01 March 2014

Why govt wants to steal your money

Reuters/Lee Jae-Won
Reuters/Lee Jae-Won

​Having spent all the money they can possibly borrow, the West’s rapacious governments are, like a drug-addled addict, desperate for more. To that end, taxes are on the up and a mantra of wealth redistribution is at the top of political wish lists.

This is of course a woeful state of affairs as the ability of governments to spend other people’s money wastefully is endless. The ability of governments to spend other people’s money in a useful fashion has always proven limited. The road to prosperity involves empowering innovation, small business and bottom-up growth. Top-down government meddling and rapacious taxes don’t help.

Therefore, from America’s basketballer-in-chief to Francois Hollande, the first custard pie of the Elysee (or whatever France terms him), a delusional race is on for more tax. Wage earners are already being clobbered and await more misery. Meanwhile, EU savers remain in danger of confiscation. The Cypriots have already lost out, while the Hungarian and Polish governments have engineered de facto theft of pension funds. IMF memos are already suggesting the only way to pay down the mountains of European debt will be to steal the people’s savings.

In the face of this totalitarian attack on enterprise and thrift, the forces of government are of course doing little to actually balance the economies they have already wrecked with their ongoing socialist folly.

Naturally the confiscatory left blames anything except their deranged anti-enterprise policies. That lovely Mr. Maduro, the socialist dictator of collapsing Venezuela, would happily corroborate the wonders of high tax socialism if he wasn’t so busy murdering his citizens for having the temerity to want food and vegetables on their dinner tables.

Venezuela, along with Argentina, seem like outrageously disorganized weird places to Western Europeans. Yet as Europe’s lost decade continues, Argentine-style economic dysfunction is increasingly the west’s future: A dystopia of socialist rallies seizing the wheels of commerce as part of the corporatist-socialist collectivist movement.

The West remains determined to tax and spend into oblivion. Small government is abhorred by government control freaks as individual responsibility is annihilated at the altar of smug totalitarian imbeciles ordering people to think (the great global warming charade for example) and removing personal liberty and responsibility with endless layers of regulation.

AFP Photo/Miguel Medina

When it comes to tax, a vast army of uneconomic unproductive ‘quangocrats’ who believe money grows on trees are increasingly turning rapacious. This is turning into a tricky stand-off as companies exploit complex tax codes to their advantage. This appalls the non-commercial sector as they believe they have a God-given right to spend everybody else’s money. After all, they know so much better than the wealth creators how to run a better planet - again, just like that nice Mr. Maduro.

The realpolitik of tax is simple: every time the government adds a loophole or increases a tax, it incentivizes the tax-burdened to spend money on professional advice. Thus an army of private accountants works assiduously to process taxes and reduce liabilities. Therefore, government adds more rules, which only incentivizes the taxed to spend more money on advisers. In other words, an accounting arms race which doesn’t benefit the state.

Ultimately governments are lousy, inefficient allocators of resources (as Milton Friedman remarked, put government in charge of the desert and they’ll run out of sand). This discourages taxpayers to pay generously. True, some corporates and individuals go to extremes and are worthy of contempt: Bankers smuggling diamonds in toothpaste tubes demonstrated a remarkably lax sense of fair play. Likewise multinational companies with zillions in turnover, which barely pay a penny in some jurisdictions, are milking the system unreasonably. Then again just what legitimacy do incompetent, often corrupt government agencies retain to collect other people’s money and spend it injudiciously? The answer to that part is: very little.

We don’t need more tax, we need a tax reset. Thinner simpler codes, short reports, crisp flat tax rates to let the Laffer curve work its magic (the great economist Art Laffer demonstrated how lower rates of tax increase overall tax income: sadly the left have never been able to trust their political gut instinct to cynically steal from the talented and diligent.

Ultimately government must be weaned off its spending addiction. Tax codes need to be simple and rates flat. Government must shrink. Trust the citizens and they will be empowered to generate prosperity from the bottom up. No government ever created long-term prosperity with tax and subsidy.

rt.com 28 Feb 2014

Another form of control stemming from the policy of Financial Terrorism.

‘NSA, GCHQ criminals way ahead of the law in Britain and US’

Satellite dishes are seen at GCHQ's outpost at Bude, close to where trans-Atlantic fibre-optic cables come ashore in Cornwall, southwest England (Reuters/Kieran Doherty)
Satellite dishes are seen at GCHQ's outpost at Bude, close to where trans-Atlantic fibre-optic cables come ashore in Cornwall, southwest England (Reuters/Kieran Doherty)

There are people trying to make money on the data leak scare, introducing new gadgets, but it doesn’t stop GCHQ or the NSA intercepting the data on its way through the telecommunications network, investigative journalist Tony Gosling told RT.

On Feb. 27, The Guardian published new leaks from Edward Snowden claiming that the UK's GCHQ, with the assistance of the NSA, routinely intercepted and stored webcam images in secret by means of the specially created “Optic Nerve” program. According to Snowden’s revelations, 1.8 million Yahoo users had their webcam images collected by the agency in the space of six months after “Optic Nerve” was first rolled out.

RT: Clearly they got more than they bargained for with all those revealing images, but surely the purpose of spying is intelligence gathering, and that's essentially what they're doing, for counterterrorism purposes. So why is there such a backlash over this?
Tony Gosling: This has got nothing to do with counterterrorism, has it? Because this is just yet another great data troll and there are all sorts of reasons why it is illegal. Apparently this sort of thing has to be sanctioned by the Foreign Secretary or Home Secretary at the highest levels, and in the US it has to be sanctioned through the secret FISA court, but there are very good reasons why the people that have committed this actually should be or are criminals. I’m talking about those who authorized it at government level, in GCHQ and the individual operators that have been collecting this data. I mean all of these things we’ve heard about spyware being put on viruses, put on our computers, our computers being stopped on the way to our homes to have this spyware, this kind of thing put on it, we also have denial of service attacks that is taking out websites of campaign groups and that sort of thing by GCHQ and by the NSA. But this is actually the most creepy so far. Using webcams, it’s like an intruder into your living room and it’s not just happening to people who counter terrorism, there is everybody they are after here.

RT: Why Yahoo? Is there any suggestion why Yahoo collaborated?
TG: Yahoo have come out and said they are extremely annoyed about this. The Guardian reports they are fevered in their denial of this kind of things because of course this is massively damaging to Yahoo. And the privacy and the trust between the Yahoo’s users and the organization. I think we will find they have already been fighting in some ways, these Internet companies, with the NSA and GCHQ in the courts. But this will make it even more important to Yahoo to be able to defend their reputation by stopping this kind of thing going on. But a lot of people are saying why it does matter, if you have done nothing wrong, you should have nothing to hide. But I’ll tell why it matters. That’s because these people should be going to get a warrant to stop these mass data trolls. That’s about time that we learn from our history and make sure that these laws to stop this mass data trolls are enforced.

RT: If Edward Snowden can leak highly secure information, then how easily could these very personal images get in to the wrong hands? How safe is all this information?
TG: Generally most of the organizations like Yahoo do put a lot of effort into making sure that their data is secured while traveling across the Internet. Unfortunately, what’s happening is that there are people who are trying to make money on this data scare, for example Bayen has just introduced its black phones which do encrypt the data on the phone itself but it doesn’t stop someone like GCHQ or the NSA intercepting the data on its way through the telecommunications network. And so really what happens is that criminals are a way ahead of the legislation both in Britain and in the USA.

rt.com 28 Feb 2014

27 February 2014

What Act have I been charged under - Is it lawful?

Unbeknown to most people, something that the 'authorities' wish to keep hidden from the masses, to which only a few are privy to the sort of information, is that many so called laws in Australia are actually unlawful.

The following document (AFFIDAVIT) is a template that can be used when your matter is brought before the businesses commonly known as the courts.

The document is as follows:

Government-run institution for girls was run like a concentration camp Royal Commission hears

Story summary:

  • Evidence of abuse over 30 years
  • Girls had done nothing more than be born into poverty
  • Estimated 30,000 girls went through two institutions
  • Girls were raped, drugged, beaten and their spirits broken
An image from The Inconvenient Child written by Sharyn Killens and Lindsay Lewis.
An image from The Inconvenient Child written by Sharyn Killens and Lindsay Lewis. Source: News Corp Australia
A GOVERNMENT institution for girls was run like a concentration camp where new inmates were told: “Welcome to Hay. We will make you or break you, your choice” as their hair was hacked off. 

Girls were drugged with Largactil, an antipsychotic, and handcuffed to train seats when moved from the Parramatta Girls Training School in Sydney to the Institution for Girls at Hay, the royal commission into child sex abuse has heard today.

Emotions were raw at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Ab
Emotions were raw at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Robin Kitson seeks support. Source: News Corp Australia
A packed hearing room in Sydney has been warned that the evidence to be given by 16 of the former inmates of the Parramatta and Hay institutions covering three decades would be graphic and disturbing.

Girls who had done nothing except being born into poverty were sent to the institutions where they were raped in the dungeon, raped in isolation cells, drugged, beaten and their spirits broken.
“Had no pride, no self-respect. They took everything from me.”
Their attackers were not just those in charge such as the only two officials still alive — John Frank Valentine, Noel Greenaway and a woman who has not been named — but the other girls.

An estimated 30,000 girls went through the two institutions between 1950 and 1974 when they were finally closed. Hay was a former colonial jail and Parramatta went on to become a female jail.

Counsel assisting the commission, Caroline Spruce, said the government no longer had any records of either institution.

Inside the cell block, the girls were strictly disciplined and lived in the former jail’s
Inside the cell block, the girls were strictly disciplined and lived in the former jail’s cells which were referred to as cabins. Picture: The Inconvenient Child Source: News Corp Australia
An image from the book titled, The Inconvenient Child written by Sharyn Killens and Linds
An image from the book titled, The Inconvenient Child written by Sharyn Killens and Lindsay Lewis. “Hard labour, harsh discipline and extreme punishment were standard at Hay”. Source: News Corp Australia
One of the brave women who has stepped forward to tell her story, Yvonne Kitchener, is expected to tell the royal commission about how she was among the most rebellious girls who were sent to Hay.

“They controlled everything from the amount of toilet paper we got to whether we got sanitary napkins when we had our periods. We had to show them our bleeding,” the commission has been told Ms Kitchener will say.

“Had no pride, no self-respect. They took everything from me.”

A lonely struggle

Sharyn Killens
Lindsay Lewis
The Inconvenient Child follows the true story of an abandoned Australian child's struggle to survive childhood and find her African-American father.
The story details her abandonment by her mother at an orphanage at the tender age of five.
It includes a period when the young Sharyn Killens is incarcerated in the Institution for Girls at Hay.
By the age of 24 Sharyn had become an exotic dancer in Kings Cross but soon left her troubled past behind her and embarked on a search for her father.
To buy the book click here
At both Parramatta and Hay, the girls were not allowed to talk to each other or they would be punished. At Hay, there were red dots on the floor to make sure that they had to walk six feet from each other.

The inmates have asked for the now-closed Parramatta Institution to become a historic building. At Hay, which is now a museum, in 2007 a group of inmates put up a memorial that says: “Let no child walk this path again.”

Counsel for the State of NSW, Jacqueline Gleeson SC, said the accounts of the girls would be treated with dignity and respect.

Community Services minister Prue Goward is among those in the packed public gallery.

Ms Goward left the commission at morning break visibly upset after hearing the harrowing testimony of the first witness, Fay Hillary.

“I can’t speak,” Ms Goward said outside the commission.

Most of the girls sent to Parramatta Girls School were sent there by courts who ruled they were in “moral danger” or neglected. Many were victims of rape or other sexual abuse - but the offenders were never even charged, the commission was told.

In Parramatta Girls School, Robin Kitson said she had all her teeth removed at the age of 16 or 17 “because they said I was a bad girl.”

Ms Kitson, 66, was sent there for six to 9 months where she was inmate number 181, and had to wear the secondhand bras and knickers which had been worn by the previous inmate number 181.

In an emotional testimony, she said that eventually she reported to a welfare officer that she had been raped at the institution.

“Before she left the home, she reported it to the governor,” Ms Kitson said.
“I was called up by Mr (Percival) Mayhew (then deputy superintendent) and another officer what my problem was.

“I said ‘nothing’”.

“That’s when Mr Mayhew smashed my face with a bunch of keys and locked me in isolation for 21 days. They made me stay until the bruises went away.

“What they did to us was absolutely disgusting, it was shocking.”

The commission is expected to sit in Sydney until the end of this week hearing this inquiry.

Pru Goward was too upset to speak to the media as she left the commission today. Picture:
Pru Goward was too upset to speak to the media as she left the commission today. Picture: John Appleyard Source: News Limited
"Standing 'at ease' at our Cabin doors, waiting for our turn in the ablution parade." The
"Standing 'at ease' at our Cabin doors, waiting for our turn in the ablution parade." The Institution for Girls, Hay NSW. Picture: The Inconvenient Child Source: News Corp Australia

news.com.au 26 Feb 2014

The largest perpetrator is the government when it comes to crimes committed against the vulnerable, e.g. children of the state, the disabled, institutionalised.

The DoCS (Department of Child Services), DHS (Department of Human Services), The Salvation Army are all responsible for child abuse  on a large scale.

Anything lone abusers like Mr. Stinky can conjure up pales to what the government has done.

University of Liverpool scientists invent a contagious Wi-Fi virus

Special capabilities: The Chameleon virus has special attributes that allow it to avoid d 
Special capabilities: The Chameleon virus has special attributes that allow it to avoid detection. Picture: ThinkStock Source: ThinkStock
SCIENTISTS did not think it was possible, but now a UK team has invented a digital virus that can spread through the air like a biological disease. 

In a significant breakthrough, researchers at the University of Liverpool have designed an airborne virus codenamed ‘Chameleon’, ScienceBlog reports.

The virus, which spreads almost as quickly as the common cold, piggybacks on Wi-Fi waves to spread from network to network.

“It was assumed, however, that it wasn’t possible to develop a virus that could attack WiFi networks,” computer security expert Professor Alan Marshall said. “But we demonstrated that this is possible and that it can spread quickly.

Just as a gastro bug would, the virus multiplies faster when it enters densely populated areas because there are more networks to feed off.

The report said the virus’s tendrils are particularly capable of infiltrating less well-protected networks, such as free hot spots at cafes and public places.

 news.com.au 27 Feb 2014

26 February 2014

Palmerston council has started selling the homes of residents who have not paid their council rates

PALMERSTON council has started selling the homes of residents who have not paid their council rates. 
The Sunday Territorian understands the council has begun selling a small number of residential properties to recoup unpaid rates.

At a meeting on Tuesday night, aldermen voted to pursue residents who owe thousands of dollars.

The move comes a year after the NT News revealed the council was planning to sell the homes of people who were three years or more overdue in paying rates.




ntnews.com.au 23 Feb 2014

Traffic Infringements / Speed Camera Fines - Are they really lawful?

The police, together with lawyers, politicians, law makers and the largest propaganda tool the corporate media are for the concealment of the truth and certain facts about the law, from the general populous.

Not everyone subscribes to this form of oppression and tyranny.

Below is a document that refers to 'Road Fines', i.e. traffic infringement  notices, speed / red light camera fines, etc, which was compiled by an ex police 'officer'.

25 February 2014

Attorney General's letter - local councils are not recognised

A letter from a member of the public was written to the Attorney General's (Robert McClelland) office on the 10 of June 2010, regarding the 1988 referendum as to the lawful existence of 'local government'.

As part of the response the following text is within the document:

"The Constitution does not currently recognise local government."

See document below:

Robert McClelland was the Attorney General of Australia from Dec 2007 to Dec 2011.

During his time as an MP he was also working as a lawyer.

Note the emu and kangaroo corporate logo.

County Court of Victoria owned by The Libery Group Consortium Pty Ltd - Project Details

Australian 'courts' are private companies that are owned by overseas interests.

Here is one document that contains details of the commissioning of:
the County Court of Victoria (ABN: 32 790 228 959).

See attached pdf file:

Ex cop tipping off illegal brothels in Melbourne

In Melbourne Victoria, over the past few years there has been an enormous surge in 'massage' businesses of Asian origins that have sprung up from inside shopping centres to business shop fronts on the streets.

There can be no doubt that a massage has therapeutic effect on the individual, both physical and mental, but there is another side to the business which may go unnoticed to average person.

Many of the massage businesses offer sexual services, which is illegal in Victoria if a business is not a registered brothel.

An introduction by a valued client or even the call sign relating to the dollars required by the service facilitator, by the hand sign of the ASL (American Sign Language) letter f, as depicted in the illustration, denoting 30 dollars for the sexual service known as a 'rub and tug'.

The police 'force' is given one of the more important roles, that being to keep society in order and subservient to government (corporate) rule, thus an enormous amount of trust, where the final decision whether to incarcerate individuals for whatever reason thought of, irrespective of legality rest with police.

An ex police 'officer' ( lets call him Rudie - a colloquial term derived from the word rude) in Melbourne is in charge of the northern suburbs area illegal prostitution ring, where the illegal brothels (nee massage businesses) pay him protection monies, where Rudie using his police sources within Victoria Police forewarns the business of any raids planned.

This is not an isolated case, nor does it involve one corrupt person within VicPol.

Immigration officials turn a blind eye to the importation of Asian sex workers into the country come to either study as 'hair dressers' to study English or come in on working visas, by secret payments from the employers of their future workers.

Should the corporate media decide to report this case, no doubt 'Rudie's' identity would be suppressed, and the police commissioner Ken Lay's remarks would no doubt provide little or no information, or even suggest the scale of the problem.

This is a matter of significance, as it is on a large scale, where police (or ex police) use their powers of arrest to intimidate for personal gain.

These types of crimes are generally not brought out by the corporate media, even if the small amount that are, have been deliberately misrepresented by the media.

Another significant action carried out by the corrupt organisation (business) commonly known as Victoria Police ( trading as VICTORIA POLICE, ABN: 63 446 481 493).

Meet the people that control the global economy

These guys aren't even remotely close to being in ch...
These guys aren’t even remotely close to being in charge. Source: AFP
THEY sit behind the scenes pulling the strings, but you probably don’t even know they exist. 

Officials at the US Federal Reserve hold confidential meetings eight times a year where they pore over economic data from business confidence to building approvals to gauge how the economy is tracking.

What they decide determines monetary policy for the $17 trillion US economy and can trigger changes in interest rates, foreign exchange rates, employment and the price of goods around the world.

Now, with Janet Yellen at the helm — the first female in their 100 year history — the Fed is about to start winding back stimulus measures which could have a massive impact on Australian markets, including everything from how much your mortgage costs to where you go on holiday.

Confused? This is how it works.

The Federal Reserve in Washington DC.
The Federal Reserve in Washington DC. Source: AFP
The Federal Reserve, as the central bank that regulates the world’s biggest economy, is the linchpin of the global financial system.

It’s run by a Board of Governors and Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) responsible for setting monetary policy in the US covering everything from lending rates to reserve requirements and regulation of the banking system.

Their huge scope means what they do impacts every other financial market in the world, ensuring economists hang on their every word and traders make or lose billions by their decisions.

Westpac economist Elliot Clarke said the Fed is the bedrock of the global financial system and their decisions are “very very important” for the Australian economy.

“They’re considered a baseline for markets, it’s up to market economists to add more colour,” he said.

Janet Yellen, dubbed the $17 trillion woman after taking over the role of Chair.
Janet Yellen, dubbed the $17 trillion woman after taking over the role of Chair. Source: AP
So who are they?

The FOMC is usually made up of 12 people, including seven from the Board of Governors and five from Federal Reserve banks around the country. But at the moment there are just 10 people due to vacancies in certain seats.

These are the 10 members of the FOMC for 2014 
• Janet L. Yellen, Board of Governors, Chair: Former economics professor who previously served as vice chair under Bernanke and is said to be keen to tackle unemployment.

• Jerome H. Powell, Board of Governors: Has a law degree and once served as assistant secretary and undersecretary of the treasury for George Bush.

Sarah Bloom Raskin, Board of Governors: Took office in 2010 after serving as commissioner of financial regulation in Maryland.

Jeremy C. Stein, Board of Governors: Former Harvard economics professor who has previously been secretary of the treasury and on staff at National Economics Council.

Daniel K. Tarullo, Board of Governors: Law professor who was President Clinton’s assistant on international economic policy.

William C. Dudley: Sits on the FOMC permanently as president of New York Federal Reserve and was previously managing partner and economist at Goldman Sachs.

Richard W. Fisher: President of Dallas Reserve Bank who grew up in Mexico and started his own companies before selling controlling interests when he went into government.

Narayana Kocherlakota: Baltimore native who was economics professor and research economist at Reserve Bank of Minneapolis before rising to become president.

Sandra Pianalto: Italian-born economist started out as in the research department in 1983 and rose to become boss at the Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

Charles I. Plosser: Former Stanford professor who worked as a consultant to high profile companies and banks before becoming President of Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

What’s it to me? 

Yellen takes over from former Chair Ben Bernanke who ran the Fed for eight years.
Yellen takes over from former Chair Ben Bernanke who ran the Fed for eight years. Source: AP
Janet Yellen takes the helm at perhaps the trickiest time in the Federal Reserve’s history.

Since the financial crisis, the central bank has embarked on three distinct phases of “quantitative easing,” a program of purchasing treasury bonds and mortgage backed securities designed to help the US economy recover its strength.

The last phase, known as Operation Twist, began in September 2011 has seen the Fed provide $85 billion worth of stimulus every month from January to November 2013. However they’re now looking to wind this back, dropping it to $75 billion in December 2013 and $65 billion in January 2014.

Mr Clarke said the Fed expects to reduce this by $10 billion a month until the economy can stand on its own two feet, relying on “incomes and regular activity drive the economy rather than just excess liquidity.”

Actions at the Federal Reserve reverberate in financial markets all around the world.
Actions at the Federal Reserve reverberate in financial markets all around the world. Source: AFP
The impact in Australia depends on how things pan out, but Mr Clarke said the main thing markets don’t like is uncertainty.

“Any data and decision within expectations doesn’t tend to impact markets all that much. What is actually a contractual shift in policy can be seen as a positive. It really is to do with market psyche and how this expectations or piece of data impacts markets going forward,” he said.

However as the Fed is essentially turning off the money tap and hoping for the best, there is a major risk it won’t proceed as expected.

“Our general concern is its [the US economy] is not as strong as people make it out to be. There is a risk that the Fed won’t be able to continue to taper and markets might react in a different way, we might actually see a much more prolonged period of tapering,” he said, which would mean the Aussie dollar remaining at current levels.

“Our purchasing power would actually be staying around the same level rather than deteriorating. That’s a positive for Australian consumers.”

However this could provide a risk to markets, where fears over US growth have a negative impact.
“Concerns over the US growth trajectory gets market participants scared and they tend to want to reduce their exposure to risk which means they sell equities,” he said.

“It’s just really all about market expectations and how they relate to the data we see. Without those that factors you’re likely to see continuation in a range around the current level.”

news.com.au 10 Feb 2014

No Rothschilds or Rockefellers? Pity.

The U.S's Federal Reserve is a private company, that the general populous is in debt to, for the face value of the printed (worthless) notes.

The U.S. has already gone 'bankrupt' (the slaves - nee people, cannot repay the loan via their taxes), hence the new 'debt ceiling'.

Part of the clan of the most corrupt people on the planet, responsible for two of the most fraudulent business practices that the world's 'economy' revolves around; banking and the stock exchange.

US Air Force reveals ‘neighborhood watch' satellite program

The United States plans to send into orbit a pair of satellites to monitor spacecraft from other countries, as well as to track space debris, the head of Air Force Space Command said.

The US Air Force lifted the veil of secrecy on its previously classified Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program (GSSAP), which will operate in conjunction with ground-based radars and telescopes to observe potential threats from foreign space objects, General William Shelton said at the Air Force Association meeting in Orlando on Friday.

The program will also be used for tracking thousands of pieces of space debris to avoid galactic collisions.

Referring to the satellite tracking system as a "neighborhood watch program," Shelton said the program "will bolster our ability to discern when adversaries attempt to avoid detection and to discover capabilities they may have which might be harmful to our critical assets at these higher altitudes."
Currently, the Air Force tracks some 23,000 pieces of orbiting debris larger than 4 inches (10.6 centimeters) at some 23,000 miles (37,000 km) above the Earth's surface.

However, since the United States already has in orbit a satellite better positioned to track orbital debris, military experts say the real purpose for the program is to prevent future attacks on its satellite network by potential rivals.

"I think the (Obama) Administration is being more honest when it says that it declassified this program to try and deter attacks on US satellites," Brian Weeden, technical advisor with the Washington-based Secure World Foundation, was quoted by Reuters as saying.

"The US has a lot of very specialized and important national security satellites in the GEO region and it is very concerned about protecting those satellites ... so by telling other countries that it has some ability to closely monitor objects near GEO and their behavior, the US hopes that will deter other countries from attacking its important satellites," Weeden said.

The satellites will also allow the US military to observe what other countries have in orbit.

"There's nothing wrong with that, but it is exactly the sort of thing the US is worried other countries will do to it," Weeden added.

The pair of satellites are scheduled for launch aboard an unmanned Delta 4 rocket at the end of 2014.
The price tag and technical details of the satellite program were not released.

rt.com 23 Feb 2014

Another government program, with an 'official' agenda and a totally different hidden agenda.

All part of the nanny state program for global surveillance of everyone.

NT police officer suspended and charged with one count of causing serious harm

A NORTHERN Territory police officer has been suspended and charged with one count of causing serious harm - but police are again keeping the details secret.

It brings the 2014 suspension tally to three - that we know of.

The officer, 43, will appear in Darwin Magistrates Court on April 8.

The nature of the alleged offence and the officer's name and rank have been withheld by NT Police.

Police will only say the minimal information they have provided is in line with "transparency" guidelines.
In an unrelated matter, an auxiliary officer, 48, was charged on January 29 after an investigation into an allegation of sexual assault.

Earlier that month, police suspended an officer, 40, but did not release details.

The media release was later removed from the police website.

The NT News revealed this month police also kept quiet the suspension and demotion of a female officer after she was found to have attended a nightclub while off duty to "investigate" an altercation involving her then-boyfriend.

Police Association boss Vince Kelly says the officer was actually suspended and demoted over a different incident - but says it is the force's duty, not his, to provide all the facts.

The NTPFES 2012-13 annual report shows two members were sacked, three were demoted, one was fined, and one had salary reduced.

Twenty-six members were given a formal caution in writing and 27 were given a period of good behaviour.


More corrupt cops, this time from the Northern Territory.

The general public in danger from these criminals, but not named by neither media, politicians nor police.

The public have a right to know.

Another firm of corrupt governance, in the Police State commonly known as Australia.