27 March 2019

On Her Majesty's Service: Police Courts and Tribunals, but not any more

Remember the good ol' days?

  • When 'rascals and outlaws'* roamed this land, which incidentally they still do.

  • When the colonists in power disregarded the rule of law, and the imperial government had to remind them by installing the Colonial Laws Validity Act in 1865.

  • When the actions of those in authority were under Her/His Majesty.

Well not any more.

Do you receive letters from those in authority that they're acting under Her Majesty?

Of course not, why would you?

The corporation aggregate rules this land now.

So hand over ALL your cash to which ever ABN you're contracted to, because austerity is the name of the game now.

Please note that the above scan was watermarked, so that people like Jayden O'Connor under the banner of the GAP (Great Australian Party)  do not claim the work of others, as done with the research into the removal of the Bill of Rights from Western Australia's State Law Publisher, to be their own.

* China's reference to Australia.

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