14 November 2019

Google Pixel 4 and why should not buy it!

You know 'advertisements', they tell you to buy stuff even though the product may not be good for you, like McDonald's, Coca-Cola and now Google products.

Why should you not buy the Google Pixel 4?
Well for one, it's overpriced in Australia, and JB Hi-Fi is not the best place to purchase goods if you're a savvy shopper.

Now they tell you that it's made the "Google Way".

- What's this "Google Way" exactly?

Well the "Google Way" is that it will syphon all your data from the phone to Google's servers and put you into a new class called a 'data generator/provider' instead of a 'consumer' where in Australia you may have had some sort of 'Consumer Rights'.

- What's this "... always getting better"?

Well that means they're storing more and more information on you, to pass on to others.

If it (the Pixel 4) could it would syphon your snot from your nose, run DNA tests and store that data to be used against you at a later point in time by governments.

Make no mistake about it Google's Android is bad enough, but marry that up with the (tax evading) corporation's hardware and you have a PERFECT spying device.

11 November 2019

WARNING: Police can edit body camera footage or deactivate camera

10 November 2019

Bank stuffed customer around until social media post then lied about 'misunderstanding'

From its inception Australia was always going to be a banker's paradise, based on the rife practice of usury (which King Edward I did not do away with, i.e. Statute of the Jewry), irrespective of today's low interest rates.

The royal commission into banking is a farce at the expense of the hard working 'mums and dads' taxpayers.

The so called 'penalty' to the banks is a joke, where in reality the taxpayers / customers foot the bill anyway.

In reality the whole slate should be wiped clean and started again, but this time for the BENEFIT of the people.

VERY briefly, with regards to a tattooist from the Gold Coast:

  • Bank became judge jury and executioner deciding whether you're a criminal, according to your choice of business.
  • The bank stopped a person from accessing their funds from their business deposit transactions,
  •  Bianka Roggensack was screwed around by the Bank of Queensland until she put up a post on a social media platform, where the bank then lied that it was a 'misunderstanding', where the bank gave her a promissory note of $100.
We do not recommend the use of a place called the Bank of Queensland to store 'your' cash, as at the end of the day, it's not your cash but rather theirs.

Australia is in reality (still) a colony, with police state policies under a corporatocracy becoming a totalitarian / fascist state very quickly where the rule of law is not for the benefit of the people.

Things that will never happen in Australia:
  • Since politicians have been alleged to commit criminal activity, then by the same token the bank should stop them from accessing their funds.
  • Since police commit criminal activity, their bank accounts should be frozen, but then again they have a special police 'bank' / credit union.

 Read more details on Bianka Roggensack's experience with the BoQ at: