21 August 2010

Federal Election - Labour Wins

One of THE greatest misconception of the General Masses is that they have a say in which political party is elected.

History has repeated itself on many occasions that it is without a doubt that the elected political power has been put in place by not the people.

What preceedes ANY election is the media circus that 'stupifies' the masses into believing that it is always a close or neck to neck race.

In reality the political party is chosen behind closed doors by the Financiers, Lawmakers and 'ruling' business community.

Another 'trick' used by the political parties to make things seem more plausible, is that a 'leader' ( or rather speaker) of the party that is NOT supposed to win, is chosen who is a Public Relations Dunce.

This tried and proven method, used since the ancient Greek times, is used to 'officially' sway the voters in which ever direction the authorities seem fit.

In this instance the PR Dunce is Abbott.

  • Ahead of the Official results of the Australian Federal Election, it is clear that the 'winner' of the elections will be Gillard or the policies that the Labour Party stand for.

One of the HOT election topics is 'boat people'.

The global trend is to scatter the 'boat people' under the banner of 'Human Rights' in order to gradually decline the standard of living of the masses, with slave labour that the 'boat people' are designed for.

20 August 2010

Election Promise - No Water

Australians are being told that they must vote on Saturday 21 August 2010, for a new Prime Minister of either Abbott or Gillard.

Ahead of the elections are the propaganda campaigns, staged (fake) media interviews, and empty election promises, some of which are:

  • Pay back Labours debt,

  • Stop the boats,

  • NBN - National Broadband Network,

  • Getting rid of old cars from the roads.

and MANY more lies.

One of THE most important issues has been overlooked, and that being the supply of water to a drought stricken Victoria. Currently Victoria (Melbourne) is under Stage 3 water restrictions.

Over the past two months Victoria has experienced constant rainfall (in some areas as high as 54mm in one day) which under 'normal' conditions would result in drought breaking reservoir filling, but not in this day and age.

Not one single media outlet has pressured the government / government elect into talking about the issue of water for the general populous.

Media outlets are conducive to government policies and in no way dishonour this policy.

The mass media in Australia is in the tight grip of only a few families, Murdoch, Packer and Stokes.

The families are beyond the reach of the general populous and are above the commoners laws.

Their dealings are secret and in no way are reported to the masses.

One of the greatest scandals in Victorian history is the government sponsored water shortage.

In light of this water supply shortage, the government still (and has been for many years) imports 1,000 immigrants per week to drought stricken Victoria.

The masses have been maimed into an eerie silence.

15 August 2010

Julia Gillard - Tax Secrets Slip

In a recent response to a question posed by a reporter, regarding the tax evasion by mining companies to Julia Gillard, Ms. Gillard responded with information that is not known to the General Populous.

Ms. Gillard responded that there are 3 levels of tax:

1). One for the masses,

2). Another for corporations,

3). Another for the Global Mining Community.

The 'apparent' Tax Laws do not apply to corporations as they do to the masses.

Some Corporations are 'excused' from paying tax, in which the masses have to make up for the balance in a Taxation Witch Hunt, which the Australian Tax Office targets 'industries' in order to make up for the 'bad' debts of the corporations.

The ex-Prime Minister wanted to even up the balance of figures with respect to mining, as the mining companies are sustained by government grants prior to any 'finds'.

The mining companies ship the profits overseas without paying any taxation.

What the ex- Prime Minister 'forgot' is that these mining companies are above the law, even though the mass media will state otherwise with plausible evidence.

The majority of the banking and mining/resources community has roots that go back to the Rothschild family origins, and their brethren and heirs.

These people are ABOVE the LAWS of taxation and the like.