26 September 2009

Ashley and Martin False Advertising

During one of the greatest events in the Australian sports calendar, Hair Loss company Ashley and Martin made a false claim, which is a criminal offense.

During the commercial break of the AFL grand final telecast, Ashley and Martin claimed the you can grow your hair back. a claim that is clearly FALSE.

The company has paid a lot of dollars for the air time during a grand final, so the Australian Advertising Standards Boards is NOT interested if the information is factual or not, but rather that the money has been paid.

The company has made a fraudulent claim, and is in breach, BUT again there are NO consequences.

24 September 2009

Swine Flu vaccine NOT necessary.

In Australia the swine flu vaccine is apparently available in amount of 5,000,000 doses.

The mass media is prompting the use of this via fear, i.e. if you do not take it you will die.

The swine flu vaccine contains amounts of high amounts of mercury, in which we are not told, that is DETRIMENTAL to the mental development in children.

The manufacturer does NOT recommend children under 2 years old nor pregnant women take the vaccine, as this leads to health complications BUT the government urges pregnant women and ALL children be vaccinated.

DELIBERATE disregard of guidelines of the manufacturer to the DETRIMENT of the general public.

Furthermore the swine flu has already reach it's peak and is on the decline.

This is further supported by Dr. Stan Monteith, in a youtube video:


Las Vegas 'tunnel people' reveal US decline

The emergence of a community of tunnel-dwellers living under the gambling mecca of Las Vegas is the latest indication of how hard the recession is hitting the US.

UK tabloid The Sun has spoken to several residents of the flood tunnels, which are rarely in operation thanks to Nevada's arid climate.

One man, known only as Jamie, told the paper he had worked in building and construction but was literally forced underground a few months ago when jobs dried up.

He turned to scavenging for food vouchers and leftover poker machine winnings like many of his neighbours, but even the competition there has become more intense as the economic situation worsens.

"I 'credit hustle' but there are lots more people doing it these days," he was quoted as saying.

"Hundreds and hundreds — you see little old ladies doing it."

Several couples are part of the community, with some even managing to build makeshift kitchens and showers alongside bedrooms and living areas.

Steven Dommermuth worked on the front desk of a hotel before losing his job to a heroin addiction and shares a relatively elaborate space beneath the famous Caesar's Palace casino with his girlfriend Kathryn.

They have salvaged furniture from construction sites but are forced to prop their belongings up on crates to keep them away from the damp and also the venomous spiders that infest the tunnel network.

"Our bed came from a skip outside an apartment complex … one man's junk is another man's gold," he was quoted as saying.

"We get the stuff late at night so people don't see us because it's kind of embarrassing."

Social workers say 20 people have drowned over the past 20 years in flash flooding caused by rare rains — and they expect the death toll to increase as the tunnels become more crowded.

Top cop 'imported machine gun parts'

Police and customs officers raided Inspector Alan Magarry's home north of Brisbane last week, the Courier Mail reports.

The raid uncovered several items suspected to be Australian Defence Force equipment including an automatic Steyr rifle, a Kevlar helmet and boxes of .223 ammunition.

Operatives included a team from the ADF's Explosive Ordnance Demolition unit.

"There were soldiers in camouflage gear and a couple of cars up the driveway," one neighbour was quoted as saying.

"A paddy wagon was out the front and a girl was bringing stuff out of the house."

The operation was launched after Customs officials intercepted four separate parcels from the US that allegedly contained machine gun parts addressed to Inspector Magarry's home.

The intercepted kits are reportedly used for making machine guns operable.

The report said Inspector Magarry had run an armoury business out of the home.

He was appointed chief of the Water Police earlier this year following a celebrated career spanning nearly three decades.

Inspector Magarry is currently on recreational leave and assisting the Ethical Standards Command with their enquiries, police said.