28 October 2017

The real reason to change Australia's marriage law exposed?

So, Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, stated that the marriage law (Marriage Act 1961) will be changed by Christmas (2017), where it's nearly November and the survey (not vote) on homosexuals marrying is not complete.

Besides that people have stated that they will be answering yes to the ABS  survey as many times as they have the addressed envelope to their residence.

So there are much more important / pressing matters that realistically need addressing that cause people HARM. e.g. keeping murders / rapists behind bars, rather than the Marriage Act of 1961.

Why the rush?

What's the agenda?

For example in (criminal) law one of the most important aspects is one's intentions with regards to the carrying out of an action.

If the ABS figures are anything to go by then homosexual couples make up approximately 1% of the Australian population.

So why so much effort on such a 'minority'?

Does the government really 'care' (remember that word mentioned above 'intention') that poofs and lesbians marry* to live "happily ever after"?

Well in the annals of a 'government' business some poindexter figured out the Government Co. could  swindle a billion of their own promissory notes from the homo-herd, from this action.

Who ever said that poofs and lezzos can't be stooged just like the hetero/metro/pan?- sexuals.

* - let's put aside the reason for marrying.

BlackBerry KEYone at JB Hi-Fi but should I buy it?

ANY business will tell you (the consumer) to purchase a product, as that's why they're in business for, to make maximum profits.

An online forum (you know, a 'business'), which has taken over BlackBerry's tech support, will no doubt be pushing you, the consumer, to purchase the 'new' BlackBerry KEYone Android device.

BlackBerry no longer manufactures phone, where that task has been given to TCL.

Blackberry was synonymous with security with it's proprietary device Operating System version 10 and earlier.

Is 'new' really that new or even the latest and greatest anyomre?

Let's take a look at the camera specs as an example.

In September 2014, BlackBerry's flagship device was the Passport which also ran BlackBerry's  proprietary Operating System version 10.

This device came out with a 13MP camera.

BlackBerry's first Android device the Priv, which was announced just over a year after the Passport  came with an 18 MP camera.

The DTEK60, released another year after the Priv sported a 21 MP camera.

Sure one can argue that the new iPhone 8 has 'only' 12 MP, but why the cheap sensor technology?

Aren't we supposed to be going forwards?

We no longer have the 41MP technology used in Nokia's  Pureview 808, just like we no longer have the tech to go to the moon?

There's even a mention that in order to rush the new iPhone X Apple reduced the accuracy of the key Face ID component.

BlackBerry has a policy of abandoning it users with regards to phone operating system updates, even though some will have words contrary to this, where one can no longer use a phone for say 10 years but rather is forced up buy new thousand dollar hardware every year.

Those who bought the Priv with Android v5.1.1 (Lollipop) can only upgrade to v6 (Marshmallow), whereas Apple customers enjoy a few major OS updates.

Many tech gurus will tell you not to purchase version 1.0 of new technology, where businesses are telling you to HURRY and buy this new KEYone for $900 in Australia (for maximum profits).

Most people would be aware that as time goes by, that a $900 phone becomes cheaper to buy, i.e. a BETTER deal for the customer, and a better support base for factory designed 'bugs' that are inherent from a rush to market approach, which is rife in the industry.

If you truly want security, privacy or anonymity we do no recommend Google's Android operating system irrespective of brand of hardware (e.g. BlackBerry) or with whatever other so called security add-ons that are presented, as 'consumer' (mass population) products are not truly designed for security.

27 October 2017

Dodgy builder's tax avoidance scam supported by Local Government

Dodgy businesses are a plenty in Australia, where at the end of the day the people (the general population) are the victims as a result of these criminal activities.

We have been provided with information from an anonymous source within the industry with regards to the actions of an entity called "Local Government" or rather City Councils.

'Dodgy' people register businesses as builders or developers with the intention to defraud the Australian Tax Office of taxation resulting from profits earned from their business.

The people in the your friendly City Council are in on it, getting 'kick backs' for allowing certificates of occupancy (which are now outsourced), where residences are left unoccupied for a period of time until it is safe to avoid capital gains tax.

The illustration below is of one such dwelling within the perimeter of a business called the City of Moreland (ABN 46 202 010 737), undergoing a staged look of being lived in where in reality no one's home, where the builders are committing an action of tax avoidance.

People should be aware that in Australia tax minimisation is legal whereas tax avoidance is not.

This is a racket that has been going on for quite some time and no action has been taken to stop this.

Looks like Australia truly is the "Lucky Country" (especially when you're committing criminal activity), hey?

On a side note, these businesses called city councils are not the lawful 'municipal offices' (that being departments of the state), as described within the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 or the 'Constitution' for short, but that is another matter, where if people wish to take action, they can find information at:


25 October 2017

Apparently you're a nutter if you think you're being watched by government

So it looks like the corporate media are on a government propaganda binge where anything outside of sanitised information  is a 'conspiracy theory' or even a character assassination on you where you're a tin foil hat wearer or nut case.

On the topic of surveillance, according to the mainstream media mutts, you've got some sort of newly classified (keeping psychiatrists in the job) e-Personality disorder.

So, according to bbc.com there were approximately  4 - 6 million CCTV cameras in 2015, in the United Kingdom alone.

The Australian government has been keeping all your (meta)data for a period of time, where it has been doing this since day dot, but only now it's been enshrined in statute law.

The Snowden leaks have exposed government policy of global mass surveillance, literally unfathomable to the layperson.

Every person's smartphone has data harvested  from it, unbeknown to the user.

Smart meters installed forcibly in people's homes monitor their movements

Smart air conditioners are now supported by government so that the electricity companies can switch off your appliance whenever it suits them under whatever pretext, e.g. not enough electricity supply.

It has been confirmed that Samsung's Smart TVs 'listen in' to you in the privacy of your own home.

So when one talks about "they're watching us" is that really paranoia or just being a realist?

24 October 2017

People happy with Turnbull's NBN failure

The government can hide plenty from the masses, but it's difficult to hide this huge failure called the NBN (National Broadband Network).

It seems that whatever the people in government touch becomes a failure, where it is clear that they are incompetent and incapable of making decisions that are of benefit to the community.

With all these obvious failures the community seems very happy with the actions of the people in government.

How can one deduce that the people are happy?
- Because they are not protesting in the streets that they are unhappy.
Remember; Silence is acquiescence?

With the advent of a government tool (the interwebs) seeping into the hands of the plebs, any drunk sitting in his outhouse in the back of a Queensland property in the 'sticks', can have access to Australia's  founding legal document called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp) or the 'Constitution' for short.

These serfs will quote the words "Whereas the people" (from the Constitution) implying that they have some sort of 'authority' probably also referring to a quote somewhere along the line of "The people are the ultimate authority of the land", forgetting that it was the landowners who had a say in the shaping of the Constitution.

Maybe the serfs do have a say, as according to the people in government, the mass population 'voted' (in reality responded to a survey) supporting homosexual marriage, but that topic is covered elsewhere in the blog.

Currently Australia, apparently a first world country, has an internet speed slower than a second world country, Kazakhstan and just above Guam (third world?).

It's seems that the all powerful herd population will change the marriage law (based upon a survey) with regards to homosexuals (you know poofs and lezzos) marrying, but don't give a stuff about how fast their internet speeds are as a result of the incompetence of the people who actually 'rule' over the tax slave population.

The government cannot get many projects right, yet they will get it 'right' with regards to killing you, oops sorry euthanasia law.

Is it too late to ask Rolf Harris for a:

"Trust Australian Government, sure CAN'T" ??? !!! ???

Police covering up premier's drink driving wife - FOI not in the public interest, really?

The people in government protect their brethren (or brethren's wives) by not informing their tax slave population of any criminal activities they have committed even though the public have a right to know meaning it is in the 'public interest'.

Victoria Police is an organisation that covers up criminal activities committed by people in government or their relatives.

Those who you see to have had action taken against them are there for show, so that others will be obedient.

This is just one example that has made it out into the public arena where Victoria Police has acted dishonestly, against their duties, protecting and covering up a drink driver the Premier Daniel Andrews' wife, Catherine Andrews.

It sure does pay to be in the 'brotherhood', but then you have to give back a percentage once you keel over.

The laws that apply to the residents of a (penal) colony do not apply to the administration.

STILL trust the police ???

See article from 23 Oct 2017 by news.com.au of the headline;

Victoria Police rejects FOI requests for information about car crash involving Premier’s wife

VICTORIA Police has refused to release documents detailing an investigation into a collision involving Premier Daniel Andrews’ wife, claiming a freedom of information request was not in the public interest.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews with his wife Catherine Andrews. Picture: AAPSource:AAP
VICTORIA Police has refused to release documents detailing an investigation into a collision involving Premier Daniel Andrews’ wife, claiming a freedom of information request was not in the public interest.

It comes after revelations by Channel 9 News that an internal review into officers who did not perform a breath test on Catherine Andrews ended with the two police officers being let off with a warning.

The father of the 15-year-old cyclist injured in the crash confirmed to the Herald Sun that he was still waiting to hear from the Premier and his wife more than four years later.

Mrs Andrews was at the wheel of a taxpayer-funded car in Blairgowrie when it collided with the teenage boy on about 1.30pm on January 7, 2013.

The boy was taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital, where he underwent surgery to stem internal bleeding, also suffering a punctured lung, broken ribs and cuts.

Victoria Police officers arriving at the scene did not follow standard procedure and failed to breathalyse the then Opposition Leader’s wife and an internal investigation was launched.

But four years on, Victoria Police has denied Freedom of Information requests by Channel 9 into the details of the crash and into the internal investigation of the officers.

Both requests were rejected on grounds that they were not in the public interest.

In total, 38 pages of notes were requested including three pages of the car Mrs Andrews was driving at the time, two pages of witness statements and a two-page statement from Mrs Andrews.

Victoria Police said in a statement that the Professional Standards Command had finished their investigation into two members failing to follow policy.

“The two attending member failed to conduct a PBT on the driver of the vehicle involved in the collision.

“Both members were administered Workplace Guidance and the matter has been finalised.”
Mr Andrews said the crash was a deeply traumatic event for all involved and wished the father and his son all the best.

23 October 2017

Australian Government's corruption hidden from the public

There are many documents hidden from the herd population with regards to the corrupt actions of people in government.

It is in the 'best interest' of the people to expose criminal actions of people they apparently elected into government in order to instigate criminal charges.

After all what 'good' is legal system the condones criminal activity ??? !!! ???

The "Queen of Australia" is NOT a lawful entity, where it is relied upon in just about all legal matters.

What would be beneficial to people is to obtain for themselves, not just the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp) or the 'Quick and Garran' but also the document in the following illustration:

22 October 2017

Corrupt Queensland police still issuing fines despite faulty system

The level of corruption, deceit, false information and cover-ups from within the various tiers of government often goes beyond the comprehension of the general population, or as the legal fraternity put it the 'layman'.

A large problem is that the legal fraternity as a whole supports this corruption.

The Queensland government's cash cow a business called SPER (State Penalties Enforcement Registry, ABN: 90 856 020 239), falsely transfers  your unlawful (fine) automatically to a debt.

The best part about it is that they are fully aware of this fraud, yet still continue to enact on it, despite knowing full well that their actions will bring in more complaints.

See obtained document:

 In the words of Australia's ex Prime Minister Paul Keating;


Just remember YOUR place in this (penal) colony.

Australian Government to blame for the latest 'hack'

In the second week of October 2017, Australia's general population was informed that there was a security breach in the offices of the defence force, where it was revealed to the public that secret F-35, P-8 C-130 data was stolen.

Since Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy the government went into 'Monarchical Mode', meaning the Queen can do no wrong, where the government denied all responsibility, something which cannot be further from the truth.

What is also concerning is that the people in government are under no mandate to report to the general population security breaches nor the accuracy of what data has been 'stolen' (or rather copied - can you really technically 'steal' data?), where the people are left in the dark with regards to the true state of incompetence of the people in government.

As late as 2011 the people in government have been warned not to use default passwords and the latest defence 'hack' was as a result of default parameters being used. 

Some would even say they deserve that hack.

Irrespective of whether or not a contractor was involved, a person employed within the government overseeing the project is ultimately responsible, where  at the end of the day they failed in their job, therefore it's a 'failure of government' and the person should be on the unemployment queue the next day.

Since many government jobs fall in the category of 'money for mates' where even if we name the person responsible, they will still be employed no doubt still capable of putting the Australian population in harm's way.

Don't the police 'fine' the herd population for traveling over the speed limit  ('Wipe off 5' BS campaign) an action which apparently may cause someone harm, but did not at that actual point in time?

Irrespective of whether these people in positions of significance are assholes or just plain imbeciles incapable of carrying out the duties required, it seems that these assholes are in charge of the safety of their Australian tax slave population.

STILL trust the people in government?