20 April 2012

Assange lawyer says she is on watch list

AN Australian lawyer working for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claims the Department of Foreign Affairs has put her on a travel watch list requiring special approval to return to Australia.

London-based human rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson said on Thursday airport authorities in London had informed her she was on an "inhibited travel list".

"Just delayed from checking in at (London Heathrow Airport) because I'm apparently "inhibited" - requiring approval from Australia House @dfat to travel," she tweeted.

Security guards told her "you must have done something controversial because we have to phone the embassy," Ms Robinson said.

She asked the Australian authorities for an explanation.

"@dfat Please explain: What is the "inhibited" travel list? And why am I now apparently on it?" she tweeted.

Ms Robinson may get the opportunity to ask Attorney-General Nicola Roxon about the incident on Friday when the pair are both scheduled to speak at the Commonwealth Regional Law Conference in Sydney.

DFAT said it was not aware of any Australian government restriction applying to Ms Robinson's travel.

"As an Australian with a valid passport, she would be free to return to Australia at any stage," the spokesman told AAP.

"The UK border authorities or airline of travel may be able to provide further insight on claims that she was impeded from boarding her flight."

The Department of Immigration denied any Australian agency manages an "inhibited list".

"No Australian agency prevented Ms Jennifer Robinson from boarding her flight at Heathrow Airport in London earlier today," the department said in a statement.

Australian Greens senator Scott Ludlam called on Foreign Minister Bob Carr to explain the purpose of the list, who compiles it and whether Ms Robinson's legal representation for Mr Assange was connected to her being on a list.

Senator Ludlam vowed to pursue the matter when parliament resumes in May.

Australian Lawyers Alliance national president Greg Barns said he was gravely concerned by Ms Robinson's experience.

"Simply because a lawyer is representing a client that government does not like, the lawyer is then subjected to security scrutiny," he said.

"Lawyers must be able to act for their clients without fearing that they will be harassed by government agencies, either in their own country or overseas."

theaustralian.com.au 19 Apr 2012

Another typical example of how a 'regime' operates.

Anyone 'against' any government will get persecuted, as mentioned by Assange's lawyer.

There is a 'blacklist' that exists and it goes to such extents where the rest of your life is effected, your career or employment effected if the authorities wish to take action against you for whatever reason they see fit.

This is a larger problem effecting more people than the corporate media make it out, often blaming the individual, and conjuring up a 'conspiracy theory' rather than saying how it really is.

17 April 2012

The new Mini Coupe

For a small premium over a regular Cooper S hatch, you lose two seats, but gain a lot more fun out on the road

If you are planning to throw down your credit card for the purchase of new MINI Coupe early in 2012, check that your account is clear for a $42,990 debit.

That’s the RRP for the squished, two-seat MINI that becomes the latest variation on a theme which, when the first version was launched here in 2002, didn’t seem to offer that many alternatives.

The $42,900 tag applies to the entry-level Cooper S version. The company has confirmed that a tougher John Cooper Works will be launched at the same time, but has not yet given pricing details.

Although the Cooper S Coupe uses the same 135kW/240Nm (260Nm on overboost) 1.6-litre direct-injection as the regular hatch version, it has a rather different structural/suspension arrangement that sees it being stiffer overall, with more weight over the front wheels. The increased body stiffness is concentrated in the cabin area and adds weight: Both Coupes are heavier than their hatchback counterparts.

However according to our European correspondent Michael Taylor who commented on the John Cooper Works version the Coupe is even more go kart-like on the road.

MINI claims the Coupe will accelerate to 100km/h in a swift 6.9 seconds and run out to a maximum of 230km/h. Fuel economy is quoted at 6.3L/100km and CO2 output at 146g/km. The regular Cooper S is quoted at 7.0 seconds for the 100km/h sprint, while the fuel consumption and CO2 figures are 5.8L/100km and 136g/km respectively.

The John Cooper Works version in Euro tune develops 155kW at 6000rpm and 260Nm of torque between 1850rpm and 5600rpm. On overboost, that stretches to 280Nm. The result is a zero to 100km/h claim of 6.4 seconds, which is a bit more like it . . .

Standard equipment on Australian-spec Coupes will include a pop-up rear spoiler that activates at speeds above 80km/h, 17” alloy wheels, “sport” button, park distance control, Xenon headlights, sporty leather steering wheel, sports seats, climate-control air conditioning and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Coupe will come with just four airbags, stability control, anti-lock brakes and an indicator for the run-flat tyres.
MINI Australia’s acting chief Matt Schmidt said: “While the Coupe has introduced a new element of design into the MINI Family, it embodies the brand’s true go-kart feeling with a whole new level of excitement, achieving the best performance figures ever recorded by a volume-produced MINI.”

That said, the appealing two-seat MINI will be up against some tantalising competition, including two French cars – the $55-grand Peugeot RCZ and the $42-grand Renault Megane RS250.

But, for little more than a regular Cooper S hatch, the MINI Coupe will be tempting for those who don’t have a need for more than two seats. The MINI Cooper S and John Cooper Works Coupes go on sale in February 2012.

carpoint.com.au 2 Dec 2011

Motoring companies are deliberately holding back on engine technology to the general public.

Advancements in engine technology are far greater than what is being release to the masses, which is done on purpose in order to maximise profits, and justify the release of 'new models' and 'vast engine improvements' which are already available at the time of manufacture.

In this media perpetuated "Global Financial Crisis" and with political and environment groups pushing towards a 'greener' future, it would be of benefit (to consumers) to introduce leaner fossil fuel burning technology as soon as possible.

The political and business agendas are to rape the masses of as much monies as possible, and not to 'save the environment'.

Man to front court over 11-hour stand-off

A man who allegedly held a woman and two children hostage with a knife south of Brisbane will appear in court on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old Acacia Ridge man was reportedly tasered and arrested following a stand-off with police at Crestmead on Monday.

It is alleged he took a woman and two children, aged two and four, hostage in a Augusta Street house from around 8.30am (AEST).

The house was cordoned off and the woman and children were released unharmed around 6pm (AEST).

Police used force to arrest the man just after 7.40pm (AEST).

The man was charged with three counts of deprivation of liberty and assault, and one count of threatening to cause a detriment, obstructing police and possessing a utensil.

He is due to appear in Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

ninemsn.com.au 17 Apr 2012

Charged with "possesing a utensil".

Welcome the Nanny State.

Gold Logie leak brings strife for paper

A media ban on a Logie winners' list traditionally released to newspapers before the event is likely after the Herald Sun accidentally leaked Hamish Blake's Gold Logie win on the web on Sunday night.

If ACP Magazines follows through on its threat it will be another blow to print media outlets, which need embargoed lists to ensure results of the event are available for the following day's newspapers and can compete with the internet.

However, Sunday night's embarrassing bungle has forced ACP Magazines, which runs the Logies, to consider changing its protocols and accept the internet is powerful enough for media outlets to wait for the announcement of the awards.

ACP Magazines spokesman Peter Holder said in light of the leak on Sunday night it was time to accept the electronic age now ruled the media in terms of immediacy and there was no need for embargoes.

"It is disappointing because we go to such lengths to work with all media so they get the results in the next day's paper," Mr Holder told AAP.

"It's a good lesson learnt and for us to stop expecting a return in goodwill.

"The concept of the embargoed results is now a thing of the past.

"We have to think about how we share the information with the other media."

The Nine Network, which heavily invests in the telecast, has asked the Herald Sun to explain how the website error occurred, Holder said.

As one television publicist said: "There's no point giving embargoed lists for print media. It's all about internet, as this leak has proven. So there should be no list and they can post winners online as they occur. Problem solved."

Journalists must sign a confidentiality agreement to obtain all but the Gold Logie winner late on the day of the event.

Later that night, the Gold Logie is verbally communicated to only a handful of journalists while the ceremony is being conducted, to help meet print deadlines.

Blake's name was being tweeted as the winner more than an hour before the official announcement, after his name was inadvertently posted on a Herald Sun web page.

It was immediately pulled down when the error occurred.

"We are waiting for a written response," said a Logies spokeswoman.

The Herald Sun's apology, sent out overnight, blamed a technical hitch for the winner being able to be seen on the web.

"The error occurred during live testing of the Herald Sun's new iPad application which is due for release in coming weeks," the statement said.

"Live testing has been taking place for about a week. At no time did the Herald Sun publish the name of the winner on its website, iPad app or in Twitter."

That may be one problem facing organisers but Blake and his inseparable offsider Andy Lee had their own dilemma.

During the late night celebrations for Blake's gold win, Lee lost the pair's Logie for the most popular light entertainment program for Hamish & Andy's Gap Year.

"The case of the missing Silver is still being thoroughly investigated by security," Blake told News Limited.

The Logie went missing while Lee was partying at Shane Warne's Club 23 at Crown but was handed back on Monday to Nine's morning show hosts, David Campbell and Sonia Kruger.

The ever-joking Blake, who attended a live TV interview in the lobby of the Casino wearing only a bathrobe, said the victory had yet to sink in.

"I'm in shock, and wandering around in a bathrobe with a Logie hasn't eased the surrealism of the situation," Blake told Nine.

ninemsn.com.au 16 Apr 2012

Admission or reports of 'stars' rigging the votes for Hamish were known to the organisers of the event.

The Australian corporate media promote the dumbing down of the masses by putting people who are known for their stupid / dangerous behaviour on the pedestal, under the guise of comedy.

These people are promoted to be role models to the young and impressionable minds of the teenagers of the common folk, in essence their role is to degrade the social and family morals of the teenagers.

Meldrum honoured at Logies

The Logie Awards have paid tribute to music personality Ian "Molly" Meldrum, who suffered a severe head injury in a fall at his Melbourne home in December 2011.

The audience at the ceremony heard from stars including Sir Elton John, Red Symons, John Paul Young and Delta Goodrem.

After the accident Meldrum spent five weeks at Melbourne's The Alfred hospital, before being transferred to Epworth hospital to be treated for post-traumatic amnesia.

The 66-year-old is still undergoing extensive rehabilitation but has returned to his Richmond home.

"I refer to Molly as the Godfather," Goodrem said. "He always watches over me and many other artists."

After a video montage of Meldrum's TV career, Meldrum's friends Dannii Minogue and Michael Gudinski accepted his induction into the Logies Hall of Fame.

Sir Elton also paid tribute to the star, saying Meldrum had done more for the Australian music business than anybody in its history.

ninemsn.com.au 15 Apr 2012

When one is in need of support and recieves plenty of it, the mass media usually mention all the loved ones that are either by the bedside or who are involved with that person.

Curiously ninemsn neglent to mention Ian's male partner (of six years), Yan Wongngam a Thai courier business owner.

Latest shooting may be mistaken identity

Police investigating the third Sydney shooting in as many days believe it was probably a case of mistaken identity.

Just before midday (AEST) on Monday, police were called to Pemulwuy in the city's west after reports bullet holes had been found in a car.

A number of rounds were fired into the car and a house but no one was injured.

The residents of the home are away and police believe the house was mistakenly targeted.

Police said the shots were fired from a nearby park on Saturday night.

It was the third shooting incident in the city over the weekend and the fourteenth this month.

The NSW opposition said families across western and southwestern Sydney were "being forced to live in fear".

"These are innocent people being caught in the crossfire because Barry O'Farrell is sitting on his hands doing nothing," Opposition Leader John Robertson said.

"It is a miracle no one was killed ... the shooting took place at 8:30pm on Saturday when most families would be sitting down to watch a movie on TV," Mr Robertson said in a statement.

"Thank goodness, the people who live in this home were away.

"Had someone been home, this case of mistaken identity might have ended in tragedy."

Mr Robertson repeated his call for the government to roll out extra police and offer cash rewards for information to help put a stop to the violence.

But Police Minister Michael Gallacher said NSW Police had not requested additional resources in response to the shootings.

"We need the Labor opposition to stand up to their federal colleagues and join us in calling for the federal government to stop the flow of illegal weapons that are being imported into the country," Mr Gallacher told AAP.

"The NSW government continues to provide the resources needed for the NSW Police Force to do their job.

"The current Operation Spartan has arrested more than 300 individuals and laid more than 500 charges since January alone."

In a separate incident early Monday morning, a man was shot in the leg in Sydney's west.

The 24-year-old victim told police the drive-by shooting was carried out by an unknown person driving a white sedan.

The victim was driven to Concord Hospital by a friend about 2am (AEST) on Monday, police said.

Police are yet to establish where the shooting took place.

The injured man underwent surgery early on Monday morning and remains in hospital.

On Saturday night a home in Sydney's west was peppered with bullets.

Several bullets were fired at a townhouse in Chiswick Road, Greenacre, about 7.45pm (AEST), police say.

A woman inside the property was cut when she fell to the floor as the gunfire rang out.

Two other people inside the home were not hurt.

There have been more than 40 shooting incidents in Sydney in 2012, including 14 in April alone.

Also over the weekend, a man was shot in an execution-style murder on the NSW south coast.

Darko Janceski, 32, was shot several times in Berkeley at about 5.10pm (AEST) on Saturday when a gunman on a motorcycle appeared outside his father's house.

Police said it was a targeted attack.

16 Apr 2012

Once again the police are fully aware of the actions and movements of the criminals involved.

The gang wars that spill out into the streets are a direct result of the authorities that instruct local law enforcement to 'let them sort it out' between themselves.

What happens is that the turf wars spill out into the public arena, where innocent people can get killed.

The crooked police and politicians that are involved, are literally untouchable and exposing them will only bring an end to the lives of those who expose them, as has been shown in the past.

The guns that are on the streets are in criminal hands are still killing people whilst the government deliberately lays idle.

The so called gun amnesty that ordinary citizens were told to hand in their weapons did nothing to stop gun related crime, in the hands of the criminals.

Govt to review freedom of info for NBN Co

The federal government will review how freedom of information laws apply to the company rolling out the National Broadband Network.

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon announced the review on Monday.

She said NBN Co is subject to freedom of information laws, with some exemptions to documents about commercial activities.

"The review will examine and report on the NBN's compliance with the legislative arrangements that apply to it under the Freedom of Information Act," she said.

Ms Roxon said the review will consider the number and nature of requests already made to the NBN, the responses to those requests, and the reasons for any exemptions.

The government will appoint an "eminent person" to conduct the review.

The review will be completed by June 30 and then tabled in parliament.

NBN Co has received 33 requests for freedom of information documents as of April 5, 2012, and it has released 46 documents.

The terms of reference of the review include examining the nature of complaints made to the Information Commissioner about NBN Co.

A spokeswoman for the Information Commissioner said there had been five requests for reviews, three enquires and zero complaints about NBN Co.

16 Apr 2012

Documentation concerning fraudulent tenures, money for mates deals and other criminal offences committed by governments will always be hidden from any Freedom of Information documentation obtained.

The public are being duped if they believe that all information will be given.

Another farce in the face of the masses.

Just another untouchable crowd.

16 April 2012

Pippa's friend points gun at paparazzi

A friend of Pippa Middleton pointed a handgun at paparazzi as they snapped the pair sitting in a convertible in Paris.

A series of photos published in British tabloid The Sun show the unidentified man brandishing the weapon in the driver's seat of the Audi.

As he points the gun at one particular photographer, Middleton, 27, sits in the passenger seat with a smile on her face.

A source told The Sun that the gun was real rather than a replica, putting both Middleton and her friend at risk of serious criminal charges.

"If the evidence points to her involvement, she will be prosecuted," a source was quoted as saying.

"Anybody involved in the illegal use of a handgun in public is liable to arrest and interrogation."

If French police decide to press charges, her friend could face seven years in jail for brandishing a gun in a public place.

Even if the gun is proved to be fake, the man could face up to two years behind bars.

16 Apr 2012

Lets see how these people (Middleton) will be above the law.