27 November 2010

Victorian State Election

On the Saturday the 27th of November, 2010, Victorians were sent to the polling booths.

Like in the Federal elections, the media hyped up that it was the most nail biting election in the history Australia.

As of the time of this post the election results have not been counted yet.

The agenda of the monopolised mass media now , is that everything on T.V. is a NAIL BITING DRAMA.

Similarly, the mass media will beat up the election as the most nail biting draw in the history of the state.

Ballots are filled in by PENCIL, and there is no way that the results can be checked independently.

Another fraudulent result of an election that is decided amongst the political community, as it has been done with the Federal Election of the fraudulently elected Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

22 November 2010

Anger after Kyle Sandilands' police escort

Kyle Sandilands has caused an uproar after his uncle organised a free police escort to protect the $300,000 Maserati he hired to drive to an X-Factor shoot in Queensland.

The move has upset many including Opposition police spokesman Vaughan Johnson, who said the escort "beggared belief", the Daily Telegraph reports.

Sandilands was in Noosa with finalist Andrew Lawson last week when he was given the escort from Noosa-Cooroy Rd to a surf club about 16km away.

The couple were on their way to a free two-hour concert for 2000 fans — with six officers understood to be part of the escort.

"He gets special treatment while decent people have to beg for assistance (from police)," Opposition police spokesman Vaughan Johnson was quoted as saying.

"Megastars, celebrities — these people should provide their own personal protection and personal security."

Lawson said he and Sandilands had to "pull over" at one point so the police could catch up to them.

21 Nov 2010

On the way to a Pay as You Go Police force, like in the good ol' U S of A.

Not long to go now before it gets privatised.

Justin Bieber: groin-grabber

Searching for Justin Bieber pics recently we couldn't help but notice how often the teen heartthrob is snapped touching his junk.

No judgement! He's just doing what all 16-year-old boys do, right?

Check out our groin-grabbingly funny gallery of the little fella keeping tabs on his little fella. Hey, he's just making sure it's still there!


Just more Entertainment Diarrhoea fed to the Mindless Lemmings of the Canon Fodder.

Beiber is a nobody but a (badly) groomed L.A. product.

Grabbing your groin is NOT talent, but an incontinence condition, a clear indication that his bed wetting days are NOT over.

21 November 2010

Speeding drivers' demerit point rort

DOZENS of drivers nabbed on speed cameras stayed on the road by signing on to a greedy crime syndicate's demerit point rort.

More than 250 separate speeding offences were attributed to one nonexistent person using bogus identification held by the ringleaders.

Drivers who had previously lost their licences up to nine times managed to avoid detection.

Six had previously had their cars impounded and 45 had been before a court over a traffic matter.

Sixty-six dangerous drivers, on the brink of losing their licences because of their poor driving records, used the fake ID to stay on the roads.

They also dodged up to $70,000 in fines.

Many were alerted to the rort through Facebook and other social networking sites.

Some of those who used the service were charged and some got it for free.

Police suspect other demerit point dodges are operating in Victoria.

Thirteen people were arrested yesterday by detectives from Taskforce Nordic.

A man faced Melbourne Magistrates' Court this week after being extradited from South Australia in connection with the investigation.

Police expect to charge more than 100 other people.

Det-Supt Doug Fryer, of the crime department, said those facing charges were ordinary Victorians now at risk of serious criminal counts for falsely declaring they were not driving when the offences were committed.

"As soon as they falsely nominate, there's a deception. A lot of these people are mums and dads. They'll be interviewed for serious indictable offences," he said.

Most of the drivers under scrutiny are from Melbourne's northern and northwestern suburbs. Det-Supt Fryer said the rort had been under investigation for months.

One of the dodgy drivers boasted on his Facebook page about his mother accepting a fine for him.

A Department of Justice spokesman said fraudulent nomination carried the risk of heavy penalties, including imprisonment.

The spokesman warned a new customised computer system was being developed to help track offenders, including people who repeatedly nominated other drivers.

In April, the Herald Sun revealed 11 drivers would be charged with 800 offences related to false identity.

heraldsun 12 Nov 2010

The government maintains that it does not import criminals into Australia, which is a BLATANT lie.

The suburbs mentioned in this article are of a strong African / Middle Eastern ethnic low socio economic backgrounds that have been brought into the country by the Australian government.

The figures / statistics indicate that these people have a high crime rate in proportion to the rest of the ethnic communities.

The government deliberately imports criminals into Australia, as part of the globalisation regime.

Drug barons blow millions

DRUG-smuggling rackets involving tens of millions of dollars being passed across the tables at Crown casino have been smashed by police.

Operation Ripsaw in the past two years has seen the arrest of 30 alleged drug syndicate members in Australia and Vietnam, and almost 60 accused heroin couriers, Victoria Police's Det Supt Doug Fryer told the International Serious and Organised Crime Conference in Melbourne.

He revealed that during one sting, police used a covert warrant to enter a syndicate house in Melbourne late at night and seize $650,000 cash as well as heroin and ice - to spark a feud between the drug runners and get them talking.

"We got out of there and watched the fallout," he said.

One alleged syndicate head gambled $3.2 million in just 62 days at Crown, while another punted $12 million over five years at the casino, Det-Supt Fryer said.

Operation Ripsaw was set up after heroin deaths in Victoria in 2008 rose to 115, a third of the annual road toll.

Police focused efforts on 100 identified drug couriers operating between Ho Chi Minh City and Melbourne.

Det-Supt Fryer said the couriers were often Vietnamese-Australians with gambling debts who had been preyed upon by loan sharks at Australian casinos.

The drug syndicates, seven of them family-based, were run by traffickers who also did money lending.

Debt-ridden gamblers would be threatened then offered up to $24,000 to travel to Vietnam and catch flights back to Australia with compressed heroin "pellets" inserted in their bodies.

The pellets would contain up to 80 per cent pure heroin and one delivery of four pellets could bring a street value of up to $750,000.

Once the couriers began being arrested, other drug runners realised the heat was on in Melbourne so flew into Darwin or Perth before catching domestic flights to Melbourne, Det-Supt Fryer said.

In Vietnam, eight alleged Victorian drug runners have been arrested and face long jail terms and potential death sentences if convicted.

Det-Supt Fryer said despite Ripsaw's success, investigations into active syndicates were continuing.

Victoria Police crime units now had criminal proceeds teams "embedded" in investigations, to ensure forensic accounting could better pinpoint assets and proceeds of crime.

"The assets can be stripped as soon as the drug arrests are made," he said. But Australian police had encountered "issues" in seizing the syndicates' Vietnam-based assets.

heraldsun 18 Oct 2010

As inicated in this article only, the crime gangs involved are migrants.

Contrary to what the government says, that they do not import criminals, this is CLEARLY NOT the case.

Many crime syndicates are controlled by various migrant nationalities.

The government has been aware of this for quite some time, yet falsely states otherwise.

The casino, is a well known 'den' for criminal organisations, as well as money laundering facility.

The people who are on the criminal payroll vary from police, to politicians and judges.

Naming these individuals is pointeless, as they are proteced, by the very law that they create.

Sex predators jailed after online sting by police

A BRISBANE pharmacist and an entertainment manager are both behind bars after grooming a sexually inexperienced 14-year-old girl over the internet who was actually a male police officer.

A District Court jury deliberated almost a day before this afternoon finding 60-year-old pharmacist Kenneth Leslie Sternes guilty of using a carriage service, the internet, to groom a person under 16 and eight of using the internet to expose a child under 16 to indecent material between January 7 and February 25 last year.

At the same time entertainment manager and part-time radio announcer Christopher Francis Costello, 50, was before another court several rooms away being sentenced to 2¼ years' jail after a Brisbane jury in July found him guilty of similar offences between January 19 and February 16, last year.

In both cases the men were chatting with the same male police officer posing as "Cassie" in computer internet chatrooms.

"Cassie" who was in fact an officer for the Queensland Police Service's Crime Operations Command Taskforce Argos described herself in her internet profile as a sexually inexperienced 14-year-old girl living with her mother at Browns Plains.

Commonwealth prosecutors, in both cases, said the men started corresponding with "Cassie" - who used the internet username "cassiedaluvbug" - in a Yahoo Messenger internet chat room and later continued communicating with via MSN Messenger.

Prosecutor Deb Mayall, in opening the case against Sternes this week, said the pharmacist went by the computer nickname "aussiejimmy3" and asked "Cassie" for her mobile number, questions of a sexual nature and whether she was sexually experienced and interested in boys.

She said during internet chats and messages Sternes encouraged "Cassie" to pleasure herself sexually, not tell her mother of their chat exchanges, asking to meet her for sexual encounters and if she considered him to be her boyfriend.

Sternes also sent the "girl" photos and videos of his exposed penis and of himself masturbating on eight occasions.

Ms Mayall said during internet chats Sternes asked the girl "if she had boobs or hair down there" and even "offered to educate" her on matters of a sexual nature.

Sternes has been remanded in custody for sentencing on a date to be fixed.

In July, the Commonwealth prosecutor Glenn Rice revealed Costello spent 13-hours sending messages to "Cassie" and sent "her" photographic images of himself shaving his pubic hair and masturbating.

Costello had been the holder of a Blue Card - a government permit which allowed him to work or volunteer with children.

Judge David Reid today jailed Costello for 27 months, but ordered he be eligible for release from September 10 next year.

heraldsun.com.au 20 Nov 2010

Watch as these people get let out and in the future not only re offend, but their crimes go up a level.

It is well known, within the legal fraternity, that there is little chance of rehabilitation.

Scientists have recently discovered the gene 'responsible', that triggers the hosts heinous sex acts

The legal system will deliberately fail the general populous once again, as it has countless times before, and in the latest example of :

Dupas found guilty of Vic cemetery murder.

Dupas found guilty of Vic cemetery murder

"Rot in hell".

With Christina Halvagis' quietly spoken words, serial killer Peter Dupas was led from the dock for brutally murdering her young daughter.

On Friday, Dupas was found guilty, for a second time, of murdering Mersina Halvagis, 25, at Fawkner cemetery in Melbourne in 1997.

After three days of deliberations, the jury's verdict was met with gasps, stomping of feet, a single clap and tears by Ms Halvagis' family and her supporters.

Her father, George Halvagis, said outside court he always had faith in the justice system, while her mother called Dupas "evil".

"We just hope there was a lesson in the future for other victims and we're going to keep on fighting to protect young innocent people," Mr Halvagis told reporters.

"I just hope that other people will get justice."

Sitting with the Halvagis family in court was Pam O'Donnell, the mother of another Dupas victim, Nicole Patterson.

Jurors were told Dupas, 57, was convicted in 2000 of murdering Ms Patterson and in 2004 of murdering Margaret Maher, but were unaware he was serving two life sentences without parole.

They were also spared details of his violent and sexual crimes against women.

Mersina's brother, Bill Halvagis, said Dupas should not have been free to attack innocent women.

"A lot of lives wouldn't have been ruined if they locked him away a long time ago," he said.

"Something has to be looked at here. This is not the end for Mersina. His day will come."

Dupas had been jailed five times, the first at age 15, and was convicted of rape four times before he committed his first murder.

Dupas was first convicted in 2007 of stabbing Ms Halvagis more than 30 times near her grandmother's grave, but the decision was overturned and a new trial ordered last year.

The retrial jury accepted the testimony of star witness, Andrew Fraser, who shared a unit with Dupas at Port Phillip prison while jailed for drug crimes.

The former lawyer said Dupas had performed a mime of his attack on Ms Halvagis and told him he did not leave any forensic evidence at Fawkner.

Dupas had also appeared shaken when a Greek inmate accused him of Ms Halvagis' murder, saying: "How does that c*** know I did it?" and stroked a homemade knife found in the prison garden, saying "Mersina".

But the defence suggested Mr Fraser's testimony couldn't be trusted and was driven by the promise of an early jail release and a $1 million reward.

However, prosecutor Michele Williams SC argued the case against Dupas was compelling.

Three witnesses placed him at the cemetery at or near the time of the killing.

Dupas lied to police when he denied he ever went to the cemetery or knew someone buried there, as his grandfather's grave was 128 metres from the crime scene.

Defence barrister Graham Thomas, SC, said Dupas could not expect sympathy, "doesn't deserve it and won't get any", but asked jurors to give him a fair trial.

Dupas, named as a suspect in murders of three other woman, was emotionless during the verdict and spoke softly when asked to enter his details for the court record.

The Halvagis family say they will now celebrate Mersina's life.

"For 13 years we've had to endure her death," said her brother Nick Halvagis.

"From now on we should be remembering the girl like she was living 25 fantastic years and that's what we're going to start celebrating - her birthday, not her anniversary of her death."

Dupas will be sentenced on November 30.

19 Nov 2010

Another clear example of how the system clearly fails the safeguard of the community.

He was already convicted previously, the let out, to commit more murders.

Indian PM under pressure over telco scam

India's parliament adjourned in uproar on Friday over a massive corruption scandal that has ensnared Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, whose popularity partly resides in his "Mr Clean" image.

India's chief auditing body ignited a firestorm earlier this week when it announced that the botched sale of 2G telecom licences in 2008 at a small fraction of their value had cost the country up to $US40 billion ($A40.51 billion).

Ahead of the announcement, tainted telecom minister A. Raja, whose ministry was raided by police in October last year, was finally persuaded to step down after his position became untenable.

The opposition has been blocking parliamentary business all week, calling for an all-party investigation into the scandal. Proceedings were adjourned on Friday after angry MPs stormed the well of the house.

On Thursday, India's Supreme Court upped the pressure on Singh by asking him to depose a sworn statement before the court by Saturday, explaining why no action had been taken against Raja earlier.

The court said Singh had failed to reply to a request to approve the prosecution of Raja, adding "the matter is very, very serious in nature".

Opposition parties say Raja, who presided over the world's fastest-growing mobile market, gifted the lucrative wireless spectrum licences to firms that he favoured.

The story of the so-called "2G scam" has been splashed across all newspaper front-pages, becoming the focal point of anger against official corruption that has seen a number of high-profile figures toppled in recent weeks.

Suresh Kalmadi, the chief organiser of October's Delhi Commonwealth Games, which was also mired in corruption, was forced to step down from a senior position in Singh's ruling Congress party earlier this month.

Two of his aides have since been arrested as police and investigators probe a series of murky deals and suspected kickbacks in the multibillion-dollar event.

On the same day as Kalmadi stepped down, the chief minister of western Maharashtra state resigned over a housing scam involving apartments reserved for war widows that were sold to politicians and military officers.

Kalmadi and the chief minister Ashok Chavan are from the ruling Congress party headed by supremo Sonia Gandhi, while Raja is from the regional DMK party, part of the Congress-dominated coalition that holds power in New Delhi.

India's Comptroller and Auditor-General office said on Tuesday that the cost of the "2G scam", in which spectrum was sold off for mobile phone services, could reach $US39 billion ($A39.49 billion).

It said 85 of the 122 licences issued in 2008 were given to ineligible companies.

afp - 19 Nov 2010

Nothing new here, except that getting caught means you did not listen to the orders you were given.

No repercussions will result of this fraud.