11 June 2019

Cop avoids prison for unlawfully tasering man during roadside breath test

If you're in Western Australia or to be more specific Fremantle or Perth be careful of this psycho cop

Grant Keenan.

A great judgement letting him out so he can assault more seated (vulnerable) travellers.

Would he be so tough if the driver was in a less precarious position and the cop did not have a taser?

Australia, your Police State in action!

See article from 10 Jun 2019 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at:



lisaq said...

Perth W.A. home of the most criminally corrupt police in Australia. Once you report a criminal police officer, and internal investigations find them guilty, the police set out to totally destroy your life. A middle age officer sexually harassed me, he came to my home uninvited late at night, and did the wrong thing, he was a sexual predator, I was forced to report him, internal investigation investigated, I was the 4th complainant, he was demoted with a pay cut, but still a serving officer in my local area. Years later I saw an criminal police officer attack and bash an innocent elderly man, the officer was demoted, and moved to a country town, never charged for assault.
Since then I have has serious crimes committed against me and the criminal corrupt police refuse to ever charge anyone for any crime against me.
The Perth police needs a royal commission into their corruption and involvement in drug manufacturing and drug dealing, as I have many more stories of just how criminal the police there are. I can provide witness names, dates, places, and enough proof to jail a few criminal police officers, but as one crooked criminal police told me "YOU WILL GO MISSING, AND MOST MISSING PEOPLE ARE DEAD BODIES NO ONE FOUND" that police officer was also a bikie in a criminal outlaw bikie gang that makes hard drugs

Donneperth said...

In Sydney in the 70's the drug squad ran the drugs and the vice squad ran the prostitutes. New police.constables would roll the drunk pensioners.outside the pubs in Darlinghurst on peension night. ps. Dont forget the pedophile rings in WA where corrupt police members ensure reports are 'lost' or
never logged