14 May 2011

High Capacity Batteries - But not to the Public

There is an absolute plethora of products and inventions that are suppressed by corporations and governments so that they do not make it out into the consumer market in order for governments and corporations to charge a premium (read highly inflated prices) for resources.

One of these products is the Ceramic Fuel Cell as described by corpau in the post:

Ceramic Fuel Cells (Cheap Energy) Not for Oz

Another one is a battery that is sold to governments which in turn use this technology 'against' their citizens, of course in the name of National Security.

The product is a lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) battery used in covert operations amongst others installed in a GPS tracking device which was hidden on a person of interest's vehicle.

It is claimed the battery is of the capacity of 13,000mAh (or 13Ah) or approximately twice the capacity of the current iPad 2's battery.

Real technology is in the clutches of the world's elite, and we are only given the technology we are allowed to posses.

There is a deliberate policy not to provide 'cheap' energy to the masses, as this is one of the world's largest cash cows, which is held in the hands of a few.

For full details of how the government technology made its way into a citizens hands read the article in full at ifixit.com

Tracking Device Teardown


Always a Prince (Charles) never a King

One of the more taboo topics of the tabloid mass media is the Masonic history of the Royal Families and rightly so, as their membership is secretive to only members within a particular lodge.

Another less talked about topic is that of the bloodlines of the Royals, and as it is referred by others, the Royal Families are the Bluebloods, referring to the tinge of their blood as a result from a small gene pool.

To keep the wealth away from outsiders, the Royal and Financial Dynasties’ (for example the Rothschilds) have bred amongst themselves for many generations, and as a result they have noticed that their offspring are not fit for rule as the head of that particular Dynasty.

Enter the current fleet of Royals beginning with Prince Charles. Prince Charles is mildly retarded and as a result never been considered as an heir to the throne, after the current Monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal Family knowing this, found a suitable partner in the form of Diana Frances Spencer, and in line with Royal policies was tested for her virginity, which Kate Middleton has not. Diana’s purpose was to thin out the blood, for the replacement heir to the throne after Queen Elizabeth II.

The new policy of the Royals is to mix with the commoners and in what other stylish way to do it with than with the middle class (Middletons).

The next successor to the throne after the current Prince William of Cambridge, who will become the next King of England, will be the offspring of the marriage between William and Kate.

The mass media has become auspiciously quiet with the trials and tribulations of Prince Charles.

Prince Charles will wither away into forgottenness.


Bridge protest man 'just wants his kids'

A man who caused the closure of the Harbour Bridge when he climbed on top of it in a dramatic protest had been "going berserk" because he was being denied access to his children, a friend says.

The 38-year-old man, who called himself Michael, was a former SAS soldier, one friend said.
His protest caused the closure of all traffic lanes, and rail and bus services across the bridge on Friday morning.

His friend and neighbour, Dell, said Michael had three children and was desperate to see them.
"I've seen him with his little kids and they love him to bits," she told Fairfax Radio.
"My grandchildren play with them and he has had dramas and he's been denied to see his children since January.

"I hate seeing him portrayed as this idiot because he loves those kids and they've had them in protective custody and they didn't even tell him where they were and I've seen him going berserk."

Dell also said Michael was a former SAS soldier who had served in Iraq.

Another friend, Bob, said all Michael wanted was to see his children.

"This poor man suffered so much," he told Fairfax Radio Network.

Police arrested the man at 7am (AEST) and re-opened the bridge.

He had reportedly parked his truck near a pylon on the bridge and used ropes to make his climb.
When at the top he unfurled two pink and white banners reading, "plz help my kids" and "kids first".

He was being questioned on Friday morning by police, who said they expected to lay charges.

ninemsn.com.au 13 May 2011

Another typical example of a desperate (male) parent.

An interview held by corpau with legal practitioners and personnel in the family law system, indicated that the family law system is anti male by default.

A female can claim 'abuse' and obtain an intervention / restraining order against the father of her children, and it could be the last time the father and children see each other.

The tragedy of this is that the legal system supports this once again, to the detriment of the community, the well being of the parents and the mental state of the child.

Although the 'official' stance with respect to the family law is to work 'for the best interest of the child', the actions of the authorities are the very exact opposite.

Mental health testing planned for three-year-olds as part of early intervention program

• Mental health allocated $1.5m in Budget
• Part of spend is aimed at early intervention
• Checks to include emotional wellbeing

EVERY three-year-old child could have their mental health tested under an ambitious program designed to catch problems early.

Part of the Federal Government's $1.5 billion spend on mental health is directed towards early intervention, with Mental Health Minister Mark Butler saying evidence was emerging that signs of mental illness developed very early in life.

He said checks could pick up children at risk of "conduct disorders" or poor development.

The Government has allocated $11 million to bring forward current universal health checks to three-year-olds and to expand them to include "emotional wellbeing and development".

Currently, the checks are offered when children turn four and there is no mental health component.

"Our advisory group presented very clear evidence that the nought to 12 age is a very important age," Mr Butler said.

Mental health expert Professor Patrick McGorry said disorders such as autism and attachment problems could manifest as young as three.
He said mental health checks should be conducted again in middle childhood and early adolescence.

"Checking early means we've got a better chance of picking things up," Prof McGorry said.

"Most children are fine at that age, but certain types of problems do occur.
"As young as three, we know that infants can present signs of emerging behavioural disorders which, if they're not caught in time, they're not treated, can become a very serious problem in primary school and develop into quite serious mental illness in adolescence."

Mr Butler said the checks would be voluntary, but the Government would "promote" the benefits to families.

Many of the checks will be tied to receiving the Family Tax Benefit.
Details of the mental health checks are yet to be developed, with the Government proposing to establish an expert group for advice.

Checks for four-year-olds have been conducted on more than 130,000 children since the service was launched in 2008.

The Australian Medical Association Queensland has called for an urgent allocation of the Federal Government's mental health funding to the state.


Another law aimed at breaking up of the family unit.

This law is designed to experiment on the children of the masses (canon fodder), and will give the state authority to take your children away from you.

This law will be open to abuse, and will be abused by the people in power.

The children of the leaders will never see this law put into effect on them.

The current family laws are designed to break up the family unit, and put the children (again of the canon fodder) on the street. Then they can be easily manipulated by the 'system'. This is another method of creating slaves.

Australia goes backward on rights: Amnesty

Australia has taken many backwards steps on human rights in the past year, according to the latest global stocktake by Amnesty International.
Amnesty's annual State of the World's Human Rights report takes particular aim at Australia's continued poor performance on indigenous and asylum seeker rights.

Mandatory detention, coupled with poor conditions in some detention facilities, continues to put a large number of asylum seekers at risk of mental illness and self harm, the report says.

Amnesty's Australian director, Claire Mallinson, says refugee policy continues to be dominated by short-term solutions.

"Australia should be showing real leadership on protecting and defending human rights in the region," she said.

The report also criticises the government for failing to introduce a Human Rights Act.

But it does praise Australia for committing to a national plan to reduce violence against women and children.

Looking at the wider Asia-Pacific region, Amnesty says too many governments still respond to critics with intimidation, imprisonment and even death.
"Government repression did not distinguish between those who were clamouring for civil and political rights and those whose complaints were rooted in violations of economic, social and cultural rights."

The report says growing demands for freedom across the Middle East and North Africa and the rise of social media offer an unprecedented opportunity for a human rights revolution.

"Fifty years since the Amnesty candle began to shine a light on repression, the human rights revolution now stands on the threshold of historic change," Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty said.

"But there is a serious fightback from the forces of repression. The international community must seize the opportunity for change and ensure that 2011 is not a false dawn for human rights."

ninemsn.com.au 13 May 2011

The diminishing 'Human Rights' and workplace laws are deliberate politics in preparation for the new generation of slave labour from the current imported corp of slave immigrants from Third World countries, from places like India, Asia and Africa.

This move is supported by both businesses and governments alike, as it breeds cheap labour much to the delight of businesses.

Population plan rejects concept of targets

The nation's first population strategy "completely rejects" the concept of targets, Sustainable Population Minister Tony Burke says.

The plan, which will be released by the federal government on Friday, does not set a target number and rejects the view population growth is for the nation and the economy, The Australian newspaper reported on Friday.

"We are completely rejecting the concept of targets. And we are also rejecting the concept that (population) growth is automatically good for its own sake. It needs to work at the community level," Mr Burke told News Ltd on Thursday.

"The debate, when it started, was very much people wanting to find a one-size-fits-all approach, setting population targets for the entire nation.

"It's all about ... taking Australia community by community, and working out what the gaps are and having policies to fill those gaps."

Solutions to issues such as big-city congestion and lack of housing, services and infrastructure in regional growth areas should be found on a local level, the government says in the sustainable population strategy, which has been a year in the making.

aap 13 May 2011

Another racial profiling event undertaken by the Anglo-Masonic leaders.

This is done in order to ascertain which nationalities are the best for cheap (slave) labour.

Myki Monitoring the masses

The current public transport ticketing system, called the metcard is being replaced by the new and much under fire and generally accepted failure (by the public) myki card.

The reasons given for a new ticketing system are not the opinion of corpau, but rather from information obtained by personnel within the public transport sector.

The currently used card with magnetic strip is sufficient for many years yet but a change must be implemented at great cost to the general public. The government was to secure a deal in which it favoured a particular supplier through a tendering process in which the favoured supplier was being made aware of its competition’s pricing, a practice which is illegal in Australia.

Even though the victorious supplier’s I.T. infrastructure and technology was NOT up to specification for the rollout of the myki card, a well known flaw within the government circles, the over the air update of its software ROM, the tender was still given to the current supplier.

The politics of the current government are:

· to restrict the movements of the public, where they are difficult to monitor, and

· to redundantly monitor the movement of the majority of the masses.

Come the introduction of the myki card. The myki card is equipped with what is known as an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip onboard which will be used to monitor all movements of the card holder.

In recent news the mass media jumped on the band wagon that Apple’s iPhone was storing the users movements with a combination of data from phone’s internal GPS together with tower triangulation.

This feature was documented in a report over a year ago to US congress, but only just recently picked up by the mass media.

User location has been available to governments (authorities) since the advent of the GSM mobile phone, BUT this was NOT common knowledge amongst the masses as it was a tightly kept secret.

The next phase of monitoring the masses will be the introduction of an RFID chip into the vehicle’s registration label.

Since the majority of arterials in the major cities are tolled, the palatable excuse given to the masses will be that it will be for the ease of administration, and the current e-tag, can be dispensed with. Naturally this excuse will be accepted by the general populous.

Any resistance or debate regarding this topic is label by the authorities as ‘conspiracy theories’ even though, the technology is used for that very intended purpose as described by the ‘conspiracy theorists’.


11 May 2011

Tributes - Masons going underground

Another trend that can be seen quite clearly is the new policy of the Freemasons, that being the gradual withdrawal of marked notification of their deceased brethren.

The traditional masonic insignia, the compass and square (as shown in the bottom of the illustration) are becoming a rarer sight in the mass media's tribute sections.

During their life the members of the brotherhood have carried out their orders, and have been rewarded for this, for example by higher paid positions, which are unmerited, or by winning vehicles in raffles, are just to name a couple.

Since the list of members from any lodge is secret, there is no need to advertise the membership for the masses, after the passing of one of their brethren.

They are remembered and acknowledged by the brotherhood.

It is mandatory that their wealth is distributed amongst their favourite charities or the charities that particular lodge sponsors. The actual amount of the deceased estate that can be distributed to charities is 60%.


Police Corruption in Victoria

One of the greater scandals in law administering and legal history of late is the corruption of the Victorian Police, being reported by the Herald Sun newspaper.

It is well known that the Victorian and New South Wales Police forces are one of the country's most corrupt forces.

Much has to do with one of Australia's largest netting crime industry, that being the Drug Trade.

In wake of the turmoil surrounding Victoria's Police Force, the mass media screen on free T.V. the story of Andrew "Benji" Veniamin, and his rise to notoriety.

Only a passing comment by an interviewed person knowing "Benji" mentioned that everyone in the neighbourhood knew what he was up to, therefore how could the police NOT know.

The focus was on the criminal and NOT on the unseen support given by Police and others.

Australia's illicit Drug Trade is worth an estimated $18 billion dollars per year ($1.5 billion per month), in which there is a tremendous amount of bribery in order for the operations to go unnoticed.

Bribery is all the way from the 'foot soldiers' of the Police Force all the way to corrupt judges dismissing murder cases under whatever pretexts.

Another fraud by the government is the deliberate veil of secrecy around the faulty speed camera, and speed gun fiasco, which the government is keeping tightly under wraps, which is another multimillion dollar industry.

On of the most taboo topics the mass media is reluctant to cover is the influence of the brotherhood, in political legal and business sector.

It is forbidden to discuss how court cases are won by means of communications within the Masonic Lodges, whether they are small traffic infringements to matters against corporations.

It is very doubtful whether the mass media will ever report the true nature of the extent of corruption amongst the untouchables.

At the end of the day this is what these people are, untouchable.


Screenwriter sues Disney/Pixar, claims Cars was his idea

A British screenwriter is suing Disney and Pixar, claiming they stole his idea for Cars and the upcoming sequel Cars 2.

Jake Mandeville-Anthony alleges in the early 1990s he wrote a three-part screenplay called Cookie & Co., about race-car driver Michael Owen Perkins, and a second story titled Cars, which included descriptions of 46 animated car characters — with sketches.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Mandeville claims to have sent copies of Cars to several companies including Disney.

Cars grossed more than $450 million at the US box office. Cars 2 is cinemas June 23.

ninemsn 9 May 2011

If the story proves to be true, it's not the first nor will it be the last time a conglomerate has stolen something from the 'little guy'.

In the end it's not about who's right, BUT who the courts support for the final outcome.

Such is the power of corruption in the court systems.

10 May 2011

Metro cancels three Werribee line services in one hour

UPDATE 8am: MELBOURNE'S morning commute has been plunged into chaos after cancellations struck four train lines a day after major timetable changes to the network.

City-bound trains have been cancelled after outbound trains did not run on the Craigieburn, Frankston and Upfield lines.

The latest services to be cancelled are:

- the 8.13am Craigieburn to city;
- the 8.27am Upfield to city;
- the 8.08am city to Frankston; and
- the 9.15am Frankston to city

It comes after the 6.34am, 6.43am and 7.28am trains were cancelled on the Werribee line this morning.

Heraldsun.com.au is seeking an explanation from Metro.

Metro has made bold predictions of dramatic improvements for commuters with its new timetable.

Disruptions saw commuters delayed during yesterday morning's crucial first test for the new schedule.

But the late trains were caused by track and train failures and two ill passengers.

Metro chief executive Andrew Lezala, who was at Richmond station during the morning peak, said the new timetable would bring improvements.

"When it's all bedded down and working properly, we could expect two to three percentage points improvement in performance," Mr Lezala said.

A Metro briefing for the State Government shows the operator expects improvement to be as high as 20 per cent, during the afternoon peak on the Frankston line.

Metro has managed to run only 75.8 per cent of trains on time in the past four weeks.

Greens MP Colleen Hartland led a protest from Altona, the station from where commuters will be most inconvenienced.

From yesterday, passengers from Altona, Seaholme and Westona stations need to change trains at Newport during the day between the peak periods.

Newport trains run direct to Flinders St, which means commuters must change again at North Melbourne for the City Loop.

It took Ms Hartland 80 minutes to get into the city.

Public Transport Users Association president Daniel Bowen said things should improve as commuters get used to the changes.

"It wasn't complete chaos, but it was not perfect either," Mr Bowen said.

"There are problems which unfairly disadvantage some stations with the new timetables, which hopefully will be fixed in the next change."

heraldsun.com.au 10 May 2011

Another lie by the perpetuated by the operators of Melbourne's privatised train system.

Since the privatisation of the public transport system, the services have gone downhill.

Many commuters are left stranded and frustrated from the lack of train services and cancellations.

Previously the train system was privatised into a couple of operators, of which connex was one of them.

Now the government has allowed for a monopoly to operated with Metlink.

In the illustration Metlink claims that their services delivered are at 98.9%, whilst punctuality is at 83.3%.

when the public transport train services were controlled by the government, the reliability was much greater than that of a new computer controlled Metlink service.

Once again the government has failed the general public in ensuring that a service is up to a standard that was previously set.

09 May 2011

Australia importing dole bludgers

The term ‘dole bludger’ is derogatory term used to describe someone who is on unemployment benefits from the government, with little or no intention of obtaining work.

Australia is a welfare nation by default. The Australian government has a high percentage of its people on benefits, from sickness, pension to unemployment. Various sources quote various figures and even the governments own figures are misleading regarding the unemployed. The current unemployment rate according to the government has decreased to 4.9%.

The government deliberately falsifies the results depending on the agenda of each political party or policy that is to be put in place. Financial Industry analysts use the figure of 9% as their ‘real’ figure.

To compound to the ‘crisis’ Australia imports a significant amount of ‘dole bludgers’ who siphon from the tax paying Australians.

This is a deliberate move to create ‘cheap’ labour for the future and is supported by the government and businesses alike.

The ‘politics’ of this are steered well clear by the mass media, with only the focus being on people who are ‘dole’ cheats, and NOT how the system is putting the middle class Australians into poverty.

The real 'dole bludgers' are the current wave of migrants which in reality Australian society does not need.

Some of these people breed to obtain government funds, and with a gene pool of over three children, their government benefits are greater than if they were to work of a living in the low paid blue collar jobs.

Some of these people are housed up in their ghettos, and result to a life of crime, to supplement their income.

Australia imports a high amount of low class migrants, which once house in the ghettos result to a life of crime to supplement their income. This is a well known fact to authorities and especially police who deal with these matters everyday.

The mass media deliberately dos not report on the organised crime rackets (for example) in the Melbourne suburbs of Broadmeadows, Sunshine Footscray, Noble Park, Dandenong, were the low class imported migrants reside, as this would be called racial profiling and therefore seen as racist.

The government has failed to safeguard its citizens, by importing criminals into the country.


08 May 2011

No Speed cameras for Victorian Minister

Victoria and New South Wales are some of Australia's highest speed camera littered states.

It is touted by the government that this is allegedly done in order for public safety.

In the illustration, speed cameras are hidden behind turn off signs, in this case Boundary Rd, on the Western Ring Road in Melbourne's west.

The government is now propagating that it has zero tolerance towards speeding (as there are too many deaths on our roads), and will be issuing fines for 1 km/h over the speed limit.

Not one single person has been killed where the speed camera is installed at Boundary Rd, so the government cannot be using the 'for public safety' shield, as this is purely a revenue raising exercise.

Recently a Victorian parliamentarian, who will not be named, has stopped the additional installation of speed cameras on the Eastern Freeway, as it is noted that he mentioned that since he travels by car regularly to and from parliament, he could lose his license in a matter of a couple of days.

Although the Eastern Freeway does carry a speed camera near the city end, there are no cameras after wards.

Speed cameras are installed for public safety, and since this parliamentarian speeds on the freeway, he should have his license revoked as he is a danger to the community.

When the fining of a law maker, politician or any other member of the establishment is carried out, corrupt police officers let them go, or if not, then when the matter appears before a magistrate, the fine is all of a sudden dismissed, for no legitimate or real reason.


U.S. Government Shuts Down 84,000 Websites, ‘By Mistake’

The US Government has yet again shuttered several domain names this week. The Department of Justice and Homeland Security’s ICE office proudly announced that they had seized domains related to counterfeit goods and child pornography. What they failed to mention, however, is that one of the targeted domains belongs to a free DNS provider, and that 84,000 websites were wrongfully accused of links to child pornography crimes.

As part of “Operation Save Our Children” ICE’s Cyber Crimes Center has again seized several domain names, but not without making a huge error. Last Friday, thousands of site owners were surprised by a rather worrying banner that was placed on their domain.

“Advertisement, distribution, transportation, receipt, and possession of child pornography constitute federal crimes that carry penalties for first time offenders of up to 30 years in federal prison, a $250,000 fine, forfeiture and restitution,” was the worrying message they read on their websites.

As with previous seizures, ICE convinced a District Court judge to sign a seizure warrant, and then contacted the domain registries to point the domains in question to a server that hosts the warning message. However, somewhere in this process a mistake was made and as a result the domain of a large DNS service provider was seized.

The domain in question is mooo.com, which belongs to the DNS provider FreeDNS. It is the most popular shared domain at afraid.org and as a result of the authorities’ actions a massive 84,000 subdomains were wrongfully seized as well. All sites were redirected to the banner below.

This banner was visible on the 84,000 sites

CP banner

The FreeDNS owner was taken by surprise and quickly released the following statement on their website. “Freedns.afraid.org has never allowed this type of abuse of its DNS service. We are working to get the issue sorted as quickly as possible.”

Eventually, on Sunday the domain seizure was reverted and the subdomains slowly started to point to the old sites again instead of the accusatory banner. However, since the DNS entries have to propagate, it took another 3 days before the images disappeared completely.

Most of the subdomains in question are personal sites and sites of small businesses. A search on Bing still shows how innocent sites were claimed to promote child pornography. A rather damaging accusation, which scared and upset many of the site’s owners.

One of the customers quickly went out to assure visitors that his site was not involved in any of the alleged crimes.

“You can rest assured that I have not and would never be found to be trafficking in such distasteful and horrific content. A little sleuthing shows that the whole of the mooo.com TLD is impacted. At first, the legitimacy of the alerts seems to be questionable — after all, what reputable agency would display their warning in a fancily formatted image referenced by the underlying HTML? I wouldn’t expect to see that.”

Even at the time of writing people can still replicate the effect by adding “ mooo.com” to their hosts file as the authorities have not dropped the domain pointer yet. Adding mooo.com will produce a different image than picking a random domain (child porn vs. copyright), which confirms the mistake.

Although it is not clear where this massive error was made, and who’s responsible for it, the Department of Homeland security is conveniently sweeping it under the rug. In a press release that went out a few hours ago the authorities were clearly proud of themselves for taking down 10 domain names.

However, DHS conveniently failed to mention that 84,000 websites were wrongfully taken down in the process, shaming thousands of people in the process.

“Each year, far too many children fall prey to sexual predators and all too often, these heinous acts are recorded in photos and on video and released on the Internet,” Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano commented.

“DHS is committed to working with our law enforcement partners to shut down websites that promote child pornography to protect these children from further victimization,” she added.

A noble initiative, but one that went wrong, badly. The above failure again shows that the seizure process is a flawed one, as has been shown several times before in earlier copyright infringement sweeps. If the Government would only allow for due process to take place, this and other mistakes wouldn’t have been made.

Coverage on previous copyright related seizures can be found here, here and here.

torrentfreak.com 16 Feb 2011

Another example of government oppression, and as to reasons why the internet should stay 'open'.

The so called excuse of child porn / piracy is not really cutting it as the hidden agenda, is to silence free speech, and the right for the masses to upload raw information.

The mass media is controlled by a hand full of people on the plant. They are the ones that 'sanitise' information for the masses pushing their own agenda. They can propagate false information, and steer the masses in which ever direction they desire.

Since the advent of the 'net, the masses have been able to be their own publishers, which is NOT conducive to government policy.

Therefore the masses MUST be silenced under any pretext.

Now all sorts of excuses are being made, that appeal to the emotion of fear within the masses in order to censor the internet. Terrorism, child porn and piracy are to name a few.

A recent example is how Egypt has shut down the internet, amidst tension amongst the masses.

By the same token, all telephone, mobile and land line communication should have been cut, as well as all access roads.

This shows clearly that ANY government can install Martial Law against its citizens without warning or reason, with NO repercussions.

Smarthome Empty Wallet

In the 'smarthome' business there are a lot of products that are available to the masses.

Many of these products rely on proprietary architecture to get the job done, like turn on an appliance or to turn off the lights.

Governments are pushing this technology as a complement to the "GO GREEN" slogan used in order to reduce your "carbon footprint", which in turn makes you 'feel' better.

BUT what is the cost of such technology?

Many smarthome websites are coy in supplying costs of their products or services.

A recent house extension with a proprietary home automation system, including a PC server, home automation software, lighting controls, appliance controls and garage door remote operation netted a total cost of AU$30,000 including installation.

The technology involved is a far cry from Rocket Science, but in reality comes at great cost to the consumer. Many companies offers their own proprietary home controller modules at an overinflated price. An example of such a controller its worth being in the vicinity of $1,600 compared to an iPad which (at the time of this post) sells at the Australian Apple store for $579.
An app for the purpose may be anything from free to $50.

House and land packages offered in Australia with in built smarthome automation have an approximate price tag of $50,000 upwards, depending on features.

Not really an 'eco' (wallet) friendly solution but rather an accessory for the more affluent.