14 January 2021

FURY at Vic border as residents denied entry after negative COVID test result

You are told to take a COVID test to keep the community safe.

The TV tells you that every test helps us, whoever 'us' is.

Apparently a COVID test is your ticket to 'freedom' or maybe more precisely border crossings?

Well this is not the case with regards to Victoria.

Right now at the Vic-NSW border, Victoria Police is forbidding entry to Victorian residents, even after they have a negative result from the highly inaccurate COVID test, that ALL governments swear by.

See link on the test at:


Victoria Police are stating that there are approximately 11,000 'exemptions' waiting in the queue to be processed.

So, a RESIDENT of Victoria who returned a negative result in a so called COVID test, needs an 'exemption' to come back home.

That's a form of government that the Germans employed on the people in the 1930's 

Victoria Police, the government of Victoria and each person responsible (including Daniel Michael Andrews) must have a class action stated against them for this response alone.

STILL not convinced you live in a penal colony ??? !!! ???

Meanwhile at the tennis:

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