16 April 2016

Hansard altered - Can you really trust the Australian government?

The Australian government has been busted altering an official government record called a 'hansard'.

When referring to Acts, Bills etc and the rule of law, parliamentary documents called hansards are also referred to.

Since it has come out into the public arena that in this instance the hansard was altered, in relation to Barnaby Joyce's activities, what assurance have the people of Australia got that the hansards are true and correct with respect to the many other Acts passed through parliament.

The short answer none.

Now what 'should' happen is the people responsible to be criminally charged, but anyone who knows anything about the law will know nothing will happen, as these people are above the law.

See excerpt from the Herald Sun article of 16 April 2016:

15 April 2016

Victoria Police is about beating you 'sensless' - re Corinna Horvath

This is just one example of police brutality, where the victim went all the way (in the legal sense), that being to the UN Human Rights Committee.

Are the police really all about beating you 'senseless'  ??? !!! ???

Just a reminder:

  • Victoria Police are not there for your 'protection'.
  • Victoria Police are not your 'friend'
  • Victoria Police are not 'public servants' - they are employees of a corporation.
  • You do not have to give any other information to police other than your name and address. Your date of birth is not required by 'law', even though they may claim so.
  • You do not have to say anything else to police, meaning you have the right not to self incriminate.
  • Police lie, produce false statements and witnesses in court without any repercussions.
  • Record ALL interactions with police, with the added backup of to the 'cloud'. 
  • In your matter if the 'magistrate' errs in law obtain forms for a Judicial Review.

Horvath v Australia (HRC, 2014)

Violations: ICCPR art 2(3)
Partially remedied

In 1996, 21-year-old Corinna Horvath was assaulted by police during an unlawful raid on her Melbourne home. Her nose was broken and a tooth chipped. She was hospitalised for 5 days.

In 2001, Ms Horvath won a civil case at the County Court. After 40 days of evidence, the judge found police had committed trespass, assault, unlawful arrest and false imprisonment and awarded Ms Horvath $143,525 in compensation. This amount was reduced on appeal and Ms Horvath was denied leave to appeal to the High Court.

In Victoria, individual police officers, rather than the State, are liable to pay damages for unlawful conduct. Where a police officer is unable to pay, the victim can go uncompensated. Further, none of the police involved has been disciplined or prosecuted by the State. Ms Horvath seeks adequate compensation and effective discipline of the police officers involved.

In 2014, the UN Human Rights Committee found that Ms Horvath's right to an effective remedy was violated, in relation to the cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, arbitrary arrest and detention to which she was subjected, and the interference with her home and privacy. The Committee recommended legislative reform in Victoria and adequate compensation for Ms Horvath.

Partial remedy in record time!

On 19 September 2014, Corinna Horvath obtained an individual remedy some 5 months after the UN found her rights had been violated and that she should be compensated. Ms Horvath received a written apology from the Victorian Police Commissioner and an ex gratia payment as compensation for the violent assault on her by police in 1996.

Congratulations to Ms Horvath and her legal team. Thank you to everyone who campaigned for her right to an effective remedy.

However, there is more to be done. The UN Human Rights Committee found that Australia "is also under an obligation to take steps to prevent similar violations occurring in future" by means of law reform "to ensure its conformity with the requirements of the Covenant."

Act on the Horvath case now: Sign this super-quick letter to the federal Attorney-General and the Premier of Victoria.

The events in question:

Corinna Horvath and her partner, Craig Love, had friends David and Colleen and their two boys over for a barbecue one Saturday afternoon in 1996. At about 9:40pm, two police officers knocked on the door wanting to inspect her unroadworthy car for evidence it had recently been driven, contrary to police instruction. Ms Horvath refused and asked them to leave. A scuffle ensued, in which the police claim they were assaulted by Horvath and Love, but a County Court judge found that Horvath and Love had 'used no more force than was necessary' to prevent the police trespassing on their property. The police left and called for reinforcements.

At 10:30pm, 5 police cars arrived and 8 policemen got out and surrounded the house. One of the police ‘yelled … in a loud and aggressive voice’ that the occupants should open the door, as they intended to make an arrest. The occupants refused, asking for evidence of a warrant. The officer replied that they did not need one. One of the officers then kicked open the front door ‘with great and sudden force’, striking Ms Horvath's friend David in the face with the door, causing injury and constituting an assault.

This same officer then entered the house, ‘pursued David … brought him to the floor and, in the course of so doing, struck him on the right side of the head and hit him at least once with a baton across his lower back.’ Another police officer then informed the first that David was not the man they sought to arrest.

The first officer then entered the lounge room where he tackled Ms Horvath to the floor, then 'brutally and unnecessarily' punched her in the face up to a dozen times, thereby 'rendering her senseless'. Ms Horvath has no recollection of this assault. She suffered a broken nose and chipped tooth, bruising and scratches to her face and body. Two officers then handcuffed her 'in a manner that restricted her from reducing the pain and blood flow from her nose or otherwise relieving her injuries' and dragged her to their divvy van. Meanwhile, her friend Colleen was forced to the floor and held there with a knee in her back. Ms Horvath and Mr Love were both arrested and taken away by police.
Ms Horvath, admitted to hospital a week after the assault (photo by her mum)
Ms Horvath was 'not provided with immediate medical treatment' in police custody, but instead 'left screaming in pain in [a] cell'. She was 'eventually discovered by a police doctor who contacted her parents', who called an ambulance. She was released from custody at about 12:20am and taken to hospital for emergency treatment.

A week later, Ms Horvath returned to hospital and was admitted for 5 days, requiring surgery to repair her facial injuries. She is left with scars on her nose and has been treated for anxiety and depression arising from the assault.
Ms Horvath, admitted to hospital a week after the assault (photo by her mum)

You can obtain the pdf on the UN - HRC decision at:


14 April 2016

Australia - The Zombie Nation

There is much ado about nothing in many social media circles with relation to people standing up for their rights against the corrupt and criminal actions of people in a place of business called the "Australian Government".

Every single day the people have fraud committed against them by the very people that are allegedly governing the nation on the people's behalf.

This fraud and corruption is worth literally billions of dollars annually.

So what are the people doing about it?

Literally nothing.

The herd populace is too busy.

Too busy doing what exactly?

Well there's a plethora of reality TV to keep one addicted and put in one's place (on the couch).

Then there's the footy season to keep the 'Simpletons' with one beer in hand and remote in the other glued to the idiot box.

Not to mention all these other distractions the keep the plebs squabbling among each other, drawing away the attention from your right being eroded right before your eyes with draconian laws 'enforced' on the plebs.

There are many ways to gauge the 'health' of the people of a nation.

One way recently was used by researchers by studying the shopping habits of the general populous.

There they saw that "Much of our daily life involves habitual autopilot behaviour".

They also saw that when in that mindset people crave faster and simpler service interactions.

Since figuring out who and how "we" are being oppressed requires one to step out of the "autopilot behaviour" the oppressors can keep oppressing.

So when is this going to change?

11 April 2016

Hacking offences - an assault on the people

Let's put to the side the actual legitimacy of the laws that the current government put in place.

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology a 'hacker' can literally be anyone involved in the computer industry.

The paper put out by the company commonly referred to as the Australian Government states that a 'hacker' can be a person:

  • who explores programmable systems,
(we want to know how Windows  10 works 'cause we hate the 'Start' menu).*
  •  who is obsessive about programming,
(we really need to know how to get this app up and running for the work deadline).*
  •  who is able to program quickly, or 
(we finished this app in 3 days and told our employer it would take 7... hehehe).*
  •  is an expert in a particular program.
(we really love MS Excel 2016 (v16) and know ALL the features).*

More generally:

  • an expert enthusiast,
(we have perfected the art of being an enthusiast in tegestology).*
  •  one who enjoys creatively overcoming limitations, or 
(we have found a new way of overcoming the limitations of our large intestine).*
  •  a malicious meddler seeking confidential information.
(we need to obtain the 'colour of law' for court purposes in relation to our alleged 'speeding fine' matter).*

See how whatever little rights you have on this penal colony have been degraded with these unlawfully enacted laws.

Original source at:


or alternative download at:


Since Australia is still a penal colony, the laws are reflective of this. 

- Oops, that's a bit of a bugger, the administration of this penal colony classifies us as a 'hacker'?