06 March 2021

Trying to expose paeophiles in the government lands you into an inquiry

Franca Arena is an Australian politician and activist. She was a Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council.

See full documentation at:

See also 161 page report 'Report No 6 Appendices'

The Australian Government 'protects' its paedophiles with a 90 year suppression order.

05 March 2021

The farce of ‘social distancing’ on domestic flights in Australia

We are told by ‘authorities’ at every step of the way that we must stay 1.5 meters away from each other.

While we’re at the supermarkets, or waiting in line as ‘customers’ at our friendly social security office, at the doctor’s practice every second or third chair can be only be sat on.

BUT, the story changes on domestic flights in Australia.

At the boarding gate the shepherd’s pay attention to detail so that the 1.5 meter rule is enforced while queuing up at the boarding gates.

Even while walking down this tunnel one point five meters distance must be observed.

But when one enters this magical tube that lifts all these heavy individuals, it’s as if none of the rules that apply in the ‘real’ world matter.

You can rub shoulders with the person sitting next to you, where if you say Michelle Pfeiffer or Pfizzer, the person could very well obtain some of your saliva in their eye.

See article of the headline: "Why singing ‘Happy Birthday’ hand-washing song can spread COVID-19: study"

at: https://nypost.com/2020/09/08/singing-happy-birthday-hand-washing-song-spreads-covid-study/

Why wait for the Russian COVID variant, when we might get the Qantas super strain.

04 March 2021

Study finds 40% of college students are addicted to their smartphone

Excellent news for governments and corporations from the above headline, although the percentage is way too low for their likes.

More people, subservient to corporation's data gather agenda that will enter the workforce, excellent!

See article:

University College London published a study today which shows a startling number (or relieving, depending on how you look at it) of modern university students could be addicted to their smartphones. The study investigated the relationship between smartphone addiction and sleep quality in 1,043 people aged 18 to 30 years old. It had the young adults fill out a smartphone addiction questionnaire, complete an adapted Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Score Index, and answer questions both in person and online over a period of 40 days before the answers were evaluated.

The study came out with a conclusion suggesting that 39% of young adults may be addicted to their phones and suffer poor sleep because of it. It took into account the number of hours the participants were using their phones each day, measured sleep patterns, and noted decreases in socializing as well as negative feelings such as anxiety when the subjects were away from their smartphones. 

The study states:

"The overall prevalence of smartphone addiction was 38.9% (95%CI: 35.9–41.9%; n = 406/1,043). This includes 35.7% of males who were addicted and 40.1% of females (Table 3). For participants aged under 21 years, 42.2% exhibited smartphone addiction, compared to 34.2 and 28.0% of participants aged 22–25 years, and over 26 years, respectively. Of participants who used their smartphone for 2 or less hours per day, 20.3% were addicted, compared to 53.9% of those who used it for more than 5 h. Of those that stopped using their device more than an hour before bedtime, 23.8% exhibited addiction, compared to 42.0% of those stopping <30 min before bedtime."

The study claims that "validated addiction instrument should be used to capture this phenomenon [of addiction]." University College London seems to have done their best to use professional and certified indexes to objectively measure each factor that was used to diagnose what constituted "addiction," and references 47 other formerly published studies on the subject. If nothing else, the study should at least bring awareness to how much we are staring down at a screen when we could be doing better things, and the study objectively correlates that more screen time (especially later at night) leads to poorer sleep—which we can probably all work to improve.


01 March 2021

Re: COVID-19, Australian Government manipulating people’s perception for financial gain?

From the mouth of Mr. Gregory Andrew Hunt, as the federal Minister of Heath, a member of the Liberal Party.

Source: https://www.health.gov.au/ministers/the-hon-greg-hunt-mp/media/interview-with-david-speers-on-abc-insiders-on-the-covid-19-vaccine-rollout

'Vaccine' or trail drug?

News media outlets worldwide are stating that if you decide to get injected with a corporation's product it's a 'vaccine'.

But, is this factually correct?

See the following:


If the trial drug made it to 'vaccine' stage, where is all the documentation pertaining to its vaccine status?

28 February 2021

LastPass for Android has seven built-in trackers, security firm warns

In an extensive investigation carried out by a German security firm, Exodus, the popular password manager app LastPass was found to collect and send personal information of subscribers using the Android app. It does so with the help of seven different built-in trackers.

Even though LastPass allows you to opt-out of those trackers, the very existence of the built-in software could pose a security risk for the users. The trackers collect data such as device information, mobile operator, the type of LastPass account and the Google Advertising ID used to connect user data across other apps and platforms.

Four of those trackers are for Google analytics and crash reports while the rest are serving info to AppsFlyer, MixPanel and Segment with the latter specializing in user profiling and targeting ads.

LastPass' spokesperson says that all of the trackers serve to improve the user experience and promises that they don't send out sensitive user information. And in case you don't want those trackers on your phone, you can disable them by heading to the Privacy sub-menu in the app and turn them off.

Source: gsmarena.com