11 April 2020

Apple’s ‘new’ iPhone feature is old news for other manufacturers

The smartphone industry is quite lacklustre with alleged technological advancements, are realistically introduced to consumer level products in dribs and drabs, i.e. at a very slow rate.

Apple is one of the corporations that has a genius marketing department, where these lacklustre products are sold to consumers at way too high prices, for what you are getting compared to other manufacturers.

Ripping off customers for their products is Apple’s specialty, but what worse is that ‘consumers’ are quite willing to be ripped off, for example a one meter lightning cable from Apple in Australia is ~$30.

Now Apple being behind the eight ball, is currently wowing everyone with their new feature, a feature that has been around on Android powered smartphones, e.g. Samsung Huawei, etc for at least 5 years, that being the ability to open your car (and start it) without a key or keyfob, with only your smartphone.

Please not that Apple has been suppressing technology to the consumers ever since the release of the original iPhone smartphone.

See video with Samsung/Audi combination from 2015 at:

10 April 2020

Australia implementing a better communist régime under the COVID-19 pandemic

The people of this colony really need to comprehend one important fact:

- You are under ZERO obligation to talk to police.

This holds true with regards to whatever alleged legislation is put forward under the coronavirus pandemic.

You do NOT have to tell the police why you are outside.

You do NOT have to tell the police where you are travelling to or from, or for what purpose.

You may want to NOT pay the fine, but rather contest it.

The 'Australian Government' is further enhancing it's surveillance and control over the people, under the cover of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laws will be put in place to the detriment of the Australian people, which will erode, rights, freedoms and travel where they will not be restored to pre 'virus times'.

Australians will generally be very receptive of their newly imposed shackles.

How easy was that to further enslave >25million people.

07 April 2020

On the topic of a Victoria Police fine


Staff from your local member’s office may have knowledge of a ‘My Will’ letter, but will steer you in a direction saying that it is not relevant.

Many others do not understand what a ‘My Will’ letter is, so if you’d like to inform them, it’s a direction for the local MP, as you are an elector/constituent of ......... (the electorate you live in)

With regards to fines, they breach the legislative power of the federal parliament, therefore legislative change is required to remove all fines allowing any officer to issue a punishment as a fine is a punishment that only a court of law has the power to do.

They may even say that this is for the courts or for the Attorney-General (which is party correct), where you can inform them that we require legislative change as it will take a while in the courts.

Their response could be that the (e.g.) Labor party does not have a majority where the Liberal  party does, where then you should contact all local Liberal MPs.

At this point in time all 151 house of reps & 76 senators & the president should be getting the same ‘My Will’ letter.
(You can write on the top of the My Will letter that it is a direction for you local MP to act on)

P.S One of a few ‘My Will’ letters is on the basic issue of unlawful fines federally against the Constitution, where you may edit it if you wish.

If you choose to fill it in, make sure you fill in your details and the politician’s office details that you are on the electoral roll, as the politician WILL get the staff to check that you are on it.



- My Will to the House of Representatives

- My Will to the Senate politicians

- Your Will be Done by Arthur A Chresby


06 April 2020

What should you do when you get a ‘Coronavirus’ fine

MANY people are unfortunate enough to obtain a fine while driving their motor vehicle, where the majority of those drivers are unaware that the fine for the alleged offence may have been handed out unlawfully.

To make things worse for the motorist, it’s not a matter about the money, i.e. a civil case, but rather a criminal matter, i.e. you’re a ‘criminal’.

In these ‘virus times’ the authorities have gone rouge on the residents of this colony and now have started to issue fines for ‘non essential travel’ whatever that means.  

So without further ado, what should you do when the cops reckon you’re allegedly committing some ‘non essential travel’?

First things first when you get pulled up by your state's ‘friendly’ police person you are only required at law to provide your name and address, where there is no legal requirement to provide your date of birth, irrespective of what the nice police person tries to yell tell you.

What you should do, or rather are required to do is shut your mouth with regards to any further questions, as it is your right not to self incriminate.

Therefore to put it quite bluntly you are not required at law to provide an answer as to why you were driving your motor powered whatever on the roads.

When you get issued a notice with an allegation of a criminal offence, then you have the right, or rather it should be your duty to deal with it, where your first step to your benefit would be to contested the 'infringement notice' in court.

In the mean time it would be also to your benefit that you seek legal advice.

Every single state of this colony is its own very specific legal basket case with regards to the validity of law.

 P.S. Templates are NOT the go here, where the only one we recommend is something called the affidavit.