approach, run by a corporatocracy?

Is this child abuse? The courts think so

Victorian welfare authorities begin using extreme obesity as a reason to support children being separated from their parents and experts predict more cases as the population gets fatter.


VICTORIAN welfare authorities have begun using extreme obesity as a reason to support children being separated from their parents - and experts predict more cases as the population gets fatter.

The Department of Human Services has cited obesity in at least two child protection court cases this year.
One case involved a pre-teenage boy who weighed 110 kilograms and the other a teenage girl whose waist circumference of 169 centimetres was greater than her height. The department would not reveal the exact number of cases.
Associate Professor John Dixon, of the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, said he expected more such cases, but that they would not become common.
''I would not want parents out there with overweight or obese children to in any way feel that it's through their negligence that we have a growing obesity issue in children today,'' Associate Professor Dixon said.
''That would be very wrong indeed … This is a community problem, an Australia-wide, a global problem that we're not addressing very well at the moment.
''We shouldn't be blaming the parents for our environment. The parents and the children who are obese are really victims of the environment.''
In the teenage girl's case, experts stressed to the department that her weight problem needed urgent attention.
She had gained 30 kilograms in 18 months and was described by a Children's Court magistrate as ''incredibly unhealthy … To hear that her waist measurement is greater than her height is so concerning.''
The court was told it would be impossible for her to reduce her weight to a healthy range within a year and a more realistic goal was to lose 15 to 20 kilograms and keep it off. Doctors had concluded that the weight gain was not genetic and had to have come from eating.
The girl's mother told the court that she wanted her daughter returned home or placed in residential care. The department said foster care was not an option because there were no families available who could help with her needs.
The magistrate ordered the girl remain legally in the care of the state. She and her mother had had a breakdown in their relationship that had led to the girl not living at home.
In the case of the pre-teenage boy who weighed 110 kilograms, another magistrate ordered that he be removed from his mother's care and put into a ''therapeutic setting''.
The boy had been referred for medical intervention but it had no effect and he had been sitting in his room, eating and inactive.
The department said it could not work with the boy's mother until he was removed from her care.
A spokesman for the department told The Age that obesity was not of itself grounds for child protection workers to become involved with a family.
But he said ''obesity may be a symptom of other issues that could place a child at risk or harm that would warrant child-protection involvement''.
Some of Victoria's most obese children are referred to the Weight Management Clinic at the Royal Children's Hospital.
But The Age understands that the clinic is struggling with a lack of resources to deal with families where there are several obese children who need intervention.
Non-urgent referrals to the clinic face a wait of between nine months and a year, but the clinic warns that in some cases, the delay could be longer. A smaller clinic operates at Melton.
Associate Professor Dixon said there were many determinants of obesity in children and adolescents but parental neglect was not usually considered to be one. ''Severely obese adolescents and their parents are under enormous stress and there are often other issues in the family,'' he said.
''It wouldn't only be obesity that would lead to a child being removed.''
He said any cases where extremely obese children were removed from their families should be seen as rare.
Associate Professor Tim Gill, of Sydney University's Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise and Eating, said if the only reason for removing a child from their parents was weight, it was not appropriate.
''There are a whole range of issues which drive weight gain, particularly in children,'' Associate Professor Gill said.
''We are going to see more children in that [extreme] weight category and in some ways, yes, it's a failure of parents, but it also reflects a failure of society - that we could create a circumstance that would allow and encourage kids to overeat and under-exercise to such an extent that they get to that weight.''

optuszoo.com.au 12 Jul 2012

As mentioned in the article, the government is covering up the real number of 'child abuse' cases relating to the intake of food stuffs.

Whether through selfishness, ignorance, lack of education or sheer stupidity, parents are feeding their children, either copious amounts of food, or 'junk' food from global retail giants the likes of McDonald's, Burger King (Hungry Jacks in Australia), Kentucky Fried Chicken and many others.

A common trait amongst the lower educated masses is to feed their offspring the junk food mentioned from the above retailers. The 'food' from the giants are high in calorific, yet low in nutritional value.

A recent trip to the United States of America, indicated that a significant majority of the general populous is either obese or morbidly obese. On the street if one is referred to as having only a diet of fried chicken, referring to a corporate giant, one is of a low class or negro background.

In Australia, there is similarly an obesity epidemic, but the attention to it is much more subtle.

It is not uncommon to find low class ignorant or lazy parents to feed their children large size pizzas or adult portion pasta dishes.

In this day and age there is an entire network of support ranging from information from the internet to doctors (mainstream or natural) that specialise in dietary needs of individuals to blood test facilities that approach the solution from a scientific level, which leaves no excuses for being either stupid, ignorant, but only lazy.

Australian man charged over fatal jet-ski crash

AN AUSTRALIAN man has been charged with negligent homicide after a collision between two jet-skis killed a 16-year-old girl in Keehi Lagoon, Honolulu. ''I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I can't believe what I did. I'm so sorry,'' witnesses heard him say.
A forlorn-looking Tyson Dagley, 20, appeared in a Hawaii court on Friday in a blue T-shirt and neck brace from injuries he sustained in the crash last Sunday. He was held in custody on $100,000 bail and could face up to a year in prison.
Several reports from the court said Dagley's address was Brunswick West, Melbourne, although the Department of Foreign Affairs said he was from Queensland.

His lawyer, Walter Rodby, said Dagley was ''heartbroken'' but did not remember what had happened. ''He wasn't intoxicated. There was no malice. There was no intent. It was simply an accident.''

The Australian consulate-general in Honolulu was assisting Dagley and his family, said a Foreign Affairs spokeswoman. Dagley is back in court on Tuesday.
Kristen Fonseca, 16, from California, died of a brain injury after hitting her head on her jet-ski. Witnesses said Dagley was speeding and not looking where he was going, local media reported.
Glenn Cohen, owner of Aloha Jet Ski Rentals, told police Dagley was travelling at 64-72km/h and watching his girlfriend on the dock when he crashed, according to court documents. But Dagley's girlfriend reportedly told police he was travelling at slow-to-medium speed and looking ahead.  

Deleted videos retrieved from her camera by police reportedly showed Dagley standing up on his jet-ski moments before the collision.

A voice was heard yelling, ''Watch out,'' just before the crash, the force of which drove Dagley's jet-ski into the air.

Ms Fonseca's stepfather, Mario Canton, told reporters he was standing on the dock and saw her slow down moments before the crash, and Dagley was riding ''at a very high rate of speed on his jet-ski, looking toward the dock''.

theage.com.au 12 Aug 2012

Unfortunately Trailer Park Trash or losers are not confined to only one mode of transport, that being road / vehicular transportation.

It is a well known fact that boating and consumption of alcohol amongst the Aussie yobbos is the norm rather than the exception.

A senseless tragic waste of a life in the hands of an imbecile.

In order to conceal incriminating evidence, the girlfriend of the accused, deleted videos taken moments prior to the incident that resulted in a death.

Refugees ‘wouldn't pass character test'

A FEDERAL Liberal backbencher says reports asylum seekers demanded to be taken to Christmas Island after being rescued by a merchant vessel proves some potential refugees are of poor character and shouldn't be given an Australian visa. 

The MV Parsifal picked up 67 asylum seekers from near Java on Monday and planned to take them to its intended destination of Singapore.
But the asylum seekers reportedly became agitated and successfully demanded they be taken to Christmas Island where they were dropped off on Tuesday night.
"This plays into what we've been saying for a long time that people seeking asylum here ... some of them wouldn't pass the character test," West Australian Liberal Don Randall told reporters in Canberra on Thursday.
"Under the Howard regime we wouldn't have given them a visa."
Mr Randall said federal Labor created a "big pull factor" because too many asylum seekers who reached Australia were given a visa.
"So we attracted a whole range of people who I don't think were necessarily genuine - they were more economic refugees," he said, adding that the incident involving the MV Parsifal showed there was a range of people with strange behaviour "that we want to be very careful about before we do consider them for Australian citizenship".
"We need to toughen up on those sorts of things."
Mr Randall denied the rescue demonstrated it would be too tough for the Australian Navy to turn around boats at sea as advocated by the opposition.
"Here we are saying that our navy can't board asylum seeker boats?" he said.
"What a joke. They're trained for it. Our personnel are quite capable of dealing with a bunch of asylum seekers on a leaky boat."
Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said the asylum seekers, who became "very aggressive" when told they would be taken to Singapore, were not guaranteed to remain in Australia while they were being processed.
"They now face the prospect, like other people who come by boat over the next few days, of ending up in Nauru," he told Sky News.
He confirmed one asylum seeker on the vessel had fallen overboard and was believed to have died.
Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison labelled the incident an "outrageous act" of piracy.
"What we have here are pirates effectively, taking control of vessels allegedly ... using force and threats and intimidation," he told Sky News.
He called for the government to immediately investigate whether police could lay criminal charges against asylum seekers involved.
"I think they should be locked up and there should be a charge sheet," he said.
Liberal MP Josh Frydenberg said the MV Parsifal incident runs the risk of deterring merchant vessels from rescuing asylum seeker boats in the future.
"What will happen is that other people will do that same thing again with merchant vessels," he told Sky News.
The government needed to send a very strong message to people who engaged in intimidation or threats or violence.
"It is not acceptable and that is not the way you'll end up coming to Australia," he said.
Mr Morrison said a coalition government would not be so easily intimidated as Labor was on a daily basis.
"Every time the (people) smugglers lean against this government they capitulate."
Mr Morrison has written to Immigration Minister Chris Bowen outlining how the coalition would set up offshore processing on Nauru.
He said when former prime minister John Howard announced the Pacific Solution, Nauru was up and running within 15 days.
"And the circumstances (he) faced 10 years ago were far more difficult and far more dramatic on Nauru than it is today," the Liberal MP said, adding power and water supplies were significantly more advanced today.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said Nauru and Papua New Guinea centres could be functioning "with a month".
Mr Morrison also questioned the price Labor was prepared to pay.
"The coalition says we can put a facility on Nauru for 1350 people with further accommodation for 200 staff," he said.
"That can be done for a third of the price and development capital costs from what the government's report indicated in January of this year."

heraldsun.com.au  16 Aug 2012

Australia is letting in criminals under the 'refugee' banner which is in line with global policy.

People from countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and also from  African countries with a shady past or criminal convictions are burning their paperwork, and using the 'refugee' excuse to gain access to Australia, from a well know government lax policy towards 'refugees'.

These people with a criminal past or criminal intentions enter the country putting the general populous at risk with the support from government.

These are deliberate policies to keep the masses at bay on a global scale, as can be seen with the actions of governments, under the 'humanitarian' banner.

These policies will continue to operate as a result putting the general community at risk.

Government together with their lap dog, the corporate media, are suppressing information regarding the criminal activities and assaults by the 'refugees'.

14 August 2012

Olympic rage over commentary

CHANNEL 9 has defended its Olympic closing ceremony telecast, after copping a spray for too much talk.
Eddie McGuire and Leila McKinnon were slammed by News Limited readers and social media for speaking over music performances.
McGuire and McKinnon spoke over songs by music stars including George Michael, Kate Bush, and One Direction.
Ninety-four per cent of voters on a News Limited poll said the commentary spoiled the closing ceremony.
Channel 9 has dismissed the criticism, saying it is pleased with all aspects of its Olympics coverage, including the closing ceremony.
"We are really happy with the overall response to the Olympics and the ratings numbers," a Nine spokesperson said.
But many readers disagreed, one saying "it drove me nuts" and another that "sometimes less is better".
Angry Tweets included "Less is more Eddie" and "Coming up, Leila McKinnon and Eddie McGuire will no doubt ruin another Olympic ceremony by talking over the Spice Girls".
 The hash tag #shutupeddie has flown social media all day.
Meanwhile, George Michael was slated on social media for following his classic 'Freedom 90' with a brand new song instead of crowd-pleasing hits like 'Faith' or 'Careless Whisper'.
Kylie Minogue's musical director Steve Anderson Tweeted: "He's gone from killing it to you know, actually killing it...not the time for new single promo George."
Pop star Boy George was one of many Tweeters criticising what appeared to be a reliance on lip-synching at the event.
Boy George tweeted during long-time rival George Michael's performance "Mime of the century".
The Culture Club star then clarified "Everyone f--- off! Like you, I helped pay for this charade and I will say what the f--- I f---ing like!"
After being accused of bitterness for not being asked to perform, Boy George tweeted: "It was kinda cooler not to be there! Like most things! Least you can't accuse me of miming! Lol!"
Dubstep artist Nero said "Are they really letting George Michael mime his new single at the Olympics? This whole closing ceremony has been so lame."
White Light, which was released last week, is Michael's song about his near-death battle with illness last year.
Kiwi journo Russell Brown tweeted: "And now to get the party started, it's George Michael's song about not dying of pneumonia".
The closing ceremony featured a reunion by the Spice Girls, Yoko Ono supplying rare John Lennon footage for use during 'Imagine', Liam Gallagher performing Oasis' 'Wonderwall', Russell Brand inexplicably singing the Beatles' 'I Am the Walrus', Pet Shop Boys performing 'West End Girls' and Ed Sheeran singing Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' with Floyd drummer Nick Mason.
The heavily-pregnant Adele did not perform at the event and David Bowie and Kate Bush, also rumoured to perform, had their songs played instead.
Robbie Williams reportedly did not perform with Take That as his wife is due to give birth.
The showcase of British music ranged from boy band One Direction to British rock icons The Who and Roger Taylor and Brian May of Queen.
A 44-track double album of songs from the closing ceremony has been released digitally today - it contains George Michael's White Light but not Freedom 90.

heraldsun.com.au  13 Aug 2012

A disgraceful performance by the presenters, but as in typical corporate media fashion, nothing wrong can be done by them, even though the masses think otherwise.

Victoria's prison inquiry hits hurdle

A SECRET inquiry into how the Baillieu Government runs the prison system has been compromised. 
An investigator has been sacked for issuing a politically motivated tweet.
The Auditor-General's Office is investigating a security breach in its office after contractor Leigh Bromley used social media to comment about a highly confidential review he was undertaking into doubts about the Government's ability to expand the prison system in line with its tough-on-crime agenda.
The Auditor-General confirmed it had terminated Mr Bromley's services on Friday over his indiscreet tweet, which mocked the use of the term "positive growth" to describe increasing prisoner numbers.
"Need to be careful when discussing growth in prisoner numbers as 'positive growth'," Mr Bromley tweeted last Wednesday.
Sources close to the prison investigation have raised doubts about the impartiality of the audit after Mr Bromley's public disclosure, though neither the office nor the Government would comment about the nature or suitability of the secret probe.
Instead, when asked by the Herald Sun about the tweet, the office issued a statement saying it investigated the matter immediately after learning of Mr Bromley's comment and had terminated his services.
"VAGO prides itself on its integrity and independence, and holds all staff and contractors to the highest standards of accountability and responsibility," the Auditor-General's statement said.
The Herald Sun has learned Mr Bromley was hired to investigate the Government's formula for forecasting prisoner numbers and ability to plan for growth in the prison population, which will be one of the last reports by Auditor-General Des Pearson before he retires in December.
Mr Bromley works for ISG Projects as a transport and infrastructure consultant.
Although the audit is believed to be reviewing data, formulas and cabinet submissions used by previous Labor governments, sources close to the investigation believe it is firmly focused on the Coalition's tougher sentencing policies.
The Government made an election promise to open more prison beds, and a new prison at Ararat has been delayed by the collapse of the developer.

heraldsun.com.au 14 Aug 2012

Another 'whistle blower' that will have to pay for uncovering another government scam.

These government scams are well disguised under politically correct agendas like the above mentioned "positive growth", and anyone standing in the way will get crushed.

Prisoners and guards work together to commit crime both inside and outside of prison.

Guards are told to 'look the other way' when some sort of discipline is carried out on another prisoner by other prisoners.

When the news gets out from the prison walls, the coverup begins with corrupt lawyers and judges that rule a failure of the 'system' as the result of a death.

There is more corruption inside prison than the corporate media will ever be allowed to report.

High speed internet costs blow out

THE builder of the national broadband network (NBN) says construction costs will be around 3.9 per cent higher than initially forecast.

NBN Co chief Mike Quigley and communications minister Stephen Conroy released an updated plan today covering the three years to mid-2015.
While construction costs will rise by 3.9 per cent, the plan shows NBN Co is on track to meet its target to start or complete work to connect 758,000 premises to the high speed network by the end of 2012.
Mr Quigley said the plan was based on facts rather than a "bunch of assumptions'' on policy and contracts, compared to the first program drawn up in December 2010.
"It is a much more fact-based, solid set of assumptions ... than it was back in December 2010,'' he told AAP in an interview.
The cost of operating the network is predicted to rise by $3.2 billion to $26.4 billion, while revenue is forecast to be $600 million lower at $23.1 billion.
Although costs have increased, the network is forecast to produce an improved return of 7.1 per cent, up 0.1 per cent.
Mr Quigley linked the rise in costs to the impact of major commercial deals and regulatory delays that had occurred since 2010.
One of the biggest was the deal between NBN Co and Optus, relating to the progressive shutdown of Optus's hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) network and the transfer of its customers to the NBN.
Mr Quigley said that deal, approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) last month, would bring around 500,000 HFC subscribers to the NBN.
"We will have a cost of connecting those customers and the cost of the migration fee that we will pay to Optus,'' he said.
As well, a nine-month delay in the ACCC's approval of a Telstra-NBN Co agreement meant the network could not access the Telstra infrastructure it needed to speed up the rollout.
But Mr Quigley said the rollout was still on schedule to pass the 758,000 premises by end 2012, as forecast in March.
Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull said delays and blowouts in the next stage of the national broadband network (NBN) project show the federal government has let taxpayers down.
Mr Turnbull said the plan, which updates the initial program laid out in December 2010, showed more investment would come from the Commonwealth.
"Labor's national broadband network is falling disastrously behind every benchmark the government has set for it except one - the amount of taxpayers money being spent,'' he said in a statement.
An increase in "indirect'' operating expenses - primarily staff costs - from $3.7 billion to $7.8 billion was "even more insulting to taxpayers'', Mr Turnbull said.
"NBN Co may not be able to put together a budget or roll out a network, but it knows how to take care of itself,'' he said.
He said NBN Co should be given a definitive budget and stick to it.
"And the Productivity Commission should be asked to conduct a thorough cost benefit analysis to assess the most efficient means of upgrading Australians' broadband as quickly as possible,'' Mr Turnbull said.
Mr Turnbull has said previously a coalition government would deliver broadband services through a cheaper and quicker plan, albeit at slower speeds, through a mix of copper, fibre, wireless and satellite technologies.
NBN Co will deliver fibre-optic cable broadband to 93 per cent of Australia homes, schools and businesses by June 2021.
Of the remainder, four per cent will receive broadband services through fixed-wireless networks and three per cent through satellite services by 2015.

heraldsun.com.au 8 Aug 2012

Another 'Money for Mates' fraudulent deal with government support at the expense of the consumer.

Deals are setup in such a manner that tenures are fraudulently accepted and signed off, with million dollar kickbacks.

The NBN is just one example of government supported fraud, that will NEVER be exposed by the corporate media.

13 August 2012

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom launches case 'facts' web page

PIRACY-accused multi-millionaire Kim Dotcom has gone on the offensive against the United States, launching a new web page to share information about his case. 
Dotcom and three other men who worked for his Megaupload file-sharing website, Mathias Ortmann, Finn Batato and Bram Van der Kolk, face copyright, racketeering and money laundering charges in the United States.
The four are on bail in New Zealand awaiting an extradition hearing set down for March next year.
Dotcom has laid out his side of the court case on his website, www.kim.com, on a page titled "10 Facts About the Megaupload Scandal".
He says the only party found to have broken the law so far is the New Zealand police, after a High Court judge ruled the search warrant used to confiscate hard drives and other material from Dotcom was illegal.
His website, similar in appearance to one that might be created to support the release of a new Hollywood movie, features the taglines: "The war for the Internet has begun", "Hollywood is in control of politics" and "The government is killing innovation".

Dotcom has taken the witness stand in the High Court at Auckland this week at a hearing into the January police raid on his Coatesville mansion which resulted in his arrest.
The hearing follows on from a ruling in late June that the search warrants used to carry out the raid were invalid.

heraldsun.com.au 9 Aug 2012

In similar news:

Criminals are using public and private roads to commit road offences, also fleeing from authorities.

As a result road builders are guilty of aiding and abetting criminals and will be publicly executed.

Governments are run by the Hollywood financiers.

Google fined for hijacking Safari

GOOGLE is paying a record $US22.5 million ($21.4 million) fine to settle allegations that it broke a privacy promise by secretly tracking millions of web surfers who use Apple's Safari browser.

The penalty announced by the US Federal Trade Commission matches the figure media reported last month.

It's the largest fine the FTC has imposed against a company for violating a previous agreement with the agency.
Google isn't admitting any wrongdoing in the latest settlement.
The fine isn't over Google's data collection, but for misrepresenting what was happening.
Last October, Google had signed a 20-year agreement that, among other things, included a company pledge not to mislead consumers about its privacy practices.
The FTC opened its investigation into the Safari activities six months ago after a researcher at Stanford University revealed Google had overridden Safari safeguards that are supposed to prevent outside parties from monitoring web surfing activity without a user's permission.
The tracking occurs through snippets of computer coding, known as cookies, that help internet services and advertisers target marketing pitches based on an analysis of the interests implied by a person's web surfing activity.
Google immediately withdrew its intrusive technology from Safari after the manipulation was reported.
But the circumvention of Apple's built-in settings appeared to contradict a statement in Google's online help centre assuring Safari users they didn't need to do anything more to ensure their online activities wouldn't be logged by Google.
The apparent contradiction between Google's words and actions became the focal point of the FTC investigation.
Google's fine surpasses a nearly $US19 million penalty that the FTC slapped on a telemarketer accused of duping people into believing they were donating to charities.

heraldsun.com.au  10 Aug 2012

Google together with other global data collection giants, like Apple, HP, IBM and others will go on collecting data not only about their users, but also about all connected users.

This is a policy that will not be stopped under any circumstances, as this information is used for government purposes therefore supported by governments.

Students pay crims to live here

HUNDREDS of Indian students have been buying the right to live in Australia by paying criminals for fake work references in a racket worth millions.

The massive scam, based in Melbourne and involving local restaurant and small business owners, has been described by officials as "an organised and lucrative criminal enterprise".
It has been exposed in more than a dozen rulings by the Migration Review Tribunal, which has cancelled the temporary and permanent residency of students who paid up to $3500 for fake documents.
They bought references saying they had completed 900 hours of unpaid work experience in areas such as cooking, baking, mechanics and hairdressing, giving them half the points required for residency.
The tribunal, which in the past year has heard 15 cases involving students fighting the fraud allegations, noted that many Indian migration agents touted baking and cookery courses as "a fast track to permanent residence".
Five trainees who used fake documents showing they had worked as cooks or pastry chefs ended up working in Australia as taxi drivers, security guards or checkout operators.
One Indian student paid the scam's kingpin $3500 to be a cook and another paid a chef $2500 for a fake reference and a photo of himself standing in the kitchen.
The key man involved in the scam, Carmine Amarante, worked at Della International training college in Melbourne's CBD.
He has been jailed for three years for his part in the $2 million rort. Amarante created 541 fake documents attached to 471 visa applications lodged with the department.
He charged between $1500 and $2500 for each fraudulent document, and paid the business owners $300 to $500 for each signature.
The Immigration Department has been cancelling visas since uncovering the five-year scam but declined to comment for this story.
In May, student Rajinder Singh appeared before the Migration Review Tribunal and admitted he had bought a bogus reference.
In Amarante's case, Melbourne County Court was told Bakers Hut Bread Supplies gave more than 155 false work references and job offers to international students, and Axilleon cake shop in Coburg provided 120 fake work references.
Others involved included bakeries in Coburg and Glenroy, restaurants in Thomastown and Coburg, a landscaping business and a Preston mechanic.
David Young, a Migration Tribunal member who heard several cases, described the scheme as "an egregious and calculated fraud".

 heraldsun.com.au 13 Aug 2012

The actual number is in the thousands and NOT hundreds  as reported.

The government / authorities,  businesses and the learning institutions concerned have been aware and have been supporting this fraud for over a decade.

It is not in the interest of the government or any of the associated businesses to stamp out these criminal activities as a whole network is supported by this multimillion dollar fraud.

Australia importing criminals (students) to hire local criminals to commit fraud, with the bribery going all the way to the top of politics, and politicians that spruik their wares overseas.

Australia truly the luck country, if you're a criminal with the right connections.

Father of twins in Facebook fight

A FATHER of twin boys has asked that their mother be banned from posting photos of them on Facebook.

The man, in his 30s, said he wanted the prior written permission of both parties before any "photographs, images or private information" about the three-year-olds were put on social networking sites.
He told the Federal Magistrates' Court the boys' mother had posted a number of photos and personal information about them on her Facebook page.
He said it was all accessible to her hundreds of friends, but no longer to him because she had blocked his access last year.
The man said he was concerned strangers could access the information and use it to track the children's movements.
He asked the court to order the mother to remove all the items from her page and restrict her to sharing photos with close family and friends on email. The father said it was to protect the children's privacy.
The mother told the court she was happy to agree to moves to protect the children's privacy, but she would not remove the posts. The court heard she had moved away from family and friends for the benefit of the children and it was a way of keeping in touch.
The court heard the pair had not been in a committed relationship when she fell pregnant, but shared parental responsibility.
Federal Magistrate Janet Terry said there was no evidence the mother had posted anything inappropriate. She said the father had also failed to provide any proof the mother's use of Facebook was likely to put the children at risk.
"The mother perceives no difficulty with her activities and clearly enjoys using Facebook as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family," she said.
"She is a loving and capable parent who I am sure would not willingly put her children in harm's way."
Ms Terry said she would not ban the mother from using Facebook, and possibly cause greater resentment between the pair, when there was no clear need for it.

heraldsun.com.au 10 Aug 2012

The politics of government / authority is to take away the decision making of the family unit or rather as in this case the broken family, and remove any desires or wishes of the male (father). 

The courts are in favour of the diss-assembly of the family unit (as there is much to be gained) followed by order against the male.

The courts are taking away the rights of individuals to parent, and letting the 'state' decide what the parents can or cannot do.

WikiLeaks' website under attack

THE secret-busting organisation WikiLeaks says it's been the victim of a sustained denial-of-service attack which has left its website sluggish or inaccessible for more than a week.

The group said the assault intensified around the beginning of August and has since expanded to include attacks against affiliated sites.
Denial-of-service attacks work by overwhelming websites with requests for information. WikiLeaks has said it's been flooded with 10 gigabits per second of bogus traffic from thousands of different internet addresses.
Josh Corman, with online content delivery company Akamai, characterised that as "a bit larger" than attacks commonly seen in the past few years.
WikiLeaks, which has angered officials in Washington with its spectacular releases of classified US documents, remained inaccessible yesterday.

heraldsun.com.au 13 Aug 2012

With the exposure of government atrocities and embarrassment on a world stage, comes retribution from the authorities.

Instead of focusing on the crimes committed in the surfacing of the information, a global attack on the publisher is undertaken.

Authorities can and do get away with killing innocent people on a global stage and there is nothing anyone can do,

Every move you make: Facebook watching you

A MAN walks into a bar and the bartender says "how'd you like 50 per cent off your next Appletini?"

"That's remarkably specific," you think to yourself. "How did he know I drink Appletinis?"
"I saw it on your Facebook profile," the bartender says, in reply to the freaked out look on your face.
This could be the future of targeted advertising envisioned by a company that wants to install cameras in public venues that cross reference your face to your Facebook profile in order to offer custom targeted advertising wherever you go.
 The technology, known as Facedeals, works by installing cameras in select venues. Users then sign up to be part of the service, uploading Facebook photos that can clearly identify your facial features.
Then when you enter a venue that has a deal with Facedeals, you will be sent a text message offering you special discounts on the things you like best.
If you think this kind of caring advertising is a little creepy, you're not alone.
Facebook has already been criticised for using facial recognition technology as a way of offering its users recommendations on people to be friends with.
Last month Facebook discontinued the service only a month after acquiring the technology after being bombarded with complaints regarding privacy.
However, Facebook is still using the technology in conjunction with the Australian Federal Police to detect possible criminal activity.
Facedeals is still in beta phase, so only time will tell whether it will catch on.

 heraldsun.com.au 13 Aug 2012

A new age of monitoring and collecting of information is upon the masses.

Companies are set up for the purpose of 'marketing' or 'target advertising' in order to collect and store information about every individual on the planet.

These companies are shelf companies that report back to government / authorities to form databases that will never go away.

Naturally this is all done under the sleepy noses of the general populous, tantilising them with 'deals' or 'rewards' for giving this 'invaluable' information about themselves, peers, friends and family.

The standard response by most individuals is the "I have nothing to hide" or "I've done nothing wrong", that lets the civil liberties get eroded, together with the breach of privacy by these companies / governments.

Another step closer to total enslavement, in the new order of the world.