07 December 2020

Class action lawsuit omitted from report?

With every so called 'bungle' (which is more of a 'money for mates' deal), any legal action that follows after is a big deal, so much so that it gets reported when that bungle is mentioned.

Well Serene Teffaha, from advocateme.com.au was the first(?) to start a class action against the government with regards to the 'hotel' quarantine.

(See class action under the heading of false imprisonment at https://www.advocateme.com.au/copy-of-ahpra, which is now closed)

So, did the Australian Broadcasting Corporation mention this?

They didn't?

It's as if they 'work' for the government.

Oops, they do, because they get paid by the 'government'*.

<Ctrl f> away to your heart's content, for Serene Teffaha within their article:


* - state/federal, whatever!

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