16 January 2020

Minister Stuart Robert provides false information re NDIS deaths

14 January 2020

Australia’s PM does not care if you* die in the bushfires

If you never thought politicians do not give a stuff about the tax slaves that fund their holidaying lifestyles, then the proof is out from Australia’s current (it might change next month) PM.

So, let’s back track a bit.

A while ago, the speaker of the house, Bronwyn Bishop stated on the ABC television show Q&A, that “the first job of a government is to look after the safety of its people”.

This statement no doubt jetted over many people’s heads.

Let’s give a simple example for all those wogs, refugees, human rights imports and deadbeat drivers.

- “The first job of a family is to look after its people”

The above statement means that the priority of all the people in the ‘family’ is to look after each other, i.e. all those in the family.

Therefore the first job of the ‘Australian Government’ is to look after the safety of those in government, and NOT you*

The fire, ambulance and police services are part of the government regime.

When two people died at the Kangaroo Island bush fires, when Scott Morrison replied to the death toll, he responded with zero deaths because that’s all he as with others care about, those in government.

Don’t forget how ever many people die in the bush fires, the people in government will just import more tax slaves to prop up their salaries and overseas holiday lifestyles.

That’s the beauty of living in a colony.

*you  = the masses/’everyday people’/commoners/serfs.

See video of Scott Morrison telling residents on Kangaroo Island it was fortunate nobody had died in the blaze that ravaged their communities and killed two locals within post: